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Build Guide by Papacheese

Udyr: Tiger/Lane/Dps

By Papacheese | Updated on February 9, 2011
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Pros / Cons

Note: This is not Jungle Udyr at all, this is for DPS/CC.

Pros: Higher damage then tank Udyr as well as good health and resists to stay up even wile being focused in a team fight.

Great early game potential to control the lane and keep the enemy team zoned.

Cons: This is not a tank build, nor is this a jungle build. Those two things can be a con when dealing with something as good of a tank/jungler as Udyr can be.
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Hello everyone, this is my Damage and Crowd Control Udyr. It is my favorite way to play this Champ and this build works very well. Keeping in mind that this is not a good way to Jungle or Tank with Udyr but this is a great way to have fun doing very good explosive damage.

I like that they have put Tiger Stance back to its former glory, this build works well with that. My mane focus with this Udyr build is good lane control early game and shutting down the other teams carry in team fights later on. As well I take advantage late game/team fights with Bear Stance stuns. I like the little bit of CC that Bear Stance gives.

Ganking early game is a cake walk with this build once you get to level three and have one point in Bear, Tiger and Turtle Stance.

Late game is also nice with this build, the Runes, Items and Masteries I use scale very well to level 18.
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For Runes I use the Red Armor Penetration as I am going Tiger for damage, a lot of people will focus Udyr as they see him as a big threat and with this build he surly is. So after taking out the other teams squishy damage in a team fight having the Arm Penetration Runes makes cleaning up tanks a sinch.

I use Yellow Attack Speed for this build. You will see a lot of people use Yellow Dodge Runes on Udyr and yes it is very effective "for tank Udyr'' but thats not what I'm going for with this. This is not a tank build this is just for damage crowd control and some survivability. They Yellow Attack Speed Runes work good for both Tiger and Turtle Stances. The extra speed in turtle helps keep health and mana up during the laning phase early game and also works great for Tiger Stance.

For Blue Runes I use Magic Resists. Strait forward to the point defense against high ability power champions, I'm sure I don't have to explain why I use them.

Keeping in mind I mentioned this is not a tank build for Udyr, none the less it still happens. Everyone expects Udyr to be a tank and so they treat him like one regardless to what team they're on. The HP bonus from these Quints is a must in my opinion do to the fact that Udyr is going to get focused down and have to tank from time to time.
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I like to run Improved Ghost and Exhaust. Udyr is a fast Champion with good possibilities for map control. Having the Improved Ghost, activating Shurelya's Reverie 40% speed buff and popping bear form makes it very easy to chase down enemys, dive turrets and get out of a bad situation. The three in combination are almost overkill but I have to say it is really fun to run that fast:)

Although I only put 2 points in Perseverence early game in combination with Turtle Stance and a good Attack Speed this solves all mana problems I have with Udyr. I find that even though it is just two points it is well worth it.

The core of this build is the 21 points in the Offence tree, I'm going to guess that you all know why I use what I use in that tree. Same goes for the 6 points I put in to the Defense tree. If you can't figure this out then please stop reading this guide and uninstall the game:p
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Skill Sequence

You should start with one point in Turtle Stance when you are going to lane Udyr. The shield makes popping in on the enemys turret a joke, also having the bubble can make ganking easier especially around turrets. At level two you should you you're first point in Tiger Stance so you can start farming minions, tiger is great for last hitting and with this build you're going to need all the money you can get. Third you will get you're first point in Bear Stance and its time to either gank mid or push hard in you're own lane.

From level four on you will want to finish off Tiger Stance and Turtle stance, get Tiger at four and Turtle at five and hop back and forth till they are done. After Tiger Stance and Turtle Stance are finished you can just max out Bear Stance and put the last three points in the Bird Stance.
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Summoner Spells

I like Exhaust both early and late game it is just a personal preference and having Improved Exhaust is even better. With Exhaust I usually run Improved Ghost it works great with this build.

You could easly use other Summoner Spells with this build, Udyr is a good champ that can take advantage of a lot of the Summoner Spells there are. I like to drop Improved Ghost and Shurelya's Reverie from time to time and pick up something like Ignite and a Frozen Mallet.

The choice is up to you to pick what Summoner Spells you are going to use, these are just what I like to use.
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I start with Doran's Shield. from there I make Madred's Razor and then my boots. After Finishing my boots I used to go rite to full Madred's but now I get the Lantern. After that I start on my Blood Thirster by getting a B.F. Sword first.

Lantern, B.F. Sword, Doran's Shield and Boots of Swiftness are a great combo mid game. If I have the money to get Hexdrinker mid game I usually do, if not I save it till last.

Late game I like to finish my Bloodthirster followed by Warmog's and Atma's Impaler. There is nothing like Running people down and hitting them really really hard really really fast:)

I now get Warmog's for some health and the Lantern for my early game damage and some nice defense, plus the ward does really help a ton. I quit making Shurelya's Reverie in place for Warmogs.
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Team Work

Lastly I put a lot of effort in to team work when I play, that is why this build suits me so well and why I have so much fun playing it.

Being able to switch lanes in a flash to help somebody out and get back to you're own lane just as fast is something I do a lot and this build takes advantage of Udyrs movement speed to the fullest.

Early game in the lanning phase Udyr can stun and take hits very well even with this build. So keep that in mind and help you're team mate if they aren't a tank, you mite want to take some hits for them and keep them alive since you can heal up with Turtle Stance.

Late game I like to lock up the other teams Carry's with Bear Stance's Stuns and focus down there high DPS wile popping in and out of Tiger and Turtle Stance. This will put up Udyr's dodge do to his passive and keep up health longer so you can do more damage.
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Things I have changed in my build since I first uploaded this.

A few people have commented that Madreds Bloodrazer is great but Wriggles Lanter can be just as good and much earlyer, plus it offers a great ward and a nice chunk of armor. The game has changed a bit in the past couple months and now no matter what you play you will need some survivability late game.

No longer making Shurelya's Reverie and making Warmog's just makes more sense. I no longer have the active on the Reverie to help chase people but I have a lot more health and some more dammage with this build.

The last change I made was my Masteries, once again having the Warmog's gives me that bit of extra life so I took out the points I had in Defense and put them in to Utility, so a basic 21/0/9 build once again. The experience boost is a great help in leveling early game and also I can go back to the jungle if I like just for a round to let my lane partner get some extra xp. I have started doing this around level 4 and it gets me to level 6 in no time flat.

Thanks a lot for all the feedback on this guide everyone, with your help this build now melts faces even better, as a matter of fact I was actually called a hacker a couple days ago because of the damage I was doing in Tiger Stance. After the game I had the guy look this build up and try it out. The guy replied back later that evening and laughed at how he was tearing people up using this build.
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