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Udyr Build Guide by Shizilo11

Udyr-tiger stance=win

Udyr-tiger stance=win

Updated on July 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizilo11 Build Guide By Shizilo11 2,059 Views 0 Comments
2,059 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizilo11 Udyr Build Guide By Shizilo11 Updated on July 26, 2011
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Hello this is shizilo here with another guide, but this time for udyr instead of akali :/ i actually played udyr alot, then i quit for awhile. Just recently though i started back up and i have been winning almost EVERY game i play with him. I have a positive score EVERY game since i have started playing him again.

SO lets get down to business, this is a jungle tiger stance guide that will have you leveling in no time at all, and with some awesome ganks, because you are udyr and you wreck shop, so lets get started.
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The runes i chose were for increased survivability in the jungle and speed, this helps really well. I usually can stay in the jungle without out going back to base until level 6, or if i want go further, but by then i have tons of gold stacked from ganks XD. The health quints really help early game and for your jungling, you have more survivability and will have more health when ganking, making you a more liable ganker. As for the armor pen marks, i chose these because i hate tanks, it also increases jungle speed greatly. For glyphs, the same as the marks, increased jungle speed, and for the mana/ 5 when the enemy team takes your blue.....this is just some insurance to ensure you jungle fast. even without the help of blue buff.
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For masteries i chose these because tiger udyr is dps and what better spec to go for jungling than the epic 21/0/9 ? With points in smite for the extra gold, but that is only if you kill the creep with smite, so if you do not tend to do that, or screw it up. Choose a different mastery please XD. For the utility tree, you need this for the exp, helps alot when jungling and every jungler should have those masteries, especially the increased buff duration.
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For items, this is basically what every udyr does, im aware of that. What else is there to do? In other matters, madreds you can exchange for wriggles if you want, its cheaper, comes with a ward and gives life steal, so you wont have to buy that vamp sceptor. This saves you tons of gold, but is worthless if they have a tanky team, and most teams do so i go madreds, i repeat DO NOT GO WRIGGLES IF THEY ARE TANKY.
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Creeping / Jungling

Alright now here comes the fun, what you want to do first is go to blue golems. Here is a tip for blue, dont get ganked. Have your whole team scouting and/or waiting in bushes to GANK THEM if they come. Udyr jungles SOOOO fast with blue its not funny. NOw on to your first step in jungling !!!!!!!!oneoneone1111!!!!!

1. Go to blue, have your team set up and defending in case of gank. If you could, have someone leash it. You will lose little to no health if done correctly. Alright so you're gonna want to grab tiger stance first, as soon as the leasher leashes then activate tiger stance, keep activating tiget stance when ever it is off cd. Smite when below 445 or what ever it is XD sorry i dont know. Just read smite and it will tell you. Be sure to activate a health pot if you do not get a leash, right as you lose hp.

2. Run over to wolves, tiger stance the momma wolf until she dies, then turtle stance the two baby wolves. You will regain health and mana. Use health pot running between wolves and wraiths if needed.

3. At the wraiths you do the same thing as you did at wolves, tiger stance the purple wraith, turtle stance the little ones. Tiger stance when it is off cd for more health when fighting the lizarddd. Activate health pot after the fight if needed.

4. Run straight toward lizard, smite should be off cd if not, HOLY **** you jungled fast. Once you get there tiger stance->health pot->or if you activated health pot after wraiths, dont bother. Then you just constantly switch between tiger and turtle so you have the increased speed from tiger to regen health/mana faster and you proc tigers unique every time you activate it for max dmg. This is too easy tbh.

5. Go the the golems, same strategy as lizard just switch between turtle/tiger. You are now able to gank... WEEEEEEEEE. But port back first if you are low on the hp, but if not gank from there.

6. After you get a couple ganks in, some ***its, maybe a kill. Go back to base and buy. The items are up there ^ in that exact order. Once you do this, just keep ganking/jungling you will be fed before you know it!!! udyr ganks ftw.

P.S You can solo dragon once you get madreds razors
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i go flash/smite for ultimate ganking abilities and smite because, well you are a jungler.
That is basically what i go every match. In some ranked i go ghost based on their team comp but flash is ultimately best choice. Ghost is only other option, dont go anything else Please.
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Alright that is about it for this udyr guide, rate and comment. I am open to suggestions so shoot away. Thank you all for your time reading this guide and please check out my akali guide. Thank you Thank you
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizilo11
Shizilo11 Udyr Guide
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Udyr-tiger stance=win

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