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Udyr Build Guide by GrayGhost18

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrayGhost18

Udyr - WHY WONT YOU DIE?!?!?!?

GrayGhost18 Last updated on August 31, 2011
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This is a guide for both jungling and laning TIGER stance Udyr. I pick Tiger Stance over Phoenix because, while Phoenix does give a faster jungle and AOE damage, Tiger Udyr can burst a single target MUCH faster. Of course some people are just going to rant about one something thats wrong with my guide and I'd be glad to hear it, provided that its logical and not "MY WAY BETTER THAN YOUR WAY YOU BADDDDDDDDDDDDD RAGE!!!!!!!" I don't like you 6 year old like you go away and come back when your balls drop. Anyway now that that's taken care of lets get to the guide. (:

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Lane Udyr Vs. Jungle Udyr

Now obviously Udyr is viable whether you jungle or lane, but the questions are "When do you jungle and when do you lane?" and "Which is better, lane or jungle?"
For the first question it's rather easy, you jungle when you don't have a jungler, but keep in mind that jungle Udyr should be more tanky and less damage because you wont have an extra 4k gold lying around for a Trinity Force because you haven't farmed 60 creeps like you would have in lane.
Laning Udyr should be used when someone on your team already has a designated jungler and the other team didn't ban Udyr or picked him (so basically when the other team is being stupid and you have a jungler already.)
As for which one is better, you should know by now it depends on the circumstances. If you already have a super tank (Amumu Rammus Alistar ect.) then Lane Udyr will be more useful. If you team decided they all wanted to play ranged AD carries, then pick jungle Udyr to increase your chances of winning buy 0.01%.

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As the Rune Page up top says, I go Armor Pen Reds, Armor Seals and MR Glyphs.
Now I already know what Udyrs' passive is and how I can get 30% dodge with boots and masteries but I grab the armor anyway because in jungle you get 30% reduced damage at level on which lets you laugh as you walk through jungle, and in lane because whatever off-tank they send up there will probably auto attack a lot (and if they dont its GG because you just dominated whatever Squishy AP carry they were stupid enough to send up there.) and your Dodge isnt going to be all that high early game without killing your mana pool. However, if there team is late game heavy for AD damage, use the dodge runes because there early game damage is going to suck anyway and 30% dodge in a team fight makes them either miss you constantly or make them waste 2000 gold on sword of the divine, which is good either way.
As for everything else its pretty basic, Armor pen to hit harder (over magic pen because its useless on him late game and early game doesn't matter so much since he already hits like a truck)
MR glyphs to charge AP carries without losing all your health in one combo.
Health Quits because who doesnt like and extra 78 health at level one? If you wanted to you could dump the armor and grab dodge seals which I do if the other team is auto attack heavy. but generally I stick with armor because it really pisses lee sin off when his kick does 126 damage to me (:

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I use 1/21/8 so i can get my improved exhaust or smite, keep all my defense up, and get extra experience for jungle/ lane advantage.
I make sure the defense masteries are full because, unlike every other champion in the game, all of Udyrs' skills are steroids, which means you will be in your opponents face 100% of the time while fighting, giving everyone else on their team ample opportunity to throw everything they got at you. With the defense masteries and the build order up until banshees, they will throw all the got at you, you'll bear tiger one of them to near death, then walk away as your team cleans up the team that now has to rely on their auto attack because they just blew all their cool-downs on the guy who almost killed there AD carry who is going back because he/she has 200 health left.
If your playing land Udyr you could just go 9/21/0 and grab the magic pen because tiger stance does magic damage, but if your jungling the experience bonus you get helps balance out the fact that your not getting a steady amount of exp from the jungle, so I wouldn't do it for jungle Udyr.

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I'm sure some of you saw my time build for jungle Udyr and said "Wits end? NOOB BADDIE HATE GRRRR!" and I thank you for reading the guide anyway. (: the main reason I get it on jungle Udyr is because he is somewhat gold deprived if your ganks don't all go awesomely and its 2000 gold less than Trinity Force. If your ganks all do go perfectly then by all means grab the trinity instead but realistically speaking, the games over before you have to grab wits end anyway. If your Lane Udyr however and your team has some kind of tank/off-tank, grab that Trinity and run over their team with your 130% increased stances of DEATH!
Some of you might be wondering why I don't grab a spirit visage. Well I do, but only when they have no AP carry or the AP carry isn't doing all that great (Generally it's the latter when I do), that way I can save a little by not getting a Banshee for the MR and focus a little on armor and get the build done quicker. Unfortunately that doesnt happen too often because AP carries are generally really good at CS so even if they dont get any kills, they still have a few good items by mid game.
The last item that I want to talk about is Blood Thirster. I get this item last for three reasons:
1. Because the odds of the game going on long enough to get this item are microscopic unless your team hacked LoL and are all level 2 summoner level in a ranked game.
2. At this point in the game your damage output is going to be getting smaller and smaller, regardless to whether you have trinity or not. this helps you force them to focus you and your high armor/MR/health.
3. Udyrs' Tiger stance has a 1:1.5 AD ratio. this means that tiger stance and a fully stacked Blood Thirster will give you 100 AD + 150 tiger damage = an extra 250 damage output per hit (plus 25% lifesteal is nice on top of wriggles 18% is niiiice :)

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Skill Sequence

The only thing you could possibly change in the skill order would be to get tiger at 3 and bear at 4 for lane Udyr. I general I get it at 3 so i can get the other solo top player to "STOP RUNNING FOR 5 SECONDS SO I CAN KILL YOU YA LITTLE *$%^&!!!!!

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Summoner Spells

I will only say this once. FLASH FTW!!!!! USE IT OVER EVERYTHING AS UDYR!!!!! and that goes for ghost too. as jungle Udyr ghosting to the opponent gives the opportunity to just flash towards there turret, making both of you use a summoner , which isn't terrible but if they flash and you flash on top of them bear them then you and your teammate(s) come up and and kill them, that's a little better than making them burn flash.
Also I use exhaust when we are lacking it but aren't lacking ignite, and grab ignite when we are lacking it but aren't lacking exhaust. If I'm not lacking either I grab exhaust (unless their team has Mundo on it, but who uses Mundo in a ranked game?) and if my team is lacking both, I tell them to stop being noobs and grab exhaust or ignite.

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Now assuming you don't get attacked while at the beginning of the route this is how it should go:
have someone leash blue and use a health pot to kill it, you shouldn't have to tiger the little minions so don't.
kill the wolves. you don't have to use a health pot here but you should if you plan on ganking
kill wraiths. at this point you should be at a little over half so if mids being an aggressive little idiot grab one in bear instead of tiger and go take your first blood. (:<
take Lizard and golems then go back grab boots then gank... and gank... and kill their jungler... then gank again then take a tower. i think you know what to do next ;)

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If you're 1v1 top
walk up to whatever person thinks they can take you top and hit them twice with the tiger stance active. they will now go no where near you unless there morde, in which grab bear at level 2 and chase his *** back to his tower. now farm in peace and remember if the scardy cat suddenly becomes really confident in his ability to kill you when he has 200 health, back up because his junglers in the bush.
If you're 1v2 top
Focus on last hitting and remind your jungler that he needs to gank top when he's done taking the other teams jungle. after one of them dies push lane hard then go B for madreds or boots if you don't have 700 gold. Wait about 2 minutes and then tell the jungler to gank top again because they're overextended, again. At this point you should be able to kill both of them so do so then take tower. go gank. GG.
If you're 2v2 bot
go kick your top lane out of his lane so you can have to solo lane you deserve.

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Pros and Cons of jungle Udyr

Udyrs' ganks are PRO
Guess who can solo Dragon at level 5 if he has madreds?
Can push top tower out top after his pro gank thanks to tiger stance attack speed buff
Passive give you dodge and attack speed = faster jungle

Jungle gets REALLY slowed if his blue gets taken or he doesnt get it.
Damage output/ farm is less than Lane Udyr

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Pros and Cons of lane Udyr

impossible to beat at level 1 1v1
amazing sustainability in lane (again, Turtle OPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP)
Hard pressed 2v1 in the early levels

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Udyr is a great champion because he has a stun (which is never a bad thing for a champion who ganks) a way to heal himself in lane and give himself a sheild (OPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP) and great burst whether you go Tiger or Phoenix.
This guide revolves around Tiger because Tiger got a great buff on its ratio and even with the slight nerfs he still does amazing damage. If you were going to use Phoenix over Tiger I would think that there team is rather squishy and it would do more good with AOE than single target. However, whatever stance you chose to go (ive seen people max Phoenix and Tiger and leave Bear at three, inadvisable but still do-able.)
The point is that no matter what you prioritize and what you leave at three as Udyr you need to remember that in the end, you WILL get kited. (:<