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Build Guide by Big Nig Luda

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Big Nig Luda

Udyr: You Just Got DEKED

Big Nig Luda Last updated on December 2, 2010
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I've been playing Udyr ever since I found out he doesn't have an ultimate. When I found out, I was like WHAT, WTF is this ****. So of course, I had to play him. I've tried tank builds, I've tried DPS builds (which suck **** imo), and stopped playing him for a little while because he didn't seem to be a huge factor in the winning and losing of a game.

HOWEVER - I have returned to Udyr. And I have discovered a build that is simply fantastically fun to play, which rapes *****es and hoes, and makes the other team go "wtf why is Udyr moving at Mach 4?" I have dubbed this amazing creature "Movement Speed Udyr." He is a hybrid tankish thingy that becomes so fast he starts gliding, and continuously stuns and annoys the **** out of everyone. Oh. And he is literally impossible to catch unless he is stunned like 5268426 times.

So if you want to play an Udyr that has the potential to run over 3 times as fast as African Tribesmen, read on.


Summoner Spells


Ghost - If you wanna move at Mach 542435, you need ghost. End of story.

Exhaust - If you want to make it look like the enemy is standing still as you blow by their ***** ***, this is for you. It makes physical nubs like Twitch suck yo ****, and gives your team extra time to position themselves to rape the target in the *********. But you can take anything you like. Perhaps cleanse so you don't have to slow your speed down to Mach 23.




Quints - I go flat health quints. I've considered going movement speed, but determined that the massive early game boost provides needed lane staying power.

Marks - Anything defensive works, preferably health or magic resist. Armor pen is also somewhat viable.

Seals - Dodge works well, as does armor.

Glyphs - Magic resist or cd reduction.


Item Analysis


1. Boots of Speed - The only reason I take boots first is because they build my primary speed item. With masteries, runes, and skill, you should be fine to stay in lane as long as you wish. Just don't expect to be ganking. That comes later.

2. Boots of Mobility - I tested ninja, mercs, and swiftness and I just can't get over the godlike movement speed the mobility boots give when not in combat. Initiation and chasing use the extra 2 points you get over swiftness. But take what you want. Just remember that mobility maximizes the basis of this build.

3. Zeal - I get this for the movement speed percentage increase, as well as a bit of offensive power to aid in ganking. By this point, you should be actively engaged in ganking and chasing. It also build into the Triforce, which is a core item of the build.

4. Shurelya's Reverie - Provides more health and tankiness to survive longer as you continuously stun all *****es in range. The awesome, awesome thing about this item, though, is it's active. 40% speed increase. Let me let you in on a little secret. If you use this active with ghost and bear stance, you will literally be moving at Mach 58257.

5. Triforce - A little bit of everything. Including a movement speed increase. Yeeeeeeeee naga.

6. Do as you see fit. It's game-specific. I recommend either a FoN or a Sunfire Cape, depending on the enemy team comp. If the enemy is heavily magic, go FoN and then either a Banshees or the Ghostblade. If the enemy is heavily physical, go Sunfire and then either something like Thornmail or the Ghostblade, depending on what your team needs.

If the enemy team is balanced, which is often the case, I recommend getting the Sunfire first, followed by the FoN, and then either the Ghostblade or more tank items depending on your team composition.


Game Strategy



Early Game


Chill. Sit back and farm like a boss. Don't die. Level bear, then turt. Speed, then defense. Its gonna be boring. But don't worry, you will soon be raping nagas before they even know you got yo pants off.


Mid Game


Now you are moving at around Mach 23. You are ganking, chasing, running like an Ethiopian chasing a bucket of fried chicken and purple kool aid. Again, don't die. Remember to use your Reverie activation for that extra black burst of speed. Its getting to be gametime.


Late Game


By now, the other team thinks you have 12 teammates because Udyr is moving at like Mach 9593215875015. You will stun the **** out of everyone, over and over, until they die. You will follow someone until they die. You will ALWAYS catch them. And stun them. And your teammates will kill them. Take note, you are doing like .2 damage a second. However, you are ***** slapping everyone and their mom while tanking anything with turt.



Why I Didn't USED To Get Phoenix But Now Do


I used to get Tiger because of the increased attack speed it gives, which translated into a better slow effect with Phage whilst waiting to complete the Triforce. However, after many games with Phoenix, I have decided that it is better for several reasons.

1. Although Movement Speed Udyr has piss poor damage, Phoenix can still do a respectable amount of steady dps for a tank.

2. Pushing lanes is a LOT quicker with Phoenix. This also translates into more gold, which is imperative for a long game because the item build is very expensive. You will hardly ever fill all of your item slots, but Phoenix does help a bit.

3. If against a primarily melee team, you should have gotten a Sunfire. The aoe of the cape combined with the Phoenix activation can sometimes net you kills as you chase.

The only negative to running Phoenix over Tiger is taking down turrets. But even this is a catch 22, because often Movement Speed Udyr needs to clear minions before getting to a turret. Therefore, if Tiger is used, the other team has a chance to see wtf is going on and defend the turt before you can rain on it.

In conclusion, I think that Phoenix serves a greater purpose than Tiger in this build primarily because of the increased pushing power bird stance provides.


The Rebuttal Zone

== (Answers to Common Questions Regarding the Build)

"But Luda, doesn't your movement speed drop significantly after your engage in combat?"

It is true that the first hit you land drops your movement speed. However, once you actually get that first hit (a stun), your team should be within range to finish the target. This build isn't primarily about moving quick during combat - it's about chasing down survivors or initiating a lightning gank. You KNOW going into the game that this Udyr can't dish out enough damage to solo hardly anyone. Therefore, you shouldn't be chasing in the first place unless you have teammates to deal the damage after the stun.

"But Luda, won't CC completely dehydrate you like a black man on an African savannah? Why not get merc treads instead?"

I extensively tested the use of mercs, and found that they aren't a particularly good choice. Mobility is my number one choice, though swiftness is another valid option. My reasoning against mercs is simple: You are primarily a demi-tank that is lightning quick. For example, in a team fight, you are gonna initiate. Once you actually do that, it doesn't matter if your movement speed drops because all you are doing is soaking up damage. If the other team wants to blow their exhaust or whatever on you, fine. That's great. Because then the dps on your team can rip them up. Once the fight ends, you will be chasing. After those 5 seconds, you will catch them with +5 movement, and they will die at the hands of your bros. Raw movement speed in the form of chasing power trumps everything else for Movement Speed Udyr.

"Hey Luda, wouldn't the Ghostblade be a great addition to Movement Speed Udyr?"

I wrestled with this item for a long time. I do really like the almost guaranteed 8 sec buff of movement and attack speed, but I can't really find a place for it in my build. I rarely get past a triforce before the game has ended. I suppose it is a valid situational item to get in place of sunfire or FoN, depending on the enemy team composition.

"Hey Luda, I'm a lil ***** and did bad with this build. It sucks. How come?


You're obviously are just not capable of playing Movement Speed Udyr. My suggestion is to either

A: Have your dad uninstall the game or...
B: Stop using mac because it sucks ****. Literally.

But seriously, this is why you probably did poorly:

YOU SUCK ****. Or did not follow my guide properly. Or did not use the runes. Or the masteries. But it's probably because you just suck ****.


1. Changed the masteries to include additional MR in place of the neutral creep buff. I tested both builds, and tended to like the increased MR better. Thanks goes to charles for bringing this to my attention.

2. Changed the skill progression from Tiger to Phoenix stance. Reasons are noted above.