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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eStunnahz

Udyrs Cat Scratch Fever

eStunnahz Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro: Why Cat Scratch Udyr (Tiger Stance)

Udyr is one of the least played, most underated champion I know. He has amazing potential to carry teams to victory. All you need is some knowledge, skill, and time to study the way of Udyr. His Tiger Stance gives amazing burst when activated and great sustained DPS in Tiger Stance. So lets roll.

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Runes: Why Oh Why?

Marks (Red), I like to stack armor pen for amazing early game damage that carries though all game. Allowing your Tiger to shred through anyone and everyone all game is a huge plus.

Seals (Yellow), I chose HP per level. I prefer "per level" runes because it helps me out a lot more through the game. If I am having a rough start, few levels and BOOM I am ahead of the pack. I prefer the HP per level because it gives me a little bit more of a tanky feel. Allowing me to charge in and/or chase down a little more than usual. There are other viable choices though: Dodge, or Armor. Really your rune selection here depends on your play style.

Glyphs (Blue), I feel that Cooldown Reduction per level takes the cake and some. Allowing you to stance dance with no problem at all, getting in those extra Tiger DOTS (Damage Over Time), Stuns, or Turtle Heals really makes a big difference and can help/make you win those tough fights like it was nothing at all.

Quints (Big Boys), I once again go Armor Pen. The more the merrier I like to say. With all that Armor Pen you can eat through almost anybodies armor like it was a piece of cloth.

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Masteries: 21/9/0

My masteries say it all in my opinion. Standard DPS Build, with that power in Udyrs hands makes him a monster.

Offense- Random CRITS never fail to win fights. CD Reduction, plain and simple, more stance dancing means more DPS more Passive Stacks more activation spells, that means win. Attack Speed is just great with Tiger/Turtle. Armor and Magic Pen to leave your opponents defenseless. Extra minion DMG and AD is always a plus in my eyes. And of course the beautiful 5% increased DMG.

Defense- 2 in Armor, 2 in Magic Resist, Good spread early game defense to tank you up a little all around. Of course you have to spec into that extra dodge to stack with your passive, and dodge boots if you get them (depending on your team you will).

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Items: Odd Build You Say?

Boots - It's really depends on who you are facing it should always be 1 of 2 though. Either Tobi Boots for massive dodge against a strong AD team. Or Mercury Boots for a heavy AP or CC team.

Brutalizer (1337 Stick) - Extra pen, dmg, and CD reduction is amazing on this cat.

Sheen - This bad boy will make your Tiger Activate damage a lot more deadly, and its already scarey enough.

Now you have a choice, do you want to go with a Phage for the all around great Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet. I prefer going Frozen Mallet and picking up a BF Sword with the extra gold or a much needed Counter item for the opposing team, but for new Udyr players stick with the Trinity.

After all that good stuff, you have a choice sell your Brutalizer and make a Blood Thirster or Black Cleaver, or keep it and finish your Youmuus Ghostblade. I prefer to sell it and make a Black Cealver since im not the best at timing my Youmuus Activate.

Finally it's time to finish up and win it. You have some good final items to get. A Madreds Bloodrazor to just rip through any tank or champion there is in a matter of seconds. Or get some defensive items if you are getting more thrown at you then expected which I would make a Guardians Angel then.

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Skills: Cat OH YEAH!

Plain and simple, max your Tiger out first. It has outstanding DPS, activation gives you a extremely strong damage over time on your next attack and passively increases your attack speed while in Tiger Stance. I make sure to get Bear at level 2 to be able to escape or chase when needed, and who doesn't love a free stun on anyone you want as much as you want. But don't forgot at least 1 Turtle, you shouldn't pass up free shield/hp and the ability to get mana back from attacks. It's an amazing laning ability.

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Spells: 2Fast

I choose ghost and exhaust for some BIG reasons, I am not gonna bother to bore you with why I didn't pick the others just know I didn't because I feel these are far better for this spec and build.

Ghost, nothing is worse then not being able to catch up to someone with your bear form for that stun to help your team catch him or for you to just stun and switch to Tiger and 1 shot him. It's also a great escape spell, who wants more kills and less deaths? Me! Ghost with your Bear you will be uncatchable and nobody will ever get away from you. This is amazing with your Trini or Frozen mallet, catching your prey and keeping them slowed while you eat them up with your Tiger is to good to pass up.

Exhaust, I never used exhaust that match before, but Udyr opened my eyes. It's to useful to pass up. You basically make a level 18 hit like a level 1, so easy wins in fights. If you don't have your slow yet, it stops anyone from getting away from your Bear/Tiger combo. Plus this will help you escape those losing fights or ganks.

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Great thing about Udyr is you can jungle anytime you want where ever you want. This is not a jungle guide or build. But if you ever wanna try, do the same spec and everything. Just start with a cloth armor and 5 hp pots but you get a Wrigles Lantern right away, get Tiger first and you can fly though the Jungle with a breeze. Being able to jungle with any build on Udyr is great because who doesn't love free gold and buffs?

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Pros / Cons

So here it is,

Pros - You can almost run though any champion 1 on 1. You do amazing DPS. Unbelievable escape/survivability. Fun, Cool champion.

Cons - A lot of people say his Con is he's easy to kite, but I don't think so. His only con is, if you don't play like a smart player and ganker. You will suck.

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How To Udyr

Laning - Your choice of the 3 skills, you can own last hits with them all no problem. Using tiger and bear to me are best because you keep your opponent on his toes and scared of you at all times. Letting you zone him and control lane much better.

When ever you can, go into the brush, pop out charging at them in Bear to get that Stun then Tiger for huge damage, don't go RAMBOing though. Because you will just get yourself killed or kited if you don't do it right.

Jungling - So simple, Tiger, Kill. Low HP and/or Mana, Turtle until fair amount of HP and Mana, then back to Tiger.

Ganking - It sounds easy but people mess it up a lot. You can not be predictable, or you will just die and feed all day. Bear in a brush come behind your oppenent, get that stun, instantly go into Tiger, if he starts to get away, exhaust him. Bear again get another stun, tiger combo off and boom dead. If it goes wrong or doesn't feel right, DO NOT waste time chasing. Just activate bear and use that sprint to get back into a safe spot. If you are getting pummeled, stun and run, toss on that turtle shield and bear run some more.

Team Fight - Your job is to destroy their carry like he was a rag doll. Unleash that powerful Bear Tiger combo on your poor victim and watch him die. It is also to not allow any enemies to get away, that means slowing them, stunning everyone, and constantly throwing out that Tiger DOT when you can.

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UPDATES and Comments

It's late at night and I just felt like making this guide for others, so they can learn to love Udyr and enjoy playing him. I will update this more and more when I get time.

Leave me some helpful comments, tips, and your views on this so I can perfect this guide on Udyr.

Thank you very much.