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Udyr Build Guide by PHELYP

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP

Udyrs Road To DPS Success

PHELYP Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A Little Info On How I Play As Udyr

Ok guys, this is the first build i write, so please bare with me.
I did this to hopefully help people out that dont know how to use Udyr.
First Off I will explain, why i used the masteries i did.
I mostly put my points in offence, since I'm going for a sturdy DPSer, Descent survivability
with descent damage.Keep in mind that Damage focused champs like tryndamere might outdamage you, but they sure as hell wont OUTLAST lvl 18 u will have about 86 armor, so if u play smart, tryndamere shouldnt be a problem (save a bearstun for just before he is about to do his ultimate and u will win every time.)OK, so now for the masteries.

I upgrade fatigue and ghost, for easy chases and escapes.some people use flash, but i find that if the other player has a lot more movespeed he will catch up to u anyway and kill u, unless u can flash over a i go for a fatigue followed by ghost, which makes all the difference and gives u the distance u need to get out of sight and the enemy guessing.remember to check what spells the enemy team has, if they have fatigue or flash u might want to start off with ghost and save fatigue for when they use it.I put some points in defence, because udyr is awesome thx to his survivability, 2 armor, 2 mag res, and 4 in dodge, because every time udyr changes stance he gains some dodge, it stacks up to 3 times, add to that the ninja tabi i put in my build u will have even more chances of winning a fight or getting away.

For runes i just use the same ones i use for tryndamere, ALL ON INCREASED CRITICAL DAMAGE, it might be a bit controversial but with the build i use it works out nicely.(phantom dancer, infinity edge)it will raise your damage a LOT and therefor your lifesteal.
I guess thats about it for the mastery part, so lets move on to the items and why.

I mostly start of with cloth armor so i dont die in fb and i go for TIGRE STANCE first so my damage isnt too low (+ u can activate it quickly thx to the 2 mastery points in cooldown so if u use it right, if the low hp enemy tries to run u can activate it for the bleedeffect)
then i get boots for that extra chase/escape power, then i go for the ninja tabi immediatly for survivability, chase, escape and basically winning fights.
after that i go for the sword for that bit of extra damage,
which i turn into madreds razors for easy farming/jungeling.
at this point i start to get the buffs.(I dont jungle from the beginning,
because pros will know u are going to jungle first off since udyr rules at it and they will gank u and they WILL kill u, unless u got ghost to use.which we all know has a long cooldown.anyway u go jungle everything except for the dragonboss that adds 14% damage
(note that this guide is ment for a 3P map , i never tried it on 5P so dont go blaming me if it doesnt work, it MIGHT work, but i cant be sure)
at this point, u keep your TOPLANE while jungeling.
- every time u push the enemy back to their turret.If ur not sure u can beat the enemychamp DONT, just go for the minions, your durability will help u push them back easily,
if u are having trouble with staying in lane, try upgrading turtle stance a bit,
it will help u regain hp while farming/jungeling not to mention mana,
which will be CRITICAL mid/endgame to keep going
but with this build u will see its a piece of cake.
- A thing i like to do is activate tigre stance for the attackspeed,
and then switch to turtle so it helps regain mana/hp extra fast.
ok so after u upgraded your madreds razor into bloodrazor, your damage against tanks will be pretty good, but your farming ability will be crippled a bit,
thats why i go for WRIGGLES LANTERN, which gives lifesteal and gives u the 500damage on minions back that u lost by upgrading into bloodrazors.
this will keep your farming speed up, and it will give u more survivabitly still, thx to the lifesteal, damage and armor.
- A big bonus too is since u can place a ward, u can keep an eye on the bossdragon so u can take advantage when the enemy team is trying to get it(easy kills, steal the dragon with the last hit and so on)at this point you should go for phantom dancer which will increase your escape/chase chances plus add a lot to your damage,
thx to the critical damage runes which in turn raises your lifesteal also,
which in turn also raises your survivability AGAIN.
then i just go for the spirit visage for a little extra against those pesky mages
and the bonus on lifesteal. WARNING : keep in mind that turtlestance for this build is only ment to regain hp by farming since it takes away your critical hits completely,
and your damage will suffer against strong champs endgame.
as the last but not least item i chose infinity edge, for all the reasons above: lifesteal,damage,survivabilty.OK i think thats all i have to say about this build,
there is one minor thing though. if the enemy team consists of
mostly or only high dps mages u might want to get Mercury Threads
in stead of the ninja tabi. and if the enemy team has zilean (xp boost)
u might want to get berserkers greaves in stead,
but in most cases i found that ninja tabi was the best way to go.
you will just have to focus on farming and jungeling at first untill u get your tigrestance up.
Oh, one last thing, i allmost forgot, the order of which u should get your moves.

i start off with tigrestance like i said earlier, then i get one point in bear, turtle and then phoenix.I prefer to keep my getting away moves up for those unexpected high dps enemies,(tryndamere for example with the right runes) that way i can keep alive and farm untill i outgrow them.If u reach lvl 6 before he does, he will be very easy to kill.
Ok guys so far my build, I hope to get some feedback on how good u think my build is.(try it before u judge though)