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League of Legends Build Guide Author tariss

Ugot - Become The Hunter

tariss Last updated on August 27, 2010
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FIRST This is not my build it was created by a guy by the name of MirageTank no one has seem to put it up yet and it is definatly the optimal urgot build i have been using it for many games and been doing very well with it.

1. Introduction

Hey, I am MirageTank. I've got a thousand games under my belt, and it's about time I brought some wisdom to leaguecraft. This is my first guide on Leaguecraft, so please, be gentle with me. But enough about me, onto the the stuff you've been looking for.

URGOT IS NOT A TANK. Urgot is a DPS/chaser. You are made to focus down anything with fat, green health bars, from any distance. Your ult gives you survivability, as well as your shield. But this is to keep you alive long enough to chase down and kill anything you come across. If you try to initiate teamfights with your ulti without thinking ahead, you WILL die, and be a useless PoS. Urgot wants to kill, not be killed. You will have to learn this the hard way.

With that said, lets move on to his awesome abilities.
2. Abilities

Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
Anyone you hit with your fetid attacks shall receive reduced damage output by 15%.

Hitting people with this in laning while they try to last hit creeps can make them fail to deal the finishing blow, impacting their farming. It also works good for when they dare try to assault you, as you will quickly outdamage them and send them crying back to their turret.

Acid Hunter
Made during World War II, the Acid Hunter was first used at the Battle of Gettysburg. Results showed that nearly 99% of soldiers who were impaled in the face with Acid Hunters had also suffered symptoms of death. Production of these magical weapons soon reached an all-time high, and became the standard equipment of the US Army, Space Marines, and Animal Shelters worldwide.

Your spammable rape rocket. Use it to farm, kite, and kill. Love it, learn it, stab them in your enemy's eyes. It is your free second autoattack with bonus damage. AT lvl 5, it deals 150 physical damage, with a 1:1 AD ratio. It has about the range of Mundo's cleaver, but note it does not have a skillshot line, so you will have to learn the distance manually. Acid Hunter's mana cost is very low to account for the spamability. This will give you lane control and will be the majority of your damage output all game. Acid Hunter is part of your 1-2 combo with Noxian Corrosive Charge (NCC).

With your target painted by NCC, it gets nearly unlimited auto-targeting range, almost to the range of Kog'Maws's ulti. Rule of thumb, if you can see them, you can shoot them. (However, you CAN shoot people hidden by the fog of war affected with NCC.)

Good for lasthitting creeps! It can also destroy invisible wards, without oracles! If you fire one randomly in a bush, and hear the sound as if it hit something, fire a few more at the same spot until it stops. Congrats! You killed a ward.

Think of it like a long range Spear Shot. It scales with AD, but it DOES NOT APPLY ON HIT EFFECTS.(thanks to camilla for correcting me on that). It applies your passive damage reduction, though. It procs sheen, but does not apply it. It can be good for 2 hit combo with Acid Hunter and an autoattack though. I do not recommend it in this guide, however. Sheen is for pansy Urgots. We are the sons of Chaos. There is no fancy autoattack proc'ing. Only rape. Rape and pillage.

When someone is hit with Noxian Corrosive Charge, make sure to keep your cursor on top of them at all times, and keep them highlighted. A missed Rocket can mean the difference when chasing them down. Practice as always is a good step. But once again, practice makes perfect.

Long Range Skillshot damage, has lock on ability with extra range.

Terror Capacitor
When Einstein invented the first manmade Acid Hunter, scientists across the world sought to find ways to make it better. The Soviets soon found the obvious solution, to make it slow on hit, and keep you safe in a protected bubble all the while, which is how Russia won the Cold War of 1857.

It basically functions like Shen's shield, and it grants a free slow for your attacks and rockets for 7 seconds (by 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%). You should pop this anytime you hit someone with Noxian Corrosive Charge, and follow up with a string of Rape Rockets. You can then chase them down, and most likely land a killing blow. If you're attacking or running away, there is never a wrong time for a quick shield.
It is not worth maxing this second. The shield only goes up to a measly 240 damage cap, which late game will get popped in a second. It is good for some extra protection and slow early game though. Pop this before ulting to prepare yourself for any incoming damage, and to slow down your target even more.

(Apparently, the tooltip in the shop says it does bonus damage. This is a lie. The shield only slows, there is no damage upgrade.)


Noxian Corrosive Charge
Of course, having spammable rockets that slow on hit weren't worth much if you couldn't hit people with them. Running away proved to beat the best of aim. This was all solved when President Abraham Lincoln discovered the 115th element, Noxionium, in 1917. Tests showed that subjects afflicted by the poisonious gas were soon impaled by hundreds upon hundreds of rape rockets with little or no aim. Scientists and Military officers around the world rejoiced, and eventually the gas was able to be stored in cheap handheld grenades, allowing for portable surprise auto-targeting rockets. A toy version soon hit the selves for kids, with a family friendly mortality rate of only 98%.

It is a DOT skillshot nuke of 320 magic damage at lvl 5 with AOE, and it reduces enemy armor by 10/15/20/25/30. Whats the catch? It gives your Rape Rockets lock on! By placing your cursor over the target, your rockets automatically seek out and damage your target, regardless of whats in between. As mentioned before, it also increases the range of your rockets. With their standard cooldowns, this allows for 2-3 lock on Acid Hunters during the duration. This is your most versatile skill, so use it wisely. Learn to land it and lead your opponents good. Missing this could be the difference between getting a kill, and getting kited in circles while your Q is unable to hit anything. Landing this in the center of teamfights can give your carries the edge with the extra armor pen.

Combo'd with your first 3 abilities, it makes for a potent mix of DPS and chasing, that will fell even the strongest warriors.

IT ALSO CHECKS BUSHES! Use this on the side bushes while in lane to prevent ganks. I cannot count how many Urgots I've seen not use this to check brushes. You can maintain very good map control with this when you have max cooldown reduction. The area of reveal is extremely large.

AoE/DoT/Nuke/Armor Deduction/Map Reveal

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
Since the dawn of man, filthy peasant cavemen have always looked up at the Dinosaur-driving, Steak Eating upper class cavemen and asked "What would it be like to live in their shoes?". Nikola Tesla also asked this same question, and using his natural command over the forces of nature and electricity, forged a machine that allowed him to swap places with anyone in the world. Noone knew what happened to him ever since that day, but the blueprints to the machine were soon found, and production of the device was invested in heavily by Nikola Tesla, the Prime Minister of England.

Your magical, diabolical, hyper-kentical super ulti. You didn't think you were all DPS, were you? NOPE. Congratulations, you're half initiator as well! With this, you will swap places with your selected target. While you gain a armor buff to reduce damage, they receive a slow and the tender loving care of your team. However, this is not a win-win get-off-scott-free ulti. You must still stick your neck out there when you swap places, usually leaving you vulnerable to the enemy teams tender loving care. This is what will take practice learning with Urgot, when to swap, and when NOT to swap. However, for quick reference, it is best used to catch runners from teamfights and trap them in the center again, or save an ally who is being chased.

Do not use this ability to initiate until you have gotten a lot more survivability. Using this ulti to tank is a very, very bad idea until lategame. Once the enemy has seen your chubby *** ult in, you shall be pounced in seconds. Don't act like a tank. Urgot is not a Shen, or an Amumu, you are still squishy.

If someone is 1v1 with you at a tower, though, feel free to ult them and earn your delicious kill. The armor it grants should make you stronger than your opponent.

Just remember, don't be stupid, people will focus you after you ult, so be aware of the enemy team.

(Note, when you swap, your camera will be swapped right on top of you. It is good to learn this, because it will definitely mess with your head the first couple of times.)

Forced Movement/Slow/Armor Buff

5. Summoner Abilities


These will be your lifeline. Learn to love them.

So why Ghost and Flash? Simple, you have no escape mechanism, and you are a very slow champion. These will keep you safe, and are probably the best utility you can get. However, this is not the end all be all. You may swap out flash for any of these other spells.

Ignite A good kill to finish off those runners whom you just couldn't land that finishing blow on.

Exhaust Also good for early game, as your slow will not always be up, and it might be nice to keep someone from beating on your butt for a second while you escape. It also gives you extra armor reduction, for more tender loving from your rape rockets.

Teleport If you plan on 2v1'ing a lane, or going mid, this is your spell. There is no bad time for a teleport.

Clarity This is to address Urgots biggest problem, which is mana. There are many times where I wish I had enough mana to fire off a few more shots, or put up my shield, or even ulti someone into my team. I might consider using this in the future, based on how effective it is compared to other summoner spells.

Every other summoner spell? Don't touch them. If I start seeing Smite/Revive Urgots, I will hunt you down, preferably with Acid Hunters.
6. Items

Alright, lets cut out the bells and whistles, and get down to the build.

Core Build
Chalice of Harmony
(Note: You only need this if you do not have the proper mana regen runes, or you spam rockets out the *** early game. It's a personal choice.)
Mercury's Treads
The Brutalizer
Randuin's Omen OR Frozen Mallet (Or just buy both, your call.)
Guardian Angel
Atma's Impaler/ The Black Cleaver/ The Bloodthirster/ Hextech Gunblade

There it is. If the rest is TL;DR for you, get out of here already and play Urgot. The rest of this is mostly theorycraft and explainations.

So, here's the rationale:

Urgot's BIGGGEST 3 essentials to being useful in game are as follows

Attack Damage/CDR (This is how you will max your damage)
Health/Armor/MR (General Survivability)

The mana we have mostly covered, what with masteries, runes, and maybe clarity if you're into that sort of thing. That leaves Attack Damage/CDR and Survivability.

Early game, your damage is incredible. If you can land your Acid Hunter and NCC combo, say goodbye to any squishy stupid enough to be in lane. At level 5, Acid Hunter will eat through anything, be it minions or champions.

However, as the game drags on, you will find you will become extremely squishy, and become quite the focus of attention for your rocket spamming antics. Your DPS will begin to shrink as well. This is when you switch to a tankier build, as you will need the survivability to survive your ulti, or any focusing that you may attract. In a way, he builds not unlike Pantheon.

Starting Items
Doran's Ring + Health Potion


Meki Pendant + 2x Health Potion (If you want Chalice)

Your early game can be very mana intensive. Your Acid Hunter + Noxian Corrosive Charge combo is expensive. There are barely mana items in the game that seem to offer anything Urgot needs (No, AP build doesn't work, I'll explain that later). So, instead of trying to invest in that, we shall purchase mana regen to keep your spammable rockets flying. Dorans gives you health and mana regen, perfect to keep you in lane.

Harass when possible, but other than that, try not to waste your Acid Hunters. Just play a bit passive and last hit. If they get cocky, a few Acid Hunters will set them back in line. If you're getting pushed back to the tower, use your Acid Hunter to land last hits. In general, stay smart, play safe until about lvl 6, but get your harassment in.

On your first trip back, build:
Chalice of Harmony if you went with the Meki Pendant.

After that, or if you skipped the Chalice, build
Mercury's Treads(unless their team is low on Crowd Control or magic, in which case, buy Boots of Swiftness.)

After that, your third item will decide the rest of your build:
The Brutalizer

Brutalizer works good with Urgot. Can't go wrong with extra AD, Armor Pen, and CDR. If you're able to get some CDR runes, with Brutalizer, you can get your Acid Hunter down to a nearly 1 second cooldown. However, Ghostblade is a terrible item for Urgot, but you're not going to upgrade it until the rest of your build is complete anyways.

I used to recommend Rageblade, but I do not find it as good on Urgot as Brutalizer is. If you're trying a hybrid build, go for it though.

Mid Game

Randuin's Omen / Frozen Mallet/ Banshee's Veil

Mid game you need health as fast as possible, before your early game tankiness wears off. Frozen Mallet will let you survive late game, and give you a slow for your autoattacks, with or without your shield. This will allow you to kite with impunity. It also adds on a healthy chunk of AD, and it synchronizes well with your Atmas Impaler if you choose to buy it later on. Randuins on the other hand, can give you armor, health, regen, and CDR, which is just as effective at keeping you alive as Mallet against Physical DPS heavy teams. The active can be helpful if you ult into the enemy team, slowing their attack speed and movement speed. Both are a good choice. With CDR runes, you can hit your maximum CDR, and get a 1.2 second cooldown on your Acid Hunter, immensely improving your game.

Oh yeah, Banshees Veil. Good choice for anything, really. Need MORE CC protection? Try getting this. It's not worth buying the other two if you're stun-chained all game.

Late Game

(Note your next two items depend heavily on how your enemy team stacked their items. If they went all out offense, will little or no tankiness, go Guardian Angel. If not, go to the next step, and get Guardian Angel last.)

Guardian Angel
This will allow you to be more risky with your ultimate, and give you another huge chuck of survivability on top of your shield and your Ulti's buff. This is THEE most powerful tank item in late game, and if your entire team buys one, it will give the enemy team a hell of a time trying to kill you all. A great item for any build.

Atma's Impaler/ The Black Cleaver/ Hextech Gunblade/ The Bloodthirster

Your damage suffers horrible into late game, and if their team has survivability items you will find your Rape Rockets will be more like Gentle Hug Rockets. We cannot have this. You need to still be a feared, 4-legged robotic presence at all times during the teamfights. You need to beef your damage to stay in the game. Atmas can make you slightly tankier, and give very good damage partnered with your Frozen mallet, about the same as a free BF Sword. If you want even MORE damage though, Cleaver is your choice. Cleaver will reduce enemy armor massively, and syncs with your Rageblade's attack speed bonus. Your attacks will hit hard, and the reduction means your missiles hit even harder. Bloodthirster is nice, but you're not going to use the lifesteal. It does have the most AD in the game at max stats, so why not give it a whirl?

Hextech Gunblade might go well with Urgot, as the active is great for chasing and nuking people down, and it offers AP and AD as well. I am still testing is and will update later.