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Miss Fortune Build Guide by keith075

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League of Legends Build Guide Author keith075

Ultimate MF Damage

keith075 Last updated on July 11, 2011
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Hi all. This is my first guide on MOBA and I'm fairly new to LOL. That will probably make you think that I have no business posting here, but by the 35 minute mark on MF I'm usually 2 shotting squishies and 4-6 shotting tanks. Heck, I actually stop using my ultimate towards the end except for a scare tactic when I'm hugging a turret against a full team...our gal hits harder just by stepping out and delivering a few basic pew pews. So before ya flame, hear me out and see why my MF is far better than anyone else's. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

My build is based around three things...pure damage (plus crits), attack speed, and movement speed. It easily breaks the 2,000 DPS mark against other Champs and I have a heck of a lot of fun with it, so hopefully you will too.

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Runes, Masteries, and Starting Skill Specs

For runes, I focus solely on two things...attack speed and armor penetration. One thing people forget is that most of your damage is accomplished by standard hits and the only thing keeping you standing is a 25% lifetap. For this reason alone, my philosophy is to do as much damage as possible so you can heal as quickly as possible; I can't see sacrificing atk speed and penetration for anything like mana, very low dmg, or health regen.

Likewise, for masteries I go almost pure dmg as well because we're not out there to tank anyone. Our only job it to drop opponents as fast as possible, and at lvl's 1-6 there are very few characters that can hang with us if you start with impure shot. I'm getting ahead of myself though so we will come back to that in a moment.

For skills, I always take impure shot 1st, simply because it's a two for one skill that gives you damage (passively) and atk speed (when active). Next comes make it rain since it makes controlling a lane easy, and from there I will either go a 2nd impure shot or a double up...depending on where I'm at and how the opponent is playing. You main skill for early kills is clearly impure shot though, so max it as quickly as you feel comfortable.

For spells, I vastly prefer teleport and clarify. My build only has mana regen issues until I get the Bloodthirster, but you also need something early to control your lane if you're playing aggressively. I usually pop clarify around lvl 3.5 then again at lvl 6 to unleash my ultimate at the turret-hugging opponent, then I almost never use it again. It's a tough call sometimes but to me, staying in the lane and not changing a build for mana regen is by far the best way to go since the other skills will be useless by lvl 10 as well.

Teleport is also an obvious choice because you'll drop turrets in 2-3 seconds in the late stages. It's the only skill that benefits you throughout the game so always, always take teleport on MF.

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Starting Out

You belong in mid since you easily dominate it against all but a few champs that are overpowered early, so try to get the preferred lane and start out with Vampiric Scepter. I know other guides say to go other routes but most of them are dead wrong...your one and only goal is to outdamage your opponents as fast as possible. Trust me, hold out for the bloodthirster and things get easy by lvl 7-9. Besides, once you add that extra dmg, everything dies so quickly that you no longer have mana issues.

Once you get the BF sword for Bloodthirster around lvl 6 (or lvl 5 if you get two kills), stop holding just mid and start defending mid/jungling the four closest mob groups. Now, your team will probably want you to start ganking right about now or pushing for the first mid turret, but the secondary goal in any game is to make as much gold as possible. All those runs from top to bot to mid cost you around 200 gold each trip...which really adds up over time. Only defend mid, jungle, and kill any opponent stupid enough to come close to your turret.

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Mid Levels

Many of you probably saw my boots of swiftness and the 2 Phantom Dancers and thought, "Isn't that overkill?" Absolutely not. In the average game, you'll have one dominant player, two decent players, and two complete and utter noobs who make your life a living hell. Those pings will be going off like crazy for help and you'll eventually be playing three lanes, so it is a massive benefit to be the fastest person in the game. I pick up at least 5 kills per game from others not being able to land that kill shot as well; simply because I'm fast enough to catch them and get away from the turret in time.

Besides, the 2 phantoms put you close to two attacks per second AND let you crit almost every time. That means you'll be hitting for around 554 per shot at lvl 10ish, which adds out to 1100 damage per second. Since the squishies only have about 1,200 hitpoints in this range, this is the point where they start to say, "Which of you noobs fed MF?" You don't have to be fed though, just keep killing mobs and jungling as you're going for player kills.

Note, I sometimes go for Infinity Edge before the 2nd Phantom Dancer if another team is more tank heavy. The dmg is a little higher once you factor out atk speed and crits, but I still do not think it compensates for the ability to cut from top to bot in just a few seconds. You have to catch a Champ to kill him so I'm all about fast damage and closing speed.

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Late Game

If you went the 2 Phantom route then it's time to grab Infinity Edge. Now, you'll already be thinking that you really don't even need it but this is what brings you from a great Champ to a team-wrecker; do not be tempted to break the build and go for armor or other utilities. Your job is to fly in, kill someone (or sometimes two), then fly damage is always your best friend. That's not even mentioning the want to be able to teleport in and drop them in 5 seconds. Remember, you're crits are at 250%, so for every 100 dmg you add in items it piles up to an extra 290ish once you factor armor penetration. Double that (to calculate damage per second) and it's an extra 680ish dmg...that's huge.

To complete Infinity, you'll have to sell your boots for the extra spot. Your speed in now average compared to everyone else, but you're coming very close to dealing 2,000 damage per second and opponents will run from you when it's 2 vs 1 in their favor. Since you have two slots open, go for the Black Cleaver next since it compliments your build...ignore frozen mallet and the other utility items because nobody is going to outrun you anyway. You'll likely be 2-shotting squishies at this point so there's nothing to snare that let it rain can not handle. Finish the build with Boots of Mobility for that 555 speed that ends games quickly.

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As you can probably tell from my dialogue so far, I'm a lot more of a loner in LOL than a lot of the other MF players. My reason for that is simple; I do not chase opponents around the board and sit in front of turrets waiting for someone to jump. On average I probably farm 3,500-6,000 gold more than the average person just by not waiting around, which makes me easily the most dominant character in the game starting around lvl 7.

Here's the thing though, don't be the guy that says, "I didn't help because I was farming." If you see an opponent nearby in trouble, you'll kill the opposing champ in 3-8 shots without them ever seeing you coming into the picture. Likewise, if the team is pushing you need to do one of three things (1) push with them in 5v5 (2) push another lane solo for an easy turret drop or (3) defend the fort when the team is behind.

The true key to LOL is keeping an eye on the map at all times and knowing what all 5 opponents are doing. If you only see 2 of the 5 later in the game, go farm. If you see 3 out of 5, go gank. If more than that are visible, either get with your team and push or run a lane solo. Remember, you're by far the most powerful champ in the game so everything is ultimately on you.

I might come across a champ in one game out of twenty that can kill me straight up at the 40:00 mark...even tanks fall like flies. The only thing that can kill you is a stun/ be sure to give those champs a little more respect if you will not be getting the 1st shot in. Now, if you have the first shot, chances are that they will not even look at their skills when they know they're dead in 1.5 go ahead and gank away. Even if they do get the stun, they're dead anyway unless help is near.

One last piece of advice and I'll shut up. I play very aggressive while leveling up, but in the later stages of the game I am often the only thing keeping an opposing team from a final push and winning. If you see a quick gank (someone pushing a lane solo, for instance) then take it, but otherwise stay a step or two behind your teammates. Consider those two final towers your personal haven...if attackers are near then that's where you belong. When they approach, drop your ultimate, let it rain, and hit impure shot for cap attack'll likely drop all five if they rush in too quickly.

Well, that's my first guide in a nutshell. I'm sure there are a lot of real pros that will tear it to pieces, but I stand by it 100% because it's the ultimate combination. To me, the movement/attack speed is two of the most critical factors in the game, and when you're hitting for around 2,300 DPS (with crits factored in) I can't see how you can go wrong. The only thing that I ask of you is to actually try the build before commenting/voting...I love a good argument as much as the next guy but you need to be able to back it up. Guides like these take time, so please do not insult people (not just me...anyone) if you're not willing to put yourself in the spotlight. Good luck to you and do our MF proud!

By the way, my build also works extremely well on Tristan, Sivir, or Catylin, but none of them have the overall utility that you'll find on MF (tho Trist comes close). Thanks again for reading and I look forward to getting some feedback.