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Teemo Build Guide by Handsen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Handsen

Ultimate Teemo/tanky

Handsen Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Little Bio On Me.

Heyy, so i have been playing LoL for a while now and have come to LOVE playing teemo. I started off with the hybrid use with the malady and rabidons... etc. it was alright, but not really me. Next i tried the full out AP build. Again not for me, and i can truly say this, although you may get a good amount of damage off with your poison, and yes your mushroom do quite a bit of damage, no you don't put out really all that much dps and on top of all of that, it is very hard to place mushrooms in the right places "all over the map". unless you are stacking mushrooms in one area such as along the river or in one sides half of a jungle, and ALL of your team fights and 1v1s are right in there with you, I find that the AP mushroom is quite useless, the map is simple just too large for a 5v5 map. However it works much, much better in 3v3, although this leaves you as a squishy target and YOU WILL BE TARGETED!

This is why i have created this guide/build. I was sick of getting "ganked". Instead of getting my AS up into ridiculous speed, and burning fast, i go for survivability, using your mushrooms ideally for slows and map control, and lastly high damage burst (not as fast as all AS/AD, but still significant) which allows me to do high dps and stick along for longer than one kill.

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Basically how this build works in early game is like this...

you want to get your boots ASAP! depending on who you are playing against in terms of the opposing team's champions you want to get your "boots of speed", and potions. Although take note that if you don't think you need the health pots then don't. If you are not to go for the pots you will get your boots much, much quicker i find. This is good because you can't do all that much damage until you get your boots, and can't be successfully more aggressive.

I have tried just about every possible AD/AS build for teemo and basically it comes down to this:
-you don't need that ridiculous 2.5 AS, but getting close, or to 2.0 is very handy with a madred's bloodrazor.
-you don't need 6 AS/AD items, it gets a little dumb and you can get much more out of the champion if you don't.(not to mention the fact that the top AS/AD items are quite expensive.
-in terms of time, if you play your cards right and buy my suggested items in the same order, you will see many 17-20 min. surrenders due to your freaking epicness.

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Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Glyph of Replenishment

Basically i chose these runes because it works on everything that I build up in Teemo, and what i find valuable in him as an AD/AS champ. I get all my marks as armor penetration, this allows you to deal quite a bit of damage as soon as your boots get up your speed.

My seals are all AS for the obvious reason, this is a good choice of seal because they just boots your AS off the bat by that much and can often secure the kill/ first blood right off of the get go.

Now since this build is also used to make Teemo quite tanky and a complete melee killer, I use my seals to the advantage of my mushrooms. These are very, very, VERY USEFUL! I can not tell you how many of my kills have been secured due to mushrooms slowing and slowly killing my worthy subject. So lets face it, your mushrooms come WAY TOO SLOW! and COST WAY TOO MUCH MANNA! My solution which works really well is to get cool down reduction and manna per 5 glyphs.

Lastly i get quints that are pure damage, this allows you to just boost your damage between lvl 1-7 by a lot compared to your enemies. P.S. with these quints i have easily taken vayne with my Q so they don't tumble and with that AD you will get the kill or even force her to B back to base, reducing her EXP and allow you to gain lvls over her/ anyone else you are playing.
...This reminds me, at low lvls on Teemo don't get greedy! with my mysteries you will be fine and if you don't get the kill really soon, pushing them to go back to base will push you through the roof, giving you time to farm gold/ exp and putting you farther ahead of them in some cases more than a kill would be. (you are very squishy early game)

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So for mysteries you want a 21-0-9 build, although i have found a 21-9-0 or a 15-0-15 is also very good. The one i have shown you here in this build is AMAZING FOR DPS! and it very good in the sense that you also get your deference against AD, and AS early on, although lately i have been favoring the 15-0-15 build because you can jungle blue and keep those mushrooms pumping out with the 30% increase and the %EXP boost has pushed me as far as 5 lvls ahead with kills in 3v3s... if you play your cards right that is. (that only has happened to me once, but made for a very fun game!)

basically you want your speed increase in the offense, along with the AD damage and cool down reduction. although feel free to use other mastery uses, depending on how you play other mastery builds might benefit you greatly. If you need I can talk about anything in my build such as the runes or mysteries, why i take what items and so on. just feel free to send me a message over mobafire, or add me on LoL.

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Summoner Spells.

I suggest four summoner spells.

As you can see from my mastery build i go with Exhaust. this is one of my NEEDS on Teemo... it can slow enough to catch up and Finnish a kill, or save a fellow summoner, or even be used to reduce high dps targets while you take them or their team mates out... i have taken 3 melee chars like jax, xin, and mord, all at the same time with an exhaust and blinding the right one at the right time.

In a 5v5 i would also go with flash, this is a great way to jump through walls at ememies running away, a great way to catch up to people, or getting out of that time when you over extend and are getting ganked. anyways, flash is a great summoner spell for any charicter, regardless.

Teleport, this allows you to get back into lanes faster with your boots when you have the money for them at lvl 2-3. and can give you that much more EXP while your enemies are running back. *I DO NOT suggest teleport any time in 3v3s, if you don't understand why this is for you "/facepalm".

Ghost: this used to be my MUST on Teemo, used mainly for escaping and for catching up, but i found the EXP boost use of teleport much better for my play style.

Ignite: This is pretty damn great on Teemo as an AD/AS because it allows you to Finnish of that champ in 1v1, I ALWAYS use Ignite in 3v3 along with Exhaust. The reason ignite is so amazing with my build is because without AP, Teemo i find to not do that extra little bit of damage to finish off a trynd or anyone who flashes away from you with basically no health. (without AP, you poison does nothing, but is still very useful in an AD/AS build)

what i use:
5v5: Teleport/Exhaust ; Ghost/Exhaust ; Flash/Exhaust
3v3: Ignite/Exhaust

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Skill Sequence.

I'm gonna make this section short and sweet.

-max your poison ASAP.
-get your run at lvl 3 or 4 depending on how your game is going early on, but don't get anymore in it until you have you poison maxed, and your Q at about 3-4.
-get ulti up whenever you can... (6,11,16

This is all you really need to know.

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Beggining of game.

So for 5v5s i suggest that you get your Q ability first, this is because you can keep yourself safe from jumpers such as jax. essentially it is just so you can blind your opponents until you can get your poison, which is perfect for farming minions and great harassing.

In 3v3 it all depends, if your team is fast and gets down fast for the usual bottom bush gank; i would go with Q ability, for again the blind and to assist. I can't tell you how many times i have gotten away because of my Q at lvl one in a bottom bush gank because it stopped someone from dammaging me with a skill shot or a jump on me. However, if your team is being slow getting items and the gank isn't going to occur, go for your E ability (poison) and go for your Q second. this is good because then you can harass right off the bat as well as farm minions with ease at lvl 1!

*Always get your W ability at lvl 3! the ONLY exception for this is if you are getting kills off with ease and keeping your HP up, in this case take another poison at lvl 3, and get W at 4.

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Mushroom placement.

Mushroom placement is key! and if you find yourself to have 3 mushrooms to lay quite often, your not playing Teemo effectively, that is like being trynd, but never using your undying rage.

-plant mushrooms in the corners of the half way corner bushes, along with one in between the bushes. this can make for great getaways, or even slow a melee enough for you to get them down enough to back off.
- plant your mushrooms in the enemy bushes in order to tell where the enemy summoners are, this creates amazing map awareness and has saved my "life" and my friends many many times.
- plant two shrooms behind Baron, and Dragon. and one in front of the entrance. This is an amazing tactic to use because then when an enemy tries to solo it they hit your shroom and are scared off because your team now knows that they are there. also it saves you from buying wards to the the same, and wards don't scare off the enemy, allowing your team to take it, not your enemy.
-when fighting enemies in lane, plant a shroom under your feet and go invis... this lets you pop up and shock the enemy, and then pull them through the shroom slowing them, this is very effective! also plant one behind you if your going to run, this slows the enemy, and in many cases allowed me to take out a full hp enemy when i had 1/10th of mine.
*- always put mushrooms in the corners, unless it is those three sided ones, put on in the middle those..l do this because people run through the corners, or the middle of the three sided bushes, giving you effective map control and dps/annoyance. (can't tell you how many times ive had the jungler of a team run into my mushrooms and die, then swear his head off when he hit it again and died, or just slowed him down and put him behind in his jungling. loads of fun to have an enemy raging at you due to the annoyance that is Teemo Mushrooms.

-place them in all bushes!
place two behind dragon, and one in front of the entrance.
- the top jungle should be littered, but shrooms in all the corners of the bushes, lanes through the bush, etc. this tells you who has taken the speed buff, or is running through to dragon, or who is trying to backdoor your team mate. any ways put them through the main lane through there by dragon, and at least 2 on either side of the round bushes. Always have two on the edges of the top long bush. And a must is to have at least

2 around the bottom red buff.
-put mushrooms in triangle formations in lanes where ganks usually occur, this slows enemies and is effective when you are getting away.
-also litter the top lanes bushes, two in each bush corner, one in the middle of the two, and one on the other side of the lane in the middle so that you can see when someone blinks over into the bushes, or into the bushes from the other side. (has saved many many lives in the games i play because of the amazing awareness!).

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Team Work.

your job in team fights is basically high rate dps, with my build you will find that melee destroy themselves on you and you can easily blind enemy ranged or casters. with my build you will be a huge target, hard to kill... VERY HARD TO KILL! it is amazing and is why i call this my tank Teemo. *Hint, if you have a high dps caster such as Karthus, or ryze get a Force of Nature instead of the Black Cleaver. this will make you the most OP player on your team!

Watch vids on how to use your blinding dart, easily one of your best lifesavers. master the use of it and you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Again if you have any questions about my build/guide or suggestions, how to use AD/AS Teemo, etc. feel free to contact me, again in LoL (just add me), by comment on this guide, and or over mail in Mobafire.

Hope you enjoy my build, and trust me it works.