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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Zoraan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoraan

Ultimate Twisted Fate

Zoraan Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Welcome to my guide for Twisted Fate! Note, this is not for some top ELO players. You wouldn't be here on MOBAFire if you were. This is for the players who are leveling up, and finds themselves dying too much.

I thought I'd post this guide, so people can see my idea for how Twisted Fate should be played.
Please don't down-vote without reading the guide.

So, why build TF my way? I tend to feel that whenever I play a carry, the enemy team will just grab some armor/mag res to counter me out. Thus, I want to take a slightly more hybrid'y approach. But why do I get Hexdrinker and Frozen Mallet?

There is a simple reason for this. Off tanks are the best dps'ers, I'd say.
Carries have had a history of a pure damage build, which is good in top ELO.

When I started playing, I played a Veigar without health, and I got a Mejai's, because a guide said so. I had no idea it wasn't good. My stats were usually like 3/11/12.

What's the point of having good burst, if you die before bursting? This guide aims for a somewhat more durable TF, thus staying alive long enough to wreak havoc.

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Twisted Fate

"OMGWTFBBQ, this isn't traditional TF, GTFO NOOB!"

- No, that's right. This is my TF.

TF is a wonderful champ. He has one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, due to counter ganking, ganking and back dooring.

On top of that, he has some wicked spells to utilize that people tend to underestimate.

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What to grab then?

Why did I go for Pick A Card first?
Easy. You're mainly building AD, and your gold card is scaling 1:1 to your attack damage.
Also, it's for laning capability. The blue card isn't as good as the other cards perhaps, but it refunds mana. This allows TF to harass more, hopefully this'll win you the race of ults in mid.

After that, you go for Stacked Deck. It's sort of like Jax's ult, but available earlier.
Every four attacks, you deal more damage. Also, you get CDR and AS passively. That's freaking great!

Now, you'll basically skill up Stacked deck whenever you can. Pick a Card is prio two. Naturally, you grab ult when available.

Finally, you'll grab Wild Cards. Why this last? Isn't this a good nuker?
Granted, it has some good points. But here's the thing. Early game, you don't team fight a lot. You mainly lane, farm and harass. Wild Cards scales on AP, which is your secondary form of damage, although you're building hybrid'y.

The second problem is that it's slow. Playing against a TF, I notice that this is probably the easiest-to-dodge skill shot in the game. Even though it moves in three directions, it moves slow. It's easy for your opponents to dodge this, thus you waste mana. This will be useful in end game, since people are too busy in a team fight to dodge your skill shots.

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Why the hell are you grabbing those runes?!

Armor Penetration reds are the best in slot for you.
Primarily, you deal physical damage, and thus Armor is your enemy.
This helps in fighting that.

"But why do you randomly grab magic pen in some other places?"

Well, despite this ad heavy hybrid, you do want mag pen too.
You deal magic damage with all your abilities, and you'll need the mag pen you can get.

Armor yellows are your weapon early game. You'll take less damage than most others, which will lead to you saving that health pot for later. Just push that laner down!

CDR blues are there to (at level 18) bring you to the cap of CDR. Yes, I am 0.4% overcapped, but I reckon this is better than getting another item.

Then I get magic resist for the remaining runes. Simply to give you more survivability against spells. See the yellow explanation.

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Alright. Flash and Fortify.

I always hated flash. Flash is the number one noob friendly spell, simply because of the fact that Flash rewards your bad positioning. Running in the wrong direction? Not anymore.

I don't know how many kills I've lost just because someone flashes. So I counter their flash with my flash.

Fortify. One of those summoner spells that are good if you want to be called a noob.
Something else that's good for being called a noob, or even better, a cheater, is back dooring.
Back dooring is a tactic, just like any other, and there are ways to counter it. This was stated by an employee of Riot Games. Back Dooring isn't cheating. It's there. And Fortify counters it. A lane is getting pushed, and you want that tower alive long enough for rescue? Fortify solves it.
Are you standing under your tower, and the enemy moves in on you? Grats, you got a fortify kill. Notice that Fortify adds splashing damage. In a critical situation, this could lead to multiple kills. (Fortify Penta kill)

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You start off with a long sword, building for your Hexdrinker.
Why Hexdrinker?!
It adds some damage, as well as magic resist and a good barrier for soaking damage early on.
Why not the cloak?!
Your runes should save you early on.

Alright, you've been kicking *** in the lane for a while now. Blue pill back and buy Boots, as well as the Hexdrinker. If you can't afford this, something is wrong. Anyhow, buy what you can, and go out again.

From here, you're always gonna have to decide for yourself.
The next item is TBT. Massive damage, as well as life steal. Do you need some healing to survive? Get the scepter. Do you want to kill people? Get the BF first.

Zhonya's. AP and the ultimate active.
So. Is that Trynda slicing you to shreds? Get the chain vest? Otherwise, it's time for the rod enlargement.

Next is that hammer. Slowing attacks is great for chasing, and it offers quite the chunk of health at that. Again, what do you need most? Health, or damage?

Finally, you'll be grabbing Morello's Evil Tome. Some extra AP, and the last CDR you'll need.
By this stage, order doesn't really matter, but grabbing the codex for the initial CDR is a good idea.

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So, to wrap the guide up.
This is a guide I've worked hard on establishing, venturing out into the Fields of Justice with Ultimate Bravery. And here it is, the Ultimate Twisted Fate guide. You won't be dying as much as usual, and you'll be dealing more damage, albeit a bit slower.

Hope you like it!