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Build Guide by Deathmourn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathmourn

Ultimate Warwick (3v3 recommended)

Deathmourn Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here is my first attempt at a build on this website. Hope you all enjoy it, and if there are questions or comments please feel free to leave them.

This is my personal favorite build of my main character, Warwick. I believe if played correctly, this build is nearly UNBEATABLE!

There are many things you may already disagree with, but I shall show you my reasoning- as well as a few substitutions that are bound to arise.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros of this UNBEATABLE Warwick build are:

    Easy to maneuver (move through map fast and effectively)
    Easy mid to late game carry
    Able to 1v1
anybody, Usually 1v2 and sometimes even 1v3
Easy creep/tower/monsters(with buff effect) kills
Fast regen (hardly ever go back to base)

The Cons of this build are:
    Stuns/Slows are super effective against Warwick (but there are ways to counter)
    Silenced Warwick can turn a Gank into a Prank... (annoying..)
    Pulling alot of attention (gang ganks specifically towards Warwick)
    Slightly Expensive itemization
    Crying and Complaining from other team =P

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So let me explain my rune selection. I personally go with full Furor runes for the amount of damage you can crit. That PLUS the item build I have set up will let you heal yourself fully in no time!!

I also recommend trying the full Malice runes out if you would rather crit almost EVERY hit. This rune build is slightly better for you players who rarely get into late game before one side wins, because the item sets become rather expensive.

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Most of the Masteries I have selected are pretty straight forward, Offense 21, Defense 1, Utility 8.

Offense has everything you need to provide max damage every step of the way

Defense has only the Healing option (which goes with my Summoner Spell, and you'll see why soon). This selection is totally up to opinion, depending on how often/which Summoner Spells you use.

Utility has a few selections aimed towards gaining levels faster, keeping Warwick primed for each battle and gank faster, and also a point towards the Summoner Spell of Ghost (again this is up for interpretation, as some people don't need the extra boost or won't use Ghost)

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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells I have chosen are for good reason, and yes this is an area for huge debate- but my choices suit my play style (and hopefully yours with this Warwick build).

Heal is the most basic Summoner Spell, and has saved my *** (as well as everyone's) more than once. Though it is rather novice, there are many opportunities where just 200 more health would have saved the day. I find myself using this skill almost every time it becomes available.

Ghost is a very useful Summoner Spell towards how you play. Like I mentioned above, this build is built on running around, chasing people down, and running away in times of trouble. Sure this build is stacked to be able to move fast as hell, but many of times that last hit or two on someone who got away could have been prevented!

These are the Summoner Spells I use, they get me through tough situations of PWNING (Getting kills and staying alive). Feel free to use whatever SS's that you feel will fit into your play style- just make sure to adjust the Masteries accordingly.

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Skill Sequence

As with anyone, the Skill Sequence really depends on who is on your team and who is on theirs. I usually always go for Hungering Strike and Blood Scent (except when Ulti appears), maxing them out before maxing out Hunters Call.

Hungering Strike is your early game bread and butter to heal and vs heroes. It can provide nice finishing hits to a fleeing foe as well (just use it over and over in a chase)

Blood Scent is useful for chasing down the foe. The faster you are, the more hits you can get in on them before they escape to safety. This also doubles as a good way to get your *** out of a 3v1

Hunters Call is useful for towers and creeps (especially in jungle), but is almost otherwise useless- especially with the items you can buy to increase attack speed/damage.

The method I use for any GANK is to run in, use your Hungering Strike, followed by your Ulti (if needed- remember to gauge the enemy), and then Hungering Strike and regular attacks over and over as you chase them down.

Now if you like to jungle a bit, feel free to get Hunters Call early into the game, it is the most useful tool for jungle creeps and towers.

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Items items items... There is a key to how to go about choosing items especially with this build.

    Gauge Your Enemies
    Counter Your Enemies
    Play Into Your Enemies

Gauge Your Enemies
Be prepared to be facing some hard characters. Warwick is horrible with stuns, slows, disables, and silences. If you notice a player (say RYZE) - make sure you build around this weakness.

Counter Your Enemies
Change your item build based on their skills. Heavy Hitters? Buy a Thornmail. Slows and Stuns? Buy Mercury's Treads. Silences and Disables? Buy a Banshee's Veil.

Play Into Your Enemies
You have the build idea of what to expect. Play smart, itemize against their hardest characters (by character or their individual skill level). You'll be fine.

The Item Build listed though, will keep you hunting fast, dealing insane amounts of damage (with crits coming in over 50% of the time), having a high attack speeds, slowing down the enemy (works amazing for chases).

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This UNBEATABLE build of Warwick is for players who aren't afraid to run around, chasing their prey. Dealing MASSIVE amounts of damage that can kill players in just a few hits. And also for people who aren't afraid to DIVE past towers and through lanes just to get that final hit for the kill.

Play smart though, realize that you must risk it to get the biscuit and you will prevail nearly everytime with this Warwick build.

Feel free to try, comment, and rate =)