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Yorick General Guide by ubbergotan

Assassin ultimate yorick solo top of doom

Assassin ultimate yorick solo top of doom

Updated on October 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ubbergotan Build Guide By ubbergotan 1,459 Views 0 Comments
1,459 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ubbergotan Yorick Build Guide By ubbergotan Updated on October 4, 2012
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in this guide i say start with his q first for the simple fact for those of you who have played yorick alot if not most of his damage comes from his on-hit q spell. thats why i start with it so i can have the early game lane dominants but you must be careful until you get your e or you can die quickly. my build order is so because those are the essensials to be a good melee assassin in lane he is one of my best champs and i play him alot so i know his mechanics and his damage output and hes very strong but is very squishy with this build and need to play carfully
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Pros / Cons

As you might know yorick is one of the strongest solo top champions around. when i play him i take it to a new level. starting with yoricks Omen of war in top lane allows you to have the damage to get first blood and several other kills early and it gives you room for error. as well as maxing it first will give it about a 3 second cd and allows you to spam it. on another note getting and maxing his omen of famine second will give him alot of sustain. other then yoricks vast mana issues hie e will be more then enough to sustain his squishiness. and lastly fir the pro's hit omen of pestilence is useful but not essential to win in lane taking 1 point at level 3 and maxing it last is more then good enough for a slow.

now for the cons
yorick is very mana hungry so try and play more safe when low mana or getting ready for a kill. also getting his q at level one will potentially put him in danger because its a on-hit attack. but as long as you play smart you will be fine, after you get to level 2 and have your e but that doesnt make you invincible. maxing your q first may seem odd and it is and will set you back sustain wise because of the fact your e is weaker but it will be fine. i dont max his e or w first because of the fact i go for damage out put
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with yorick when farming spam your abilities as much as possible especially once you have your tri force and manamune. just make sure all lanes have the enemy team in them except yours and go at it just be carefull and over extend but yorick is very strong and Mobile but he is very squishy and dies easily but farms and kills easily as well by end game you should try to have about 250-500 farm he is a very farmy champion so farm and kill alot
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Skill Sequence

I say max his q and get it at level 1 because of the fact the that most of his damage output in my opinion is from his q it also allows you to farm easier and kill things fast. getting his W at level 2 gives him sustain and alot more damage this adds alot more of a gank livability so use well and safely. hiw w wis the least useful of all of his abilities in my opinion is has low bas damage and an ap ratio so it is not important with ad yorick. the fact that he is an easy champion to kill and farm with he is one of the most difficult people to beat in lane.
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this guide is all about yorick and about is strength in lane the goal with yorick since i havent found a counter for him is he be extremely aggressive in lane and play safe and farm when needed. he is very strong in team fights in lane and 1v1 but is strongest in lane where he can get fed easily and just destroy anyone he fights so try to take advantage of your amazing strength in game

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ubbergotan
ubbergotan Yorick Guide
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ultimate yorick solo top of doom

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