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Other Understanding the Tone - Avoiding Misunderstandings

Other Understanding the Tone - Avoiding Misunderstandings

Updated on November 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe Build Guide By Meiyjhe 37 7 171,150 Views 47 Comments
37 7 171,150 Views 47 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe Build Guide By Meiyjhe Updated on November 21, 2013
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No one will or should blindly listen to someone who they do not know anything about.

So before I begin, I will tell you a bit about myself:

I have 3300 Tribunal Rating
I have the Ribbon for Great Teammate
I have the Ribbon for Honorable Opponent
And I have great interest in psychological things

Because I always try to do my best to be a good teammate, I think the rest should do so aswell :P
For that reason, I made this guide. Now please, read on :D
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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

There can be a lot of trouble within a conversation, one of these things that can go wrong, is a misunderstanding.
Now, in this guide, I will be talking the most common reason that we can misunderstand eachother on the internet:

The Tone
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What is a tone?

Eye contact is really important in a good conversation.
Having no eye contact with a person will make it harder to talk with that person.
Because then we cannot see the facial expressions

Via phone or skypecalls, we can still hear the voice, the voice can also have certain sounds in the voice that will make us recognize wether people are serious, or not.
That sound that make us recognize the thought behind that voice, is called a tone.

If you play League of Legends, you will not have the luxury to speak with your teammates if you solo queue. This is why it is a problem, we have no tone to listen to.

Our goal to find out:
How can we understand the tone behind the chat?
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Game starts, BAM! There are 5 people in your team:

Brand mid
Diana jungle
Darius top
Alistar support
Draven Attack damage carry.

The match has started, Brand is up against Talon, who brutally kills Brand all the time. Darius is against Teemo, and Darius is doing well, but since Teemo counters Darius hard, the fight has a lot of ups and downs.
And now: Brand died once again.

The chat goes like this:
Darius: Stop dat feed please
Brand: Lol noob, you never help
Darius: I have my hands full at top
Brand: Your just bad because you never help!

Darius did his best to stay completely reasonable, but Brand thinks that Darius is flaming him.

Darius keeps trying to be reasonable, but Brand keeps being a jerk, because he misunderstands Darius.
Eventually, a Blaming Game (click here for more info about the blaming game) starts, and they lose the game.

Just because of a misunderstanding, things go drastically wrong, how can we solve this?
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Solving it

A miscommunication is basically a relation problem, and guess what:
Relation problems are always both sided!

That means that it is both fault of the reader, as of the author of the piece of text.
Thus I will divide the solutions in just 3 chapters, which is:
* The Author
* The Reader
* The Ultimate Solution!
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Solution 1: The Author

So there are many ways to try to make something clear by using text.

As we saw, Darius tried to make clear that Brand should stay focussed, so winning the game easier.
By saying this:
Darius: Stop dat feed please

How can we make more clear, that Darius isn't trying to hurt Brand by being negative, but is actually trying to help Brand?

Tip 1: Smily faces
As text-chatters, we have no facial expressions in the conversations we have.
Luckily though, people have invented the : button, which allows us to make many smilies.
Let's add a smilie face to the chat between Brand and Darius:
Darius: Stop dat feed please :O
Brand: Lol noob, you never help
Darius: I have my hands full at top :D
Brand: Well... just... shut up!
Darius: :(

In this case, you can clearly see that Brand is just a jerk if he keeps continueing the flame. But hey, if you kept dieing all the time, you would be pissed aswell.
This is just something minor, but if you keep using the right smilies, for some magical reason, people will like you more :D (I just used a smilie, so now you like me! :D)
Don't use the following smilies!:

Tip 2: Gentleman
You are doing your best to stay polite and fair in this case.
Let's add some tophats to the chat:
Darius: Could you be more careful my dear friend?
Brand: Shut up, I am not your friend
Darius: Oh, but I would be a delightful friend, are you sure you don't want to be buddies?
Brand: ...

Already, Brand is confused, which is positive. Since at first he thought that Darius was mocking him, the confusement means that he doubts if Darius is mocking him, or really trying to help. Still this isn't enough to convince Brand that Darius is being helpful, what other tips do we have?

Tip 3: Just be super awesome
People will always listen more to you in LoL, if you are playing well, then they think that what you say actually matters. If Darius has 5-0-3 at the first 10 minutes, and helps his team a lot.
The chat probably will go like this:
Darius: Stop dat feed please
Brand: But this Talon is so op!
Darius: Want to switch lane?
Brand: No, just help me please.

Brand actually doesn't say rediculous things like that Darius is a noob, instead he is thinking of stupid excuses.

Solution 1: The combination of all tips
Darius is superman, for he uses smilies, polite words and is superfed.
The chat changes to the following:
Darius: Dear Brand, shall we switch lanes? :P
Brand: Yes please!
Darius: Very good, I hope Teemo won't be too much of a problem :D
Brand: I surely hope so too :)

And there we go! Brand isn't being a jerk towards Darius, because he knows Darius isn't being a jerk to him.
This way, Brand can turn out to be a good guy, and even help the team a lot in the later phases of the game. Because you were so positive towards Brand, you might get a honor from him, whether it be teamwork, helpful (probably not) or friendly :D

(If anyone knows any other tips, please leave a comment in the discussion)
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Solution 2: The Reader

Since Darius was a bit unclear about what he meant, we must investigate any information we can get from him.

What secrets lie in the chat that tells us the tone of the author?

Secret 1: The past
You just look at the things that already have been said by the same person. People don't just drastically change tone, it mostly stays continuous in a match.
So what do we have to keep in mind?

Did he instalock?
* Never take instalockers serious
Was he helpful towards the team so far?
* He probably isn't trying to flame you
Did he complain earlier in the match to someone else?
* If he did, you shouldn't take him serious.
Is he premade with someone?
* Not always easy to find out, but if he is and he complains, he is probably trolling you.

Secret 2: The present
Basically read anything he grants you within the sentence.

Does he use capslock?
* Then he is either flaming you or he just misclicked a button.
Does he use smilies?
* Depends on the smilie, but like explained in the previous chapter, can help to read a tone.
Does he use friendly words?
* Like "dear friend" or "bro", which are not offensive :D
Does he have a funny name?
* You shouldn't take things serious from someone with a funny name like: Noobboxer 2000 or Pinguininator. Even if they are serious, just don't :P

Secret 3: The future!
Unless you have a time traveling device, I doubt you can find out about this secret.

Solution 2: The combination of all secrets
Charles (Darius): Stop dat feed please *Score 1-0-7*

Hmmm, he has a lot of assists, thus he helped his team a lot.
He doesn't use capslock, doesn't have a funny name and he didn't instalock whatsoever.
Seems like an okay guy.

I think this guy is just trying to be helpful, and for that reason I will accept his opinion.
Darius: Stop dat feed please
Brand: I will do my best!

There you go :D Brand is a good boy now and ready for the internet!

(If you know any other secrets, feel free to leave a comment in the discussion!)
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Solution 3: The Ultimate Solution!

Are you not in the mood for any secrets?

Well, here comes the most simple solution:
Just don't care!

A lot of people worry so much about things people say on the internet, while most of it is trolling, people that think their opinion is superior and people that just put their tone badly in their sentences, creating misunderstandings everywhere!

Since there are sooooo many people out there, on LoL, on Youtube, even on Mobafire! You don't have to take all of those opinions in consideration, you can just forget about it the second you see it and just don't care :P

Of course, this doesn't mean you need to tell everyone that you don't care about their opinion, because if you say that, you lie to them, and to yourself. Because if you need to tell everyone that you don't care, then you do care because you want to let them think that you don't care about their opinion in the hope that they will treat you better (which they obviously won't).

You can make a joke, you can be cute, you can be just mature, whatever suits you most.

Just stop worrying about every opinion you will encounter on the internet, because you just can't handle that many, no one can :O
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So, now we know many ways to understand the communication better on the internet.

There is still a big chance that you still will encounter problems, but do not worry, just use Solution 3 and you will survive it :D

I am aware that there are people that cannot do solution 3 that easily, because we all learn at elementary school that every opinion matters.

It might take some practice, but definately, Solution 3 will help you survive it much easier.

Because even if you don't care about their opinion doesn't mean you shouldn't care about yourself :P. If you want to defend yourself in an appropiate way, you should know what they really are saying.
Don't react like this:
Darius: Stop dat feed please
Brand: Lol noob, U R JUST N IDIOT

But react like this (like we learned in solution 2):
Darius: Stop dat feed please
Brand: I will do my best!

And Solution 1 is there to make sure you aware that there are people that can misunderstand you, and that you should try to make clear what you exactly try to say, so the readers can use Solution 2 in a more easy way :D

Thank you all for reading!
I hoped I helped you a lot, may I find little misunderstandings on the internet and no innocent people in the tribunal!

Good luck on your journey for honor! :D

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