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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheUn4givenRage

Unforgiven's Guide: How to Build a Successful Mordekaiser

TheUn4givenRage Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Well I waited for Mobafire to help me fix my issue with my guide, but nothing could be done, so I'm starting from scratch again with views / votes which is somewhat of a bummer, but I want to get this thing back in operation so I can be helping people. It wouldn't let me edit my guide anymore so I was stuck with what I had and I could never change it again. Sorry for the wait, but it's back in operation!


10-27-10 In the masteries section and Aegis of the Legion
11-1-10 Blitzcrank added to counters to your Ult
Morgana removed from counters to your Ult
11-4-10 Changes with Children of the Grave, Frozen Mallet, Rylai's Crystal Scepter
11-5-10 Elixir of Fortitude added to counters to your Ult
11-7-10 Added Support Heroes, All characters for possible disruptions for getting a ghost, TIP in Iron Man, and added some color finally =)
11-14-10 Ult against Poppy changed, Added an AP, AD, and Hybrid list, and Tip in Siphon of Destruction
11-16-10 Patch notes few tweaks to Mordekaiser
11-18-10 Made several changes to the ITEMS portion and Warmog's Armor is viable to use again
12-14-10 Patch Notes…. More NERFS… New Changes Below
12-15-10 Second viable build is done! Put it under NUMBER 3
12-19-10 Guide back in operation, added some tips

Patch Notes v1.0.0.107


* Mace of Spades now resets the attack timer when used
* Iron Man shield generation reduced to 20/25/30% from 30%
* Iron Man shield decay increased to 5% from 3%

* Sunfire Cape
o Upgrade cost increased to 800 from 700
o Passive is now UNIQUE

Ok, after lots of practicing, trial and error, I came to this conclusion:


Mordekaiser now has a much HARDER time with early game. The nerf to Iron Man makes it nearly impossible to keep any shield from levels 1 – 6. Iron Man will increase to 25% at level 7 and increase again at level 13 for 30% (the normal shield regeneration before the nerf). Once level 7, I get the feel like I did before using my strategy and have no problem except Iron Man shield decay is at 5% now, which means your entire shield is gone in 20 seconds from full to empty. The early game situation is critical now because he’s very vulnerable. So during levels 1-6, we can’t count on our shield to protect us from saving our health at all which means careful when harassing. My solution to this is getting Regrowth Pendant as my first item instead of Doran's Shield. This leaves me at only 510-520 health to start off, but it’s necessary to keep a constant flow of health coming. Because your shield will not hold up and your health will be taking more of the heat, we need health regen right away!

I gotta say, with the big nerf to his early game, I have a slim chance of surviving solo lane against Vladimir. My only option for surviving is constantly retreating and not having him hit me with Transfusion. My best method once hitting level 2 is hiding in the bush and if he’s really going to charge in there, run into him with Creeping Death and Siphon of Destruction as many enemy minions as you can before he throws some blows. Don’t use Creeping Death right away if you know he’s going to pool into the bush, because you want as much damage as you can on him. After that, retreat, heal up from Regrowth Pendant and if you have to do it again, do it again making sure you can survive it again. Having Movement Speed Quints and Speed from the utility tree really helps me survive these kinds of battles. Where my opponent can’t keep up with me and has to keep withdrawing when so tempted to finish me off. Once level 6, this is what you have to do. Come in and Siphon of Destruction the minion wave (hopefully him too), initiate with Creeping Death, and have Mace of Spades ready to smack him in the face, but do not ult or ignite him yet. When he tries to pool away, move toward him and when he’s out of pool, unleash your Children of the Grave and Ignite on him. At this point, I would just run or hit the minion wave again for shield because by this time, his ult is on you and it’s about to proc for more damage. You need to gain some shield before it possibly kills you. If that’s not the case, then I would try to finish him off before he reaches the turret. Definitely ghost to keep up with him and stay on him with Creeping Death.


We can no longer stack Sunfire Cape and hence we’re only left with one. After playing several games, I found that it did not cripple my ability to dominate, but it sucks if I do need the extra damage later game. So what’s the solution to this? I found a different, but more useful method for team orientation all together.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you!

and COMBO!

I bet you’re all wondering… for real? Why both? That’s ******ed…… Here’s some proof that I still dominated in my games with this combo. ( I made easy work with Cassiopeia in the solo lane lol)

Let me enlighten you all why this is a marvelous combo.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Ryali’s is our ranged slow that gives 15% slow to every spell on Mordekaiser, including Mace of Spades and Children of the Grave. It also gives us +500 health for tanking and +80 ability power for increasing all damage output. Mordekaiser can easily slow an entire team with this item from his selection of spells. I would also like to add that when Children of the Grave is put onto a target, that target is slowed by 15% for a whole 10 seconds until it wears off! I find this to be a great way to catch up with a squishy opponent so we can completely halt them with the next item Frozen Mallet.

Frozen Mallet

Our next slowing method to making sure our opponent doesn’t escape. It also gives +700 health which is another major increase to our tanking and +20 attack damage which is not very useful, but ok to have. We’re converting the slow from a 15% movement speed reduction to 40% which is major! You will easily notice the difference making it almost guaranteed that your enemy champion you just grabbed will not escape. This makes an easy kill not only for you, but for the rest of your team mates that are jumping in on the action.


You want to consider possibly switching these two for different purposes. Rylai's Crystal Scepter only slows for 1.5 seconds, so if you hit them with Siphon of Destruction and not running into them with Creeping Death, then you’re most likely not going to slow them enough to help the team. I feel that I go Frozen Mallet first for some game situations, such as an all damage team. I sacrifice having more damage, but having the bigger percent of slow really helps my team when I’ve caught someone. I’ll ghost in, snag one, and that hero is just done. I especially do this if I’m facing Kog'Maw. If you don’t make him first focus, he will eat right through you (if he’s fed and most of the time he is).


I always try to build Giant's Belt first before Phage, but if my team has no CC whatsoever, I feel forced to get it.

Having these two items at your disposal, you’re like the Lich King walking in with your frozen aura slowing everyone in your path. All the rants and hates against Mordekaiser how he can’t stun and slow targets, after applying these two babies on, you’ll be making a large difference in 5v5 team fights. Once you connect with their team, they’re forced to stay or suffer losses. With Guardian Angel as my last item, I end up having 191 Armor, 191 Magic Resist, and 3,500 Health (Not including Pots). The best way to explain this build is you’re very threatening mid game when you get your armor and magic resist with Sunfire Cape. From Mid to Late game, you will be increasing your health while giving yourself the capability of slowing anyone that’s ever near you helping your team out ganking enemy champions. At late game, we’re getting Guardian Angel as our last item because it tops off the resistances we need against either attack damage or magic and the very most important part, the ability to revive when we die. We’re making sure we are the first target to be focused and with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Mallet at our side, we will be slowing them from ganking anyone else on our team making them have to focus us. If you can pull this all off, the game should be yours (praying that your dps doesn’t make stupid mistakes)


I’m excited to say that build number two is ready to commence! After more trial and error, I realized that Mordekaiser and Sunfire Cape can never part from each other. Getting the early 40 magic damage per second is soooo critical. I tried completely ability power Mordekaiser, Ability power with armor and magic resist (no Sunfire Cape, but it just doesn’t cut it. My early and mid gameplay is so terrible without Sunfire Cape and can conclude that it is an item that has to be bought all the time.

With that said, comparing this build to the first build I suggested has:

1. More damage output for easier carrying power
2. Less CC for team cooperation (No Frozen Mallet
3. Less tanky than the first build (health wise)

This build (with the change to the Glyphs Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and Greater Seal of Vitality) will reach

• 222 Armor
• 185 Magic Resist
• 2986 Health (Less Health)
• 39.85% Cooldown Reduction (Pretty much MAXED)

Here’s the item order for the second build

Before the patch notes, I had Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Abyssal Mask in my previous build. The only change up with this is switching out the 2nd Sunfire Cape with Frozen Heart and I will explain its purpose.

Frozen Heart

I overlooked this item many times because of the fact that it gives mana which always bothered me. I’m not a fan of using an item that has a partial waste to it such as Banshee's Veil, but if it serves its purpose, then it’s worth having. The same goes for Frozen Heart. Its main purpose is to provide high amount of armor, give a large amount of Cooldown Reduction, and it slows all enemy champions’ attack speeds by 20%. This item is very similar to Randuin's Omen, but because of the nerf on it this patch

Randuin's Omen
• Armor reduced to 80 from 90
• Cooldown reduction reduced to 8% from 15%

I feel Frozen Heart is now the better choice. I’m losing out on +300 more health which is large, but in exchange, I’m maxing out my cooldown reduction making it faster to deal damage and easier to regenerate my shield. The more damage output you have with your abilities, the more shield that will generate from it. I’m expecting the faster shield generation to cover for the extra 300 health I’m losing out on which to me is a good trade.

So now you have the choice between two builds. The first one is for more CC and team cooperation. The other one is for more damage output. If you have a team with no CC or has a lot of high damage output, I would highly suggest the first build. If you have a team that in the middle between damage and tanking, I would highly suggest the second build.

Other than that, I think I’ve covered everything that needs to be covered. I would love to hear from all of you how you like both builds. If any of you have questions or comments, please feel free and I’ll answer them. I know I’ve disappeared for a month, but the fall semester is finally over and I have free time to answer your questions now ; )

To the new comers who have never read my guide, I’m sorry it’s a long guide, but believe me, it has a lot of good tips that will be very useful for when you play Mordekaiser. The same goes for the new comers, if you have any questions or concerns about my build, please let me know!

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of invites on League of Legends from all of you and I wanted to say I would really appreciate it if you would recognize / introduce yourself in the comments under this guide first before you invite me because I have no idea who you are.

Thank you all for all of your support and praise! I never thought I could ever get this guide to reach 250,000 views nor even 100,000! I’m very happy to say I’m proud of the work I put into this. Its been fun knowing how many people I’ve helped make a better gaming experience.


Hello everyone and welcome to my personal guide on how to build Mordekaiser. This is my very first champion guide ever created and I hope it brings lots of experience and good tips to those who love to play Mordekaiser who's my main champion and also my most successful one. To show that I'm not your wasting your time reading this guide, I would like to show you my success so far as Mordekaiser.

I'm currently rated 1655 in ranked games which is like the top 500 in solo 5v5 and my win percentage is 78.3%. 28 extra losses came from not being able to play Morde when he’s picked before I can. I'm not one to brag, but those are really good stats. I’m terrible at playing other champions, but I’m a God when it comes to playing Mordekaiser. I’ve had several people tell me that Morde is terrible and doesn’t deserve to be seen in higher ELOs… well I would like to prove them wrong. Morde is a great team member if you know how to work and cooperate with him. I hope after reading this guide that you too will become a fan of Mordekaiser and enjoy his greatness.

I would like to point out that Mordekaiser is a battle tank, which is, a tank that can dish out lots of damage, but doesn't have the abilities to protect and help others such as Amumu, Shen, Rammus, Galio, and Alistar. I have seen many Mordekaisers that build him to be straight AP, large amounts of health regen, or even AD... and I gotta say, all of these are FAIL.

Mordekaiser is a tank so we're going to build him tanky, but at the same time we're going to build him so he's still a threat and not just a walking hunk of meat. The point of being a good Mordekaiser is to be threatening enough that they have to kill you first. You always want to be first target because you’re a tank and should be taking damage from the enemy team while putting out as much damage as possible.


Iron Man

Iron Man is the reason why Mordekaiser is different than any other champion. The ability to charge up a shield that will soak damage instead of your health points is amazing! This passive has saved my *** so many times and I have won many team fights keeping this ability up. It's important to understand that this passive is based on how much armor and magic resist you have. In other words, the more armor and magic resist you have, the harder it is to get rid of your shield. This is key to being successful with Mordekaiser.


Mordekaiser is ALWAYS at his strongest when he’s near enemy minion waves. Why? Because without enemy minions, Mordekaiser can’t charge up his shield. He’s very dependant staying with the minion wave if he doesn’t want to take any hit point damage. Always keep his shield charged up before initiating or harassing.



If you’re facing or laning anyone with silence capabilities such as Cho'Gath, Garen, Fiddlesticks, Kassadin, LeBlanc Malzahar, or Soraka, make sure you have a full shield before being silenced, because if you become silenced, there’s no way to charge your shield until it wears off and it allows taking Hit Point damage which is critical. A good example is if you see Garen charging in with Decisive Strike don’t let him touch you! because he will open up Judgment all on your health.

Mace of Spades

Mace of Spades is lighting up your mace and smacking someone in the face (wasn’t trying to rhyme lol) I like to use this ability to deal a bit more damage to my enemy champions or farm and charge up my shield a little more. If you hit the closest minion to you, it will send a shockwave of three bits to the next three nearest targets. Try to use this to your advantage by hitting enemy champions with the aftershock if all they do is kite you. It deals the most damage when charged up and smacked on the enemy champion.


This ability is not worth leveling at all and should not be your focus. This is where the idea of AD Mordekaiser would be genius because we have this ability and it’s awesome! NO! It’s a bad ability to ever level to max first. Siphon of Destruction is your ranged / harassment ability that charges your shield more, and farms better than this does. Creeping Death offers defense and offense which easily overthrows Mace of Spades. The fact that it takes a melee attack to get it off would be too hard to always make contact with against someone like Ashe or Tristana. They’ll just kite you all day and make you feel stupid. This ability is only good to have 1 point in at level 4.

Creeping Death

Creeping Death is your main dps and defensive ability. This ability should be maxed 2nd. Shards of metal surround you giving you increased armor and magic resist while damaging opponent around you. Make sure when it’s active that you’re next to enemy champions. Once maxed to level 5, it will be doing damage equivalence of two Sunfire Cape on you. I love this ability so much and it also makes you look badass. Always start with this ability first when you’re initiating a fight. Even if you’re not colliding with the enemy just yet, the increase armor and magic resist will help you a lot if you’re focused. You can also throw this onto other allies that are being focused if they need the extra armor and magic resist. Remember that ALT + W will apply this baby onto you instead of clicking.


Creeping Death is great for Zone Control. Zone Control is having control over the minion wave and getting experience while the enemy champions can’t. Having Creeping Death on while staying inside the enemy minions will give you a lot of shield never having to leave and keep harassing relentlessly.

Siphon of Destruction

Your farming / harassing / shield charging ability. This ability should be maxed first. This skill is VERY important on how you use it throughout your entire game. You want to be doing all three at the same time if you can. If not, make sure your shield is full before attempting to harass. Harassing with this ability at level 1 is poor, but once at level 2, the damage is noticeable and if done every 6 seconds it will diminish their health. Make sure your shield is up before making any harassment attempts. Every six seconds, run back into the minion wave and attempt to hit the enemy champion and minions together. Even when caught off guard and run away, you’ll take minor damage.



I wanted to point out the importance of Neutral Creeps within different scenarios. The basic use for them is to obtain more gold from farming. It’s very easy to farm neutral creeps for Morde when mid level. The beneficial uses are for survival. There will be times where you get into a 1v1 fight in the jungle or running for your life. If the 1v1 fight is coming too close and you think you’re about to die, I Siphon of Destruction a neutral creep for shield. You have to understand that having more shield is equal to having more health so you’re increasing your survival. There are times when I’m running for my life and by siphoning a neutral creep I was able to live long enough to escape or to have my team take down the enemy champion before he takes me down. Another good time to do this is if Karthus is about to use Requiem, It has saved my *** many times against this.

Children of the Grave

I personally think this is by far the most important ability to learn how to use and to understand. It deals damage and heals over time. In WoW terms, it’s a DoT and it’s HoT on you (pun intended lol). There are two methods of using this ability:


-Using it for survivability purposes
-Using it for having a ghost pet


If you’re using it for survivability purposes and need hit points throughout a battle, I would throw this on the tank of their team. Now why in God’s name would I ever do that? Because Children of the Grave takes a % of health from the target which means the more health a target has, the more health you’ll damage off your target. The best kinds of characters to do this on are on tanks. Plus, most tanks don’t go down easy and the duration of the ability is 10 seconds. Every second means more health for Mordekaiser. If you need all the health you can get, you should apply it to the tank because you’re doing the most amount of damage to a player who normally stays alive the longest keeping your Children of the Grave ticking for health.

Ghost Pet

If you’re using it to get a ghost pet, then you’re looking for an extra champion to play with as your pet. This ability is your ace in the hole where you get a pet to attack and defend for you. If Children of the Grave is on your target upon death, you receive their ghost as your new teammate for around half a minute. By taking down one of their champions changes the scenario from a 5v5 to a 6v4 which is really nice. This ability should always be used first and then followed by an ignite. You want the healing effects from your ult while you’re taking damage so it should be cast first plus the duration is longer than ignite. Here’s a list of what are the best choices for using this ability on.

Best Characters for damage (Ranged Attack Damage)

- Ashe
- Corki
- Ezreal
- Kog'Maw
- Miss Fortune
- Sivir
- Teemo
- Tristana
- Twisted Fate
- Twitch
- Urgot

Good Characters for damage (Melee Attack Damage)

- Akali
- Irelia
- Jax
- Kassadin
- Katarina
- Master Yi
- Olaf
- Pantheon
- Shaco
- Trundle
- Tryndamere
- Warwick
- Xin Zhao

Tanking Characters

- Alistar
- Amumu
- Blitzcrank
- Cho'Gath
- Dr. Mundo
- Galio
- Garen
- Gragas
- Malphite
- Mordekaiser
- Nunu
- Poppy
- Rammus
- Shen
- Singed
- Taric
- Udyr

Nothing Special Characters (Support / Casters)

- Anivia
- Annie
- Cassiopeia
- Evelynn
- Fiddlesticks
- Heimerdinger
- Janna
- Karthus
- Kayle
- Kennen
- LeBlanc
- Lux
- Malzahar
- Morgana
- Nidalee
- Ryze
- Sona
- Soraka
- Swain
- Veigar
- Vladimir
- Zilean

This list has changed a lot since the new patch changed everything. Since Mordekaiser’s ghost is now less tanky and deals less damage, now ghosts need to be taken as options more than what deals the most damage. Do you want a ghost for dealing more damage to enemy heroes or for bulldozing a tower down with its tankiness? AD ghosts are really easy to kill now, so if you’re going for the damage, you have to be careful with it. They still do a good amount of damage, but it’s hard to keep them from dying.

Lets talk about why the different comparisons. The characters underneath the “Best Characters for damage” list are ranged with attack damage. When converted into ghosts, they will do the most damage because your ghost has no abilities and only uses attack damage attacks. Having a ghost with range makes it easier to make contact with your target / targets. The same goes with “Good Characters for damage” except they’re melee and harder to make contact with. “Tanking Characters” are best for pushing turrets and getting further into enemy territory. And last but not least, “Nothing Special Characters”, who do damage, but not as much as the attack damage ones nor can they tank.

How to Use Your Ghost

I have seen many Mordekaisers that don’t use their ghost at all and it sickens me. I have played different characters and watch my ally Kaiser have a ghost and it just sits there like a rock, does nothing… I’m going to have to assume it’s because not many people know how to control it and use it. It’s very simple really, all you have to do is hold in the ALT button, then click where you want him to go or where to attack. It may take some practice to get good at switching back and forth, but once mastered you will become such a better player. Anytime I have a ghost and there are no casualties on my side, I run straight to the closest turret and deal as much damage as I can with it. Like I said before, make sure your ghost has Creeping Death on him before initiating with it. While you’re both hitting the turret, use Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades to kill the minions around it. You’re going to want that extra shield when the defenders arrive. There’s something VERY important to keep in mind. Whenever your ghost deals damage to another champion (and this includes Creeping Death on it) the turret will focus Mordekaiser. To keep this from happening, just keep Mordekaiser outside the turret’s attack range and you won’t ever be the focus.


Turrets deal AD meaning the more armor you have, the less damage you will take.

Early Game Scenarios


You killed one of two enemy champions in your lane and you have their ghost. The enemy champion is running away back to their tower. What do you do? If the minion wave is near their tower already, don’t let your ghost take the damage, but if the minion wave is far away, rush in with the ghost with Creeping Death on it. You only have 30 seconds to use your ghost, so use the time wisely! Try to put out as much damage as possible onto their turret. If the enemy champion tries to take down your ghost, have your ghost attack him and make him pay (while Mordekaiser is standing outside the turret of course). If he shows any signs of retreating, return back to the tower immediately and deal more damage. If the enemy champion is willing to take the damage from your ghost, so be it, keep hitting him until your ghost is gone. By the time your minions reach the tower, he’s going to want to run. The enemy champion put himself at a disadvantage when he decided to take free damage from your ghost making him have to leave his turret because he’s too weak. If you feel he’s weak enough to walk in and kill him, by all means, make the move and kill him. If he gets away, no worries, don’t chase into the next turret for the kill, make sure the turret is taking more damage and going down.


During all of this, you should be aware if they have a jungler or someone from mid on their way to help. This scenario is completely different if they’re on their way. I wouldn’t even attempt getting near the turret if I know one of them is on their way. I would make an attempt to intercept them in a bush with my ghost first with Morde at a distance or just heading back to your tower and blue pilling out. If you’re too weak to fight, just run back to your turret and blue pill out.


A good tip is if you’re very weak and you’re blue pilling at your turret with a ghost in your possession, have your ghost inspect the bush next to you to make sure no one is coming to gank you. This has saved me several times.


The same thing goes for a one versus one except there’s no one to stop you once you have defeated your opponent. Send your ghost in and both you and the ghost start hitting the turret together. If someone is on their way to stop you, make sure to boost up your shield from the minions before leaving and have only Mordekaiser run out while your ghost keep hitting the turret, but if you know you’re going to be cut off against this enemy champion, have both you and your ghost retreat. Initiate with your ghost first with Creeping Death and hide in the bushes (assuming that this enemy champion is full health compared to your recent fight) you want to kite using Siphon of Destruction and keeping your distance from your opponent. This is to deal as much damage as possible before having to get your hero dirty. Hopefully you survive, if not, well, practice makes perfect. I make mistakes too and learn from them.


Counters to Your Ult

Yes, as much as I hate to say it, there are many ways to counter your ult + ignite mix and screw you over. You must be aware of their team knowing what items and heroes they have or you may just end up failing the whole game. I’ve separated this into a survivability category and trying to get a ghost category because it’s much easier to apply it for survivability, but much harder to get a ghost. Anything under countering of Survivability is also under countering of your ghost.

Countering Survivability

If you’re only trying to use Children of the Grave to stay alive during a fight, these are the counters you must be aware of.

Banshee's Veil

Always watch out for this. This will eat up your ult or ignite which can cripple your capability of killing a champion and / or having their ghost. Just use Siphon of Destruction on your target before laying down the combo.

Quicksilver Sash

This item is completely anti Mordekaiser written all over it. It removes all debuffs (Ult + ignite) and it has magic resistance which hurts your dps overall. Avoid using your combo with someone with this unless you notice they use it, then go balls to the walls.


Not hard at all to fight. She’s a very easy target, just have to know when to strike. Wait on using your ult and ignite until she uses up her Spell Shield because it will eat it up and be wasted. After it goes off, she’s cake. I’m thankful she can only use spell shield on herself.

Countering Ghost Possibilities

Trying to get a ghost off of a target is one of the hardest things to pull off. If Children of the Grave wears off before you kill your target, you get no ghost. There are so many ways to keep you from getting your ghost and you must always be aware of them. Timing is key and knowing if all items / hero abilities are on cooldown. Some of these suggestions are going to be obvious, but you always have to keep in mind when playing.

Guardian Angel

Now why would I ever worry about this item? Well, if you ult and ignite them and they die, guess what, no ghost. REALLY! Really… This item is evil and can screw over your whole game if someone like Kog'Maw is in possession of one of these… I have played against a few teams where their whole team composition would at least get Guardian Angel before the game is over. For you, this is hell, and you have to wait out the first death until you would like to have your yummy ghost.

Health Potions

lol, I know, it sounds silly… but it does work… This is actually another counter to your method of killing someone. I have played against an Ashe who was 1v1ing me, hugged their tower with only 200 life, but had 6 health pots. I ghosted in, Ulted, Ignited, Siphon of Destruction and ran out asap so I wouldn’t die to the tower (early game fighting). I was shocked to find out that she was still alive. The HoT was stronger than my DoT which I found ridiculous. Apparently, she consumed enough pots and can heal more than they usually would if you keep consuming more. Keep this in mind if you ever start to play really good players. I’ve only met a few people that are smart enough to do this.

Elixir of Fortitude

Big thanks to ß☺☻for finding this one out for me. If you throw your combo at someone when they’re holding one of these, it works just like Health Potions except instead of HoT its instant health granted. Be cautious if someone is holding onto one of these, they’re expecting your combo.

There are several heroes to keep in mind can screw everything up and make your life more miserable. If you see these heroes in the game, be sure to be cautious when using your Ult + ignite combo.

Support Heroes

These are the heroes to keep in mind when trying to combo someone down because they will heal the target you’re after and keep you from getting your ghost. A good example of this was I was facing Miss Fortune at mid and I was out harassing her really well getting her down to the point when I hit level 6, I went for the kill with my combo. I hit her with everything and she made it to her turret, but I knew she was going to die from the DoTs on her. Then I saw the spell Teleport being used on the turret and it was Sona coming to save the day and healed her before my DoT killed her. I was of course, sad that I failed to kill my target. The counter against support heroes is to have your whole team explode on one target. If that target escapes, you should have a switch target already prepared and the whole team should focus that target. The biggest mistake I always watch happen in a game is when your team constantly harasses, but doesn’t commit to going all out. Why is this a problem? If your team doesn’t have any support healing, but they do, they never have to leave their lane and can stay and harass all day while your team is taking damage and eventually will either stay to die or be forced out with no health left. You can’t let this happen, and must initiate a full on attack before team harassment. Here’s the healing cast of League of Legends.

Alistar Triumphant Roar Very minor healing, used to be annoying when he was able to spam it so often…
Janna Her Monsoon is a very powerful AoE heal and it must be disrupted asap! Sucks that we can’t do anything to disrupt it, but make sure your team mates will. Eye Of The Storm Also absorbs damage and can be placed on any target.
Kayle Divine Blessing is a single target heal that increases running speed, lame lol. What’s even more lame is Intervention when used at the right time. Negates all damage done while this is on.
Nidalee Primal Surge / Swipe is a healing ability that’s spamable and annoying
Sona Aria of Perseverance You would think all of those auras and ult are enough… healing too? Rawrrrr!!!
Soraka Astral Blessing Single target heal and Wish a world heal, huge single target life saver.
Taric Imbue Radiance Also a double healer while able to be a tank and CC.

Hero abilities to take account of when attempting to finishing someone off

Akali Twilight Shroud Stop hiding from me woman and face your death to the Kaiser! Shadow Dance is also a good way for her to get more distance and escape from death.
Alistar Unbreakable Will Roarrr I’m much harder to take down nowww. Should never focus him when he uses this.
Anivia Her Rebirth is very annoying, not going to lie. I hate 1v1ing this character. She rips through your shield pretty well even when it’s full + if you can take her down, she’s not dead. I wouldn’t even try getting aggressive against this character if you have to 1v1. Harass her when you can, but don’t risk it at the cost of your own hp because she will melt your shield. If you have to 1v1 her, I would have someone help you gank her, because there’s no way you’re going to kill her twice by yourself unless she’s a bad player.


Anivia is the best caster ghost to acquire. Her Rebirth works for your ghost! (this made me laugh so hard when I realized this happens). If you can get her and push with your team, she’s almost as good as a real tank tanking the tower. The turret will still attack her even in egg form so as long as no one else attacks enemy champions.
Annie Molten Shield Reduces damage she takes while it’s on
Blitzcrank Mana Barrier With how much speed you’ll be packing from this build, you shouldn’t get pulled by his Rocket Grab if you play smart and tricky. I listed him as a minor threat because of his Mana Barrier. You have to keep in mind even if he’s weak and possibly a kill, you have to look whether Mana Barrier proced yet or not and how much mana does he have if it did? Waiting it out isn’t worth it because it takes a whole 10 seconds. If it’s low, combo him down and dps as much as you can before he escapes.
Dr. Mundo With Burning Agony on him and Mercury's Treads, good luck ever slowing this guy down. The healing and increased speed of Sadism makes it very difficult to take him down. I always try to stay away from using him as a ghost.
Evelynn Annoying as hell when I’m so close to killing her and she gets away with Shadow Walk. Also, be aware that even if you do get your full combo on her, if she kills you, she’ll gain a lot of hit points back from your death, which will keep her alive from Agony's Embrace.
Ezreal Arcane Shift makes it tough to catch him, especially if he has flash as one of his summoner abilities.
Fiddlesticks If he starts using Drain, break it by moving a certain distance away from him and walk back into him.
Galio Bulwark keeps Galio alive very well. Keep in mind he can place this on anyone on his team.
Gankplank Remove Scurvy Removes all CC and heals him, how annoying.
Garen Courage has been nerfed several times, but it can still make the difference of him surviving.
Gragas Drunken Rage Reduces damage dealt to him.
Kassadin Riftwalk Another teleporting champion that has an easy time escaping, but if you can get all the hits / combo on him before he escapes, he should die.
Lux Prismatic Barrier Blocks any damage incoming on a target. I’m not sure if it works on DoT if it was already applied before Prismatic Barrier, still have to test that out.
Malphite Granite Shield Take a good amount of damage to rip through this. Very similar to Mordekaiser’s shield.
Master Yi Meditate If he’s completely dotted and almost dead, he will try to use this to live. Beat him to death and hope he’s not AP Yi or else he will out heal even you on him.
Mordekaiser Iron Man Heyyy our own character =)
Morgana Black Shield Absorbs magic damage. Used to completely negate Children of the Grave wonder if they really fixed that this patch…?
Nasus Fury of the Sands Gains health and power through this ability.
Nunu Consume He gains a lot of health using this.
Olaf Vicious Strikes and Ragnarok going at the same time can keep this beast from dying and dealing massive damage just like giant enemy crabs based on Japanese history.
Poppy Diplomatic Immunity If you’re not the target, then completely ignore her. Even if you are the target, I’ll fight her if she’s weak, if not, just focus on squishies until it does wear off.


If you have a ghost and 1v1ing Poppy, you have to be careful because she can use Diplomatic Immunity on your ghost leaving you completely useless until her ult wears off. If this happens, throw Creeping Death on your ghost and have it do the damage for you while kiting Poppy.
Rammus Defensive Ball Curl Makes it harder to kill him, but I never have a problem with this =)
Shaco Hallucinate I brought up Shaco to bring up the point that he can make a copy of himself using Hallucinate. You want to be cautious when using your combo on him and make sure it’s really him when you’re using it. He’s a great hero to DoT down and kill for the sake of your team, but make sure not to waste it on his copy. You’re going to want Oracle's Elixir at some point in the game. If he’s the jungler of a game, be very careful because you’ll never know when he’ll strike.
Shen Vorpal Blade allows healing for him and his allies. Feint makes it harder to kill him and the almighty suck is Stand United. Everytime I’m about to finish someone huuuuuuuuaghhhhhhh!!! NO! Go away ******** it! I WANT HIS GHOST!!!... He makes it very difficult to finish people off.
Singed Insanity Potion Come back here singed you *****!!!...... He’s so good at running away, lol.
Sion Death’s Caress takes a lot to get rid of if he’s AP. Cannibalism makes it even harder to kill your opponents with life steal.
Swain Ravenous Flock His method of healing, but it really burns out his mana. Always have shield when you’re coming in to harass.
Teemo Move Quick Come here Teemo I’m going to eat yea!!! Noxious Trap ……… I had you!!! Awww!!! These are so annoying and they don’t give gold anymore!
Tristana Rocket Jump Escape ability, hippidy hoppity Buster Shot BOOM! Keeps me away from her rawr.
Tryndamere Undying Rage He can’t deny my combo against other characters, but god is it annoying when you can’t kill him until that Undying Rage goes off. He does massive damage and can survive a long time which creates a problem for our hero. If you 1v1 this guy, make sure you’re near a minion wave or else he’s going to tear you apart. If you know you can’t keep you shield up against him, I would ult him but not ignite. I would save my ignite right after he ults and use it at the time he’s thinking about escaping. It’s a waste to use ignite if you can’t even get him to use his ult. Ignite takes longer to come back than your ult, so keeping your ignite is more important than wasting it. In team battles, if you can make this guy use his ult, try to follow him while helping your team still, use your ult and ignite when he’s half way into his Undying Rage, it should get him even if he does escape.
Twisted Fate Yes, he’s used Destiny to not die to me before lol. Can’t stun him it works.
Twitch Ambush Only way he survives from me. (Drinks Oracle’s Elixir) nvm, your done!
Udyr Turtle Stance his shield and his way of gaining health back.
Warwick Eternal Thirst + Hungering Strike Makes this guy hard to take down and especially if he builds tanky. He can lifesteal more than your damage if he’s fed.
Xin Zhao Challenge makes it hard to get any damage on him.
Zilean Chronoshift …….. I hate him the most out of any hero. The fact that his Time Bomb hit like a truck and he’s able to revive any hero using Chronoshift just cripples me. He’s a walking Guardian Angel to me, a huge pain in my ***. Careful with your combo when using it in a game with Zilean. Your best hope is ccing Zilean while dpsing the carry down as fast as possible before he ults. If not, try to burn someone down without using your ult until he does use his. Once he uses it, either wait until the champion revives or fire away on a different target.


My masteries for Tank Build Morde are 0/9/21

My masteries for Damage Build Morde are 9/0/21.

Uploaded with
Morde is a caster and going all offensive would be a complete waste to get havoc so count that out. For our first build, I tried going 21 into defense, but it wasn’t my style. Sure I was harder to kill, but I was slower without the 3% speed increase and not having ghost as often as I needed it. So for the Tank and Damage build, I feel you’re sacrificing a lot by not getting Presence of the Master . This mastery is by far the best one for Mordekaiser. It’s very important to get your summoner abilities back as soon as possible. Getting cool down reductions, increased movement speed, faster experience gain, and my favorite utility mastery when I have baron buff are all worth having to get presence of the master. You’re going to be building armor and magic resist items anyway so the defense tree is not really necessary.

The biggest reason why I go the utility tree is for Presence of the Master . It’s a huge component to your build because it gives your summoner ability ghost and ignite 15% faster CD. Having ghost as often as you can is a huge treat in itself, being able to initiate, chase that enemy champion that you couldn’t catch from normal speed to finish off, or saving yourself from death is always great to have when you need it at most. A bigger reason is getting ignite as soon as possible all the time. Ignite is your second DoT, maybe not as important as your Children of the Grave, but it negates 50% healing to that target. Which means if they’re trying to out heal the DoTs before they die, they’re going to have a harder time doing it. Plus, ignite is part of your combo and having both your ult and ignite together deals lots of damage to one individual. It takes longer for your ignite to come back than your ult even with presence of the master, so I don’t even want to think how much time I would be killing in a game waiting for my ignite. Now to explain the rest of the utility tree and why it’s good to get still.

Intelligence is a great one to have for Mordekaiser. Being able to cast faster means you can recharge your shield quicker + dish out more damage.

Quickness gives more run speed which will go well with the quintessence runes I picked. Speed will help initiate, help harass easier when enemies least expect it, and be able to get out of jams if your opponent can’t catch you. By being just a bit faster than your opponent, there’s nothing they can do to stop you even if you have 1 hit point left. It’s a great asset to have speed so long as you know how to use it right. I explain this in my rune quintessences as well. I sacrifice survivability to be able to have better harassment and greater escapeability. Which doesn’t mean I’m throwing away completely survivability, if I know when to retreat without getting cced and killed, I think the escapeability was well worth it. It’s the same idea as summoner ability ghost too, being able to intiate. You have Creeping Death and Sunfire Cape and the best way to utilize that is to always be near your enemy champions. If they can outrun you, then you’re not putting out as much damage as you could be which is a problem. I want to not just be tank, I want to be a threat as well, and if I’m not threatening, then I’m not much use to my team.

Utility Mastery ohhhhh I love you lol. It’s great to have if you ever kill carries that have red or blue buff which normally they do and if you ever do kill the Baron in the game. Having an extended Baron buff is a large advantage!

Now for Greed , I know it’s not that much and it’s pretty useless on Mordekaiser who’s a God at farming, but seeing that there’s literally nothing else on the utility tree that I can use, it’s the best thing to go. Also, have you ever had times where you’re only 50 or less gold away from getting an item, but you’re not sure if you should wait because it’s crucial to get back on the battle field? Greed will cover that possible wait you didn’t expect.

Awareness is soooo good for Mordekaiser. Look how fast he farms! If he’s solo laning, he’s going to jump levels so fast especially if he’s taking down enemy heroes. Having levels over everyone else is a large advantage for any hero, but for Mordekaiser, it’s a ridiculous jump. He will have more items and levels which means more health, more armor, and more magic resistance. For the lower leveled characters, they aren’t going to deal that much damage to you when your shield is up. It makes it easier to take advantage of enemy champions who don’t see it coming and how much it takes to get rid of your shield.

Good Hands is great, being dead is the worst part of the game and I want to be out of it asap.

Haste is a must anytime having the summoner ghost ability. Faster run speed and increased duration of 1.5 seconds is so worth one point.

Finally Perseverance , which is probably the worst out of the whole utility tree since the mana regen is wasted, but it does throw in a bit of health regen.

I go nine into the offensive tree because of Archaic knowledge
. More magic pen = more magic damage especially from the start of the game. According to this chart, this is how magic penetration works.

% Reduction
Flat Reduction
Flat Penetration
% Penetration

Reduction can reduce magic resistance below 0, while Penetration can only reach to 0. Percent Reduction and Flat Reduction are very rare and won’t be seeing any on Mordekaiser. Nidalee's Bushwack Traps are an example of Magic Reduction %. After Reduction is Penetration. Flat magic pen is applied first then magic pen %. I have 8.55 flat magic pen from 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration then 15% of their magic resistance is reduced after by Archaic knowledge . So say we have a character with 35 magic resistance from the start of the game. It would be reduced to 26.45 after flat reduction, and then take 15% of that, which would be 3.9675 magic % pen which would come to 22.4825. So the start of the game, I’m taking nearly 13 magic resistance off my target from the start of the game. Now if this champion decides to get more Magic Resistance, it benefits my mastery much more greatly then anything. The number will increase the higher their MR goes up, but if my flat penetration completely gets rid of their MR without adding in the MR Pen %, then Archaic knowledge is useless against that target, but, that doesn’t mean it’s useless against other heroes. Almost all teams will have a tank and this mastery will affect him the most.

So a tank at end game will get near 180 Magic Resist. Lets say I have Sorcerer's Shoes, 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, and Archaic knowledge
. Subtract the Flat Pen which would be 180 – 28.5 = 151.5 and now take 15% of that number. I’m taking another 22.725 magic resist off with just the mastery which is very nice. So the overall magic resist of our so called tank is 128.775. We took off 51 – 52 magic resist which is a nice chunk of defense.

For the first build, I will go 9 into the defensive tree and get +6 armor, +6 magic resist, +2.0% dodge increase, and nimbleness which can possibly proc increased speed movement every dodge I get. Reason why I go this is because I want to be fast enough to constantly stay with my targets and CC them down.

It’s really preference on whether you want to be more tanky or more threatening. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong going with 9 in defense, but I don’t believe it’s necessary to go a full 21 in defense. The best mastery to ever get for Mordekaiser is Presence of the Master and I feel there’s a lot more to be offered in the Utility Tree than the Defense Tree.

Overall, the main purpose of going utility is getting presence of the master. I want to be able to combo as much as possible the whole game and it gives many other rewards that are very useful for Mordekaiser. My guide is based on being threatening while keeping a tanky build. By going 9 into offense, I’m raising my threat level. If I go all tank, the only time it’s useful is if the enemy team is focusing me. If they completely skip over me, ignore me, and put me last on their kill list, I’m useless.

Summoner Abilities

Your summoner spells should never change because these are the best spells for Mordekaiser which are Ignite and Ghost. Ignite is your extra DoT that you will need with your Ult. With these two combined, even if the enemy champion gets away from you, the DoTs can still kill them. Ghost is necessary when you’re initiating or moving into battle or escaping from death. This movement speed is needed to stick with the enemy champions and deal damage from your Creeping Death. I also use this to initiate and catch someone with Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If I catch someone, they should be as good as dead.

My Runes

MARKS: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
SEALS: Greater Seal of Evasion
GLYPHS: Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
QUINTESSENCES: Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These are the runes that I specifically use every game and never change. I wouldn’t advise using other runes unless you don’t have them yet. Other alternatives are anything with more Armor, Magic Resistance, more Hit Points, or Cool Down Reduction.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration runes should be obvious. The more magic pen you have, the more damage your abilities will do. You never have to increase your ability power with Mordekaiser. Getting magic Pen items is better than increasing your AP.


Greater Seal of Evasion are also obvious. You’re tanking and want to be able to take less damage when doing so. This is for the first build because you already have enough health to stay alive. Dodge will make it even better for survivability.

Greater Seal of Vitality Are for the 2nd build. Because we end up with having around only 2800 life, I figured it was more important having more health.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will strengthen your shield throughout the game. I normally don’t go too many magic resist items reason being why I get this to make up for my lack in magic resist. These runes are for your first build

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is to max out your cooldown reduction for your 2nd build. Giving you faster casting rates which means dealing out more damage.


Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed have helped me to perform the best of my abilities and is so helpful throughout your entire game. If you’re faster than your opponent, then Siphon of Destruction is always going to make contact making harassing easy. If they attempt to focus you, you can run faster than them, making them have to give up. They give you better positioning, but you are sacrificing early game survivability if caught, but I ensure you, they are worth it if you can master Mordekaiser.


Level 1 – Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 2 – Creeping Death - W
Level 3 – Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 4 – Mace of Spades - Q
Level 5 – Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 6 – Children of the Grave - R
Level 7 – Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 8 – Creeping Death - W
Level 9 – Siphon of Destruction - E
Level 10 – Creeping Death - W
Level 11 – Children of the Grave - R
Level 12 – Creeping Death -W
Level 13 – Creeping Death -W
Level 14 – Mace of Spades - Q
Level 15 – Mace of Spades - Q
Level 16 – Children of the Grave - R
Level 17 – Mace of Spades - Q
Level 18 – Mace of Spades - Q


Before you can even consider picking up items, you better be looking at the loading screen first. The loading screen is a HUGE component on how to play your character before even the game starts. If you don’t even take account of what their team composition is, then you have already failed. Every game I play I take account of what type of heroes I am facing.

- Am I facing against all AD?
- All AP?
- Half and half?
- 4 AP 1 AD?
- 4 AD 1 AP?
- How much CC do they have?
- What type of AD am I facing all ranged or all melee?
- Half and half melee and ranged?
- Are there any squishy AD characters (most preferred ranged)
- What summoner abilities do the squishy AD characters have?
- Ghost and flash?
- Only ghost?
- Only flash?
- Neither?


Here’s a list of all the champions comparing to whether they go AD or AP. Sometimes it can be hard to know which one they’re going. Always be checking what their 2nd item will be because it leads into it. Go from what they have and not what they might be or could be. Also, I would like to state that this is personal experience from what I’ve seen played. If you’re here to argue that someone belongs in a category, I understand they can be. This is the overall norm from what I experience in games.

Almost Always Attack Damage Characters

- Ashe
- Dr. Mundo
- Gangplank
- Garen
- Irelia
- Katarina
- Miss Fortune
- Olaf
- Pantheon
- Tristana
- Trundle
- Tryndamere
- Twitch
- Urgot
- Xin Zhao
- Warwick

Almost Always Ability Power Characters

- Anivia
- Annie
- Cassiopeia
- Cho'Gath
- Fiddlesticks
- Galio
- Gragas
- Heimerdinger
- Janna
- Karthus
- LeBlanc
- Lux
- Malzahar
- Mordekaiser
- Morgana
- Nasus
- Nunu
- Ryze
- Singed
- Sona
- Soraka
- Swain
- Taric
- Veigar
- Vladimir
- Zilean

Hybrids (watch items in game)

- Akali
- Blitzcrank
- Corki
- Evelynn
- Ezreal
- Jax
- Kassadin
- Kayle
- Kennen
- Kog'Maw
- Master Yi
- Nidalee
- Poppy
- Shaco
- Sion
- Sivir
- Teemo
- Twisted Fate
- Udyr

Almost always focus on armor items and not AD or AP

- Alistar
- Amumu
- Malphite
- Rammus
- Shen

There’s so much to take in to account that can change your whole performance of the game. Why I care about AD and AP characters so much decides what items I’m going to buy before even the game starts. AD = more armor, AP = more magic resist. If I’m facing an all ranged team, I’m going to have to get some sort of CC because this is most likely a kiting team with heavy damage behind it. If I’m facing a complete melee team, I’m going to armor up baby and make them burn for it. I will always look for squishy AD characters for easy kills and for huge benefits from Children of the Grave. What summoner abilities did the squishy AD characters take that can stop me from using my combo? If I see a Pantheon with teleport and clarity, I’m rubbing my hands saying to myself good…… good…… (family guy references ftw). But that tells me he’s an easy target and can’t run away from me even if he wanted to. If I catch this character off guard I’m going to eat him.

Every game I play I used to start with Doran's Shield and a Health Potion, but now with the deficiency of maintaining shield at early levels, I feel Regrowth Pendant is the best option now.

Your next item is dependent on how well you’re doing in your lane. If you’re having an easy time and rolling on top of them, go for Sorcerer's Shoes. These are a powerhouse item for harassing with Siphon of Destruction. The major increase to movement speed will make it easy to hit your targets and the increase magic penetration will hit your targets for so much more.


While you’ll be doing increased damage and have better movement, you are sacrificing armor and magic resist that is needed. Without them, you will be squishy and still vulnerable until obtained.


I will get Ninja Tabi against an all AD team or Mercury's Treads against a team that focuses on all CC. Almost every game though I go Sorcerer's Shoes.

If you’re having a hard time staying in lane because your hp is going down too much, get Regrowth Pendant to cover your hp loss. I would follow this up with Sorcerer's Shoes.


Once you buy a 2nd Regrowth Pendant, you never have to worry about hp loss with abilities. 2 Regrowth Pendant will sustain your hit points with all the spell spamming you will do.

If you’re dying and can’t control the lane, there are no items that will help you. This should NOT be an issue for Mordekaiser and the only reason why you’re dying is because either you’re being overly aggressive or you’re making mistakes. With practice and time, these will be patched up and this scenario should not be a problem. Believe me, I have run into some fierce early game battles. 1v2 Me vs Morgana and Sion. There’s no way in hell you’re going to be able to leave your tower without getting double stunned and hit hard. Your only method of leveling is hugging your tower and getting exp from the enemy minions running into it. You are Mordekaiser and can clear minions very easily. Patience is better than risk and feeding the other team. One death can lead to an automatic tower fall giving ganking position to the other lanes. Keep that in mind.

After buying Sorcerer's Shoes and a Regrowth Pendent, I apply what I’ve learned from the loading screen and who I’m laning against. I almost all the time go the exact same two items Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature. I say almost because if I’m facing a full AD or AP team, then that changes things.


All AD team (more ranged) – Sunfire Cape + Thornmail + Warmog's Armor
All AD team (more melee) – Sunfire Cape + Frozen Heart + Warmog's Armor
4 AD 1 AP – Sunfire Cape + Aegis of the Legion + Thornmail OR Frozen Heart (depending on range and melee)
All AP (barely any CC) – Force of Nature + Force of Nature + Warmog's Armor
All AP (A lot of CC) - Force of Nature + Banshee's Veil + Warmog's Armor
4 AP 1 AD Force of Nature + Sunfire Cape + Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature (depending on no CC or a lot of CC)

Sunfire Cape

The best item for Mordekaiser. Extra health, armor, and the most important part, raises his threat level. Combining this with Creeping Death will deal 120 damage per second. This is your main source of DPs and reason why people can’t just ignore you when you’re initiating in a fight. They’re forced to slow you and kite you. I always end the game with at least one of these in my inventory.


It will rip heavy carry squishies apart dealing damage to themselves while trying to take you down. +100 armor is magnificent to your defense and by stacking Sunfire Cape and running into your opponents, they’re forced to focus and kite you.

Force of Nature

Best magic resistance item for Mordekaiser. Increased health regen, Magic resistance, and increased movement speed are all sexy things our Morde is going to need throughout the entire game. I always get this first if I need magic resist.

Banshee’s Veil

Great magic resistance item against an AP team. I know the mana portion is a waste, but the effects of the item are so worth it. I rarely get this item unless their team has either a lot of CC or they’re pretty much a pure AP team.

Abyssal Scepter

A great item for Morde. Raising your magic resistance while lowering their magic resistance is a nice addition for Morde. Great item to get if a lot of their team members are getting magic resist items such as Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel.

Warmog's Armor

What happened with all the hate against Warmog's Armor? I want everyone to understand why I put this item as my “never get” item in the first place. I have played a lot of League of Legends and a lot of Mordekaiser to know that Warmog's Armor should never be your first item to build. Very often when I decide to play a different character, people always start with this item first and I just want to bang my head into a wall. If you start with Warmog's Armor, the only thing you have done is increased your natural hit points, but you have not strengthen your shield at all to cover your health and hence your shield is somewhat useless. When you get any item with armor or magic resist, you’re not only increasing the resistance to safe more health from just your natural hit points, but you’re also making it tougher to rip through your shield before they even touch your true health. It takes a good amount of gold to get Warmog's Armor as your first item, so by the time you do get this item, people will be shredding you with their higher attack damage and ability power. My philosophy on this item is this. If you’re facing a very strong damaging team that eats through even your shield with armor and magic resistance items, I would bank on this item. I agree that upon getting this item, Thornmail is a great asset to shredding high damaging AD characters. Even you’re completely at the end game aspect, your shield doesn’t do as well as it did when at mid game. It’s much harder to maintain it now that all of their carries have all the items they need, so now we must resort to strengthen our health and health regen itself.

Half and Half

Is the most common there is 3 AP 2 AD or 3 AD 2 AP. The most common build I always put together is Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature. Thing is, we’re not going to build one and then the other right away. We’re going to build how we feel it’s necessary for survival. At this point of the game, laning is pretty much over and people are moving into different lanes. It’s time to analyze and see who’s the strongest on their team and most fed. Is it an AD or AP? If AD, I get Chain Vest. if AP, I get Negatron Cloak.

I bought Chain Vest, but the casters are still putting out some good dps. Get Negatron Cloak after Chain Vest, then go for Giant's Belt and complete Sunfire Cape.

I bought Negatron Cloak, but their AD characters are dishing good damage. Get Chain Vest after Negatron Cloak, then get Giant's Belt and complete Sunfire Cape

What is the purpose of this? The purpose is to cover your weaknesses right away. I think it’s worth more going for Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak if I’m getting hit for too much. My shield should be absorbing all the hits so I shouldn’t be worrying about getting more hp until I buy these two items first. There’s more worth to having a stronger shield than just having pure hp. Your shield is your HP and it saves A LOT of it for you. Giant's Belt should always come after Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak.


If at any time you have to return to base to heal up and you can only afford the 2nd Regrowth Pendent, buy it. It’s worth more having any items asap than not at all. You shouldn’t be returning to base very often unless you’re pulling off kills and assists that are increasing your gold income like crazy.

This is personally my two favorite builds if I’m facing a half and half team

- Sorcerer's Shoes (Movement Speed and Magic Pen)
- Sunfire Cape (Covers armor, health, and increased threat)
- Force of Nature (Covers magic resist, health regen, and increased movement speed)
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (Covers Health, Increases Ability Power, and CC Capabilities)
- Frozen Mallet (Also covers Health and grants more CC Capabilities)
- Guardian Angel (Covers magic resist, armor, and grants the ability to resurrect when you die (like Jesus) lol)

(Once you have all of these items and the game is still going, make sure to buy all pots for your character. He will glow and shine like a GOD!)

It has everything I need, covers my armor, magic resist, and health very well. My threat level is increased by Sunfire Cape, being able to slow with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Frozen Mallet, and to top it all off, I can resurrect making all of the efforts vain if they can’t kill me the 2nd time.


- Sorcerer's Shoes (Movement Speed and Magic Pen)
- Sunfire Cape (Covers armor, health, and increased threat)
- Force of Nature (Covers magic resist, health regen, and increased movement speed)
- Rylai's Crystal Scepter (Covers Health, Increase Ability Power, and CC Capabilities)
- Frozen Heart (Covers more armor, Cooldown Reduction, and slows enemy champions attack speed)
- Abyssal Mask (Covers magic resist, Ability Power, and Magic Penetration)

(Same thing as above, make sure you buy every pot when you’re done buying your items)

This build also covers armor, magic resist, not as much health, but enough health for survivability. It takes off more magic resistance from your opponents and has more ability power dealing more damage. It also have Frozen Heart which gives the capability of slowing melee / ranged attack speed.

The first build you see above is the best build to go when working as a team. The second one is for better damage output. By armoring up while increasing your damage output, there is no way your enemies should be able to ever 1v1 you and have to work as a team to take you down. They are more likely to fail because it takes a lot to put you down for good while you have other team members to always back you up. I just snowball and completely take their entire team out with ease.

Of course, not every game will go your way and you may die several times from beginning to mid game. If this happens, you have to be more careful because your opponents are getting stronger while you’re having trouble covering your weaknesses to them. Don’t run around aimlessly acting like I’m the juggernaut *****, because that story is over and done with if you’re dying consistently. You’re going to have to change up your strategy and item build the best way toward their team.

The importance of , Sight Ward, and

Mordekaiser farms a lot of gold and can hold his own very well and because of this, he should be the one to always buy Oracle's Elixir. Of course the best reasons to get Oracle's Elixir is if Akali, Twitch, Evelynn, Shaco, or Teemo are in your game. The more pro reasons to get it are to find enemy Sight ward or Vision Ward throughout the map. If you can limit your enemies visual over the whole map, you’ll more likely corner them and keep them from leaving their base because they’re too afraid to leave without getting ganked.

Because of this reason, the same goes for your team. You should be putting sight wards down for your team and so should the rest of your team. Having map control and being able to see everything on the map will easily win games and keep anyone from getting ganked and creating easy ganks for your team. Always put Sight Wards in the most visited spots in the game Red Lizard buff, Blue Golem buff, Dragon, and Baron Nashor. There are very crucial bushes to put sight wards in too such as the one push outside of Baron Nashor. By having better sight than your enemy, you will have better map control and an easier time to run the show and win the game.


If you can get a ghost, feel you’re out of position to push a tower with it, and Teemo is in your game, I would use the ghost to purposely find his Noxious Trap or in LoL terms, his mushrooms. Might as well make a good use out of your ghost if it’s going to go to waste.

Items I Sometimes Go With a Different Route

Aegis of the Legion

Yes, I used to have this in the “I would never get” section, but I have done some rethinking and thought even after I get all of my items and I’m still not being focused first, what then? Best thing to do is to get his baby, by helping your team get more survialability. I would rather get a Guardian Angel as my last item than this, but like I said, if I’m not being focused at all the whole game, I may as well do what I can for the team. I’ll still be running into their team yelling “I’M THE JUGGERNAUT *****!” Eventually, they would focus me =).

Haunting Guise

A very cheap item to buy that will increase our health and add more magic penetration. This item is great getting after achieving Sorcerer's Shoes, but I feel it’s more important to cover my weaknesses with armor and magic resist. If I know I’m curb stomping a game and they have no chance, I’m buy this and up my power even more.


If none of the enemy champions are getting magic resistance, magic penetration can only go so far. So if you had Sorcerer's Shoes, Haunting Guise, Abyssal Mask, magic pen runes, and archaic knowledge , It’s too much magic penetration and you’re wasting it unless they buy more magic resistance.

Heart of Gold

I only go this item when I’m building Randuin's Omen. If you’re buying this bc you love making more gold, gawd… do I want to punch you. You make enough gold as it is, what’s the point to make more gold. I’ve had games where I have every item, all pots, and 6-7k gold over. It’s stupid and pointless… yea, more armor and health, but it doesn’t build into something with more threat like Sunfire Cape.

Spirit Visage

This item used to work with your ULT, but from what I hear, it doesn’t anymore, BUT, that doesn’t mean it’s a good item to have if you have at least two support characters that heal. If so, I would actually consider getting this item making it tougher for my opponents to take my tank *** down ; )

Items I Will NEVER Go With Mordekaiser


I’ll admit, there are a lot of games where I could easily had 20 stacks, BUT, Mordekaiser should not be a character to be gambling with. He’s our tank and we should be building him to his strongest and not relying on chance.

Game Play

I’m on the gameplay?…. I’M FINALLY ON THE GAMEPLAY!!! Holy ****, so much typing and time,but I’m finally here lol. Mordekaiser is one of the best leveling heroes in the game and because of this, I prefer him to 1v1 or 1v2 at mid or in a solo lane. Our boy Mordekaiser levels fast and out levels most champions in the game giving him a large advantage. If you die once or multiple times, then you’re wasting your advantage and possibly throwing away the game. When Mordekaiser is 4-5 levels higher than another enemy champion, man is their health low and are they yummy lol. Mid game is the best time for Mordekaiser to shine because he’s so much more powerful and takes a lot to kill. He shines throughout late game too if you follow my guide ; ) Early game though, he’s weak and I mean weak! Do not ever go out and gank before the game starts, bc you’re just digging up your own grave. He’s a terrible ganker at level 1 and can die easily, especially without the enemy minion wave.

Laning Phase

Try to harass/farm/and keep your shield up all at the same time. There’s no point to getting over aggressive until you achieve level 6. Once 6, you have the combo to throw onto someone, but when doing so, make sure to check the summoner abilities the enemy champions have that you’re laning against and make sure which enemy champions you’re facing.


if you’re 2v2ing and your lane partner is a tard and is over aggressive, let him die. I have ran into this issue multiple times and I have finally come to the conclusion that it’s not worth throwing myself out there to save another dumbass who will end up dying anyway. If they *****, tell them to not be so aggressive and wait until later to gank.

Mid Game

Most likely I don’t have Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter at this point of the game which is ok. I should have a Sunfire Cape, Sorcerer's Shoes, and hopefully Force of Nature. In 1v1 fights, run back and forth kiting with Siphon of Destruction. If the hero is squishy and half life left, I would go all out (summoner ability) ghosting in ALT + W, Combo, Siphon of Destruction, and staying near my opponent. If I get the kill, use the ghost to my advantage and push a tower with it (keeping in mind of the map of course).

If I’m in a 5v5 fight, I do not initiate right away. I kite running to them, Siphon of Destruction, then run back to my team. I stay in front of my whole team making sure that none of my squishes get targeted first (such as blocking Amumu bandage toss). Once any of their team mates are weak, I initiate the same way as the 1v1 style, while trying to not be in turret range. It’s not worth taking any damage from the turret. I should have a ghost and two things may have happened.

A. They’re falling back and retreating
B. They’re still fighting and getting the rest of my team
C. I am the focus and they’re trying to take me down

If it’s A, throw Creeping Death on your ghost and push with it. If they try to interfere, send the ghost at the squishiest character while having Morde outside the turret range bc again, if Morde’s ghost makes contact with their champion, then the turret focuses Morde, not the ghost. If they run, send the ghost back onto the turret.

If it’s B. Have Morde and your ghost focus the squishiest character on their team and burn him or her down. If that character dies, go on to the next squishiest until it’s only the tank.

If it’s C, start retreating while Siphon of Destruction whatever you can (best choice is enemy minion wave for more shield). Keeping Creeping Death on you at all times and if you still have (summoner ability) ghost, use it now! Get the hell out! Lol. While trying to escape, focus your ghost on the squishiest target. This should sidetrack the champion being attacked or a few of them.

Late Game

I should have Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If I’m 1v1ing, I’m going to have an easier time taking him down. Same method except now we have CC =).

Same thing is applied as the above for a 5v5 except now we have a CC. (summoner ability) ghost in and grab any character you can get (most preferred the squishiest). If it’s the tankiest, don’t waste your combo on him. If it’s the mid guy – squishiest, combo him down. Hopefully if you do get a ghost during the fight, use it to focus on the squishies. They will now be slowed and your team can catch up and kill them, gg.


I would appreciate any comments and questions from any of you out there. I’ve put a lot of work into this guide and it’s worth helping those who still have any questions for me. I’m still putting work into the guide and updating it when I can.

Special Thanks

I appreciate anyone who has the time to read everything I wrote about this guide. It was a lot of work and time, but I enjoyed doing it ; )

I would love to thank Heat n Serve for making me fall in love with this character and changing him into my main. I used his guide back when I started with Mordekaiser and couldn’t stop playing him.

I would also like to thank Frish for being able to explain magic penetration and for his guide as well. I’ve used it before and enjoyed it.

Big thanks to ß☺☻for always giving suggestions on what I haven’t covered yet.

A thank you to Tyrjoy for adding to Poppy’s Ult.

A thank you to Lokast for checking up on my mistakes =)

Thank you Kol1po for the good additional tip when facing Teemo =)

Thank you Alahric for always giving good advice and checking up on my guide. I appreciate everything ; )

Thank you Matt for extending the amount of space for my guide! I know it's a lot of information, but it will help the community!

And I saved the best for last. I would love to thank my girlfriend for all of her support and patience to put up with me lol. I love her very much =)