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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bad Player

Unkillable Morde: Your Guide to the Ultimate Tank

Bad Player Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first ever build so constructive criticism is welcome. I main Jarvan but I use the top rated build on moba so it was useless making a build for him. So I decided putting up my Morde build because I enjoy playing him and he is my Secondary main. So please I would appreciate criticism but just hating without explanation is not welcome.

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Pros / Cons


    long laning if played well
    good farmer
    beast late game/full build
    people run from you
    Kinda hard to play
    people run from you
    early game not squishy but not tough to kill
overall verdict more pros then cons so he is a good champ

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I need to update this don't read below

The reason I used magic pen marks is because his moves build up his shield I haven't tried it out with these runes because I'm broke and cant buy so i play everyone with armor pen marks. I used ap seals because his shield only builds on his skills so i wanted to make them as powerful as possible so it is easier to build up your shield and so you can lane as long as possible. Again I'm broke and haven't tried out the build with the proper seals either so if someone could try it out and tell me how it worked it would be appreciated. Finally the glyphs i actually used the build with these and again it is so that you can spam your moves as much as possible and build up your shield for longer laning.

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Skill Sequence

I like to make his "E" first because it really makes your shield skyrocket as well as allowing you to destroy minion waves. Next I max "W" because of the creep wave potential as well as the team fights

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I generally go with boots of swiftness because morde is very slow but if you have a Janna on your team or they have a lot of CC/AoEyou could go for Merc treads. If you feel you dont need the extra speed but need some more hitting power go for sorcerers.

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In my opinion Morde is one of the best farmers in the game. This is because of his skills. "e" allows you to hit a whole minion wave at once combined with his "q" he has killed the melee creeps then if your laning with a more up-close person ie. Jax you can put your "w" on them and then when they go to kill the creeps you end up with the last hit(at least most of the time). If you're not laning with an up-close person use your "w" on yourself.

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Unique Skill

Your "r" is possibly the most unique skill in the game. This is due to the fact that it gives you a pet. There is a few uses for his "r"
[list=1. ]
Giving you an advantage in a 1v1. You would put it on the enemy for the lifesteal and nothing else and if you happen to kill him then you have a pet for a good tower push. be sure to put ignite down on them at the same time
Giving your team and advantage in a team fight. You would tell your team to focus the most powerful enemy then put it on them at the beginning of the fight and viola you have a free pet now making it a 6v4 instead of a 5v5
The final use is to kill a running enemy. If you see an enemy running at low health throw your ult down and wait gratz now you have a kill and a pet.
so that is the main uses for your ultimate there are a few more but i wont ramble on about them.

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Summoner Spells

I use ignite and ghost for my summoner spells because ignite and your ult work well together and morde is quit slow so ghost gives you that much needed speed.
Ignite: throw this down on someone who you are trying to make your pet or use it for and early kill or possibly FB
Ghost: there are 2 uses for this spell 1 to escape ganks and 2 to get to the fight faster and save your carry. ie. your ashe carry is getting ganked at mid she is having trouble running you use ghost and get over there asap and let her get away (note that since this is a tank build you should be ready to die for your carry)

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Thanks for reading my build a rate would be appreciated as well as constructive criticism. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated thanks to my bro DXNinjaXD(summoner name) TryndamereNinja (mobafire name) for giving me the inspiration to make this guide. Finally thanks to everyone who gives a suggestion as i am new to this.