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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spongee

unstoppable heals

Spongee Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Sona is one of the best at healing i play her in rank and my teams do well if you can land her ult during a team fight you will win most fights. I've her it a fair amount in both ranked and normals. You may not have impressive kills but your assists will be through the roof and you'll be carrying your team by keeping their butts alive. If this more supporty playstyle doesn't suit your taste then check out some other more damage oriented guides here on mobafire.

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Skill Sequence

- [Passive] A very often overlooked spell. This will make you dangerous in lane, and with the Sona rework gives you a lot more to do so far as "thinking." Now depending on the last song you played (QWE) it will add bonus effects to your Power Chord. Make sure to play your Q 3 times at the start at base to charge up your Power Chord.

Power Chord - In laning phase this will give you a lot of surprise damage if combo'd with your Q.

Power Chord - If you can manage to get this off on the enemy carry, or a champ that is running up to ult your team it will help your team a lot. Imagine Amumu is running up and you see the ult coming, you power chord him and he deals 20% less damage to your whole team. This is a lot of the times more feasible than hitting a carry that is sitting in the back, but if you can do it go for it.

Power Chord - You can use this if you're ganking to get a slow off on the champion (as an alternative to your ult). Also obviously you use it when chasing (which should be easy since you're already hitting e) to slow the champ you're chasing.

- [Q] The reason this is leveled early along with your heal is because that's when it's most useful. In bottom lane if you can sit in the brush and dash in and out for a quick Q it will be very annoying, and deal a fair amount of damage. It has a pretty big range and automatically targets champions over minions, so you will just have to get a feel for the range and then you will harass with ease.

- [W] Your most important spell for your support role which is why I level it simultaneously with Q. It is a smart heal so it will automatically heal the 2 lowest %health allies within range. Make sure to prioritize this spell in your rotation.

- [E] This spell is a big help when you are moving across the map, for both you and your allies. E combined with Shurelya's can let your team GTFO or GTFI.

- [R] Your ultimate is a great spell to combine with other aoe ult's such as Amumu's or Nunu's ultimate to make a teamfight really easy to win. Another great use for your ultimate is waiting for the anti-carrys / divers to come in and try to get your carry, and then BAM! they start dancing (then dying). This spell takes care and precision in placement. Keep in mind it has a bit of travel time from the time you cast it (like a projectile).

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your start can be played different if you don't think you will use much mana don't grab a mana pot grab 2 words and if you are not getting a good feed go with stone before chalice it will give u mana reign and gold over time. i go with shurelya's since cretin times it helps a lot say there AD carry id getting away from your jungle pop it and u score an easy kill or if there team is dead and u wont to grab baron u can grab baron and drag with that wince u can move to drag vary vary fast. tear of the goddess is a vary good item more mana and mana reign + the passive is a vary nice addition. CD reduction boots are my pref since i can switch between q,w,e vary fast in order to give health when needed and att dmg also some times there one right after the other in vary quick secession, but if there team is just killing you right off the bat maby go meck treads or ninja. soul is more or less for sustainability with the hp and the aura helps other champs. omen is for more sustainability and the CD reduction also the slow if there adc is caught out u can slow and get an easy kill.

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Your text to link here...
is a good movie on the champ spotlight.

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main key is to PLAY IT SAFE let your adc have the last hits you don't need them you will get the gold from the items. make sure you are wording vary offin i see this a lot a support grabs a word and they waiting until 8-9 min to use it im like no you need to keep that jungle form getting feed put them on places like dragon and bron you need to have a view of the river so your team knows whats going on. back to farming you should just att minions untell there low and let your ADC get the last hit.

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Pros / Cons

PROS: Strong heals, Strong in team fights good no mana problems
Cons: vary weak to gap closing champs low survivability unless you are in the right spot positioning is everything.

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I hope you enjoy this guide i will do updates when there are any i hope you enjoy playing sona and have fun!!!