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League of Legends Build Guide Author magestik12

UPDATED: Viable Ranked Corki! For realsies!? YES!

magestik12 Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Hi, my summoner name is Majestic6! I'm pleased you found your way here! Look me up if you have questions about the build. Also, please comment below and vote!

So, you've decided to play Corki? Good on ya: He's one of the most fun champions to play!

Why should you read this build? Why should you believe anything I say? Well, I've been playing Corki for quite a while now, have read/used many of the builds out there (both from Mobafire, and Solomid). I believe every person has their own unique play style, and that individual requires the proper build to suit their champion selection. I hope this guide is the one for you - it suits me for ranked play.

- I have made several updates, and corrections over the last few months. Fine-tuning the guide so Corki does the most damage, has the most health, and can help out his team as much as possible!
- I have also included more play styling, and pointers on how you can better succeed!

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Corki can be amazing if you play him correctly. Though he is underpowered on inherent damage, he is overpowered on escaping, catching, dodging, and general range. Make sure you use all of these advantages if you plan to succeed.

- Jump over trees, corners, turrets and back over enemies using Valkyrie.
- Use your Gatling Gun every time you engage enemies.
- ALWAYS be moving like a mad-man. You're squishy, and things like Nidalee's spear will take 1/2 your life off. Strafe, go back-and-forth, up-and-down... jump over walls, flash around. Never let the opponent know which way you'll go next!

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Summoner Spells

CLARITY!? WHAT!? YES. There is nothing worse than being in a vicious dog fight, and not being able to kill someone because you can't Valkyrie to them. Or you get caught in a precarious position with no way to escape. Your Phosphorus Bombs reveal people, and it sucks to lose people in the trees when you don't need to: Those Missile Barrages are a lot easier to hit with if you've lit the person up for 6 seconds! All of this DEPENDS ON CORKI'S LIMITED MANA. So, take "Clarity" and help out your team, too. Even at level 18 it will almost completely refill your mana bar! OP!

Preferably, you want "Flash." Most champions will be able to chase you over 1 wall: With "Valkyrie" and "Flash" you can jump over two - I cannot begin to tell you how many times this has saved me!

You can substitute these in place of flash if you'd prefer:

Both of these will help you get away/catch people just like flash, and are completely viable options. Play with the ones you best with.


- You don't need "Heal" - You don't want to be in the middle of all the actions, anyways - stay back. Let a support character use Heal. Eventually you'll be gaining more life than the "heal" will give you over time anyways.
- You don't need "Ignite" - because you already do a **** ton of damage, and you're able to catch just about anyone... ever.
- You're not jungling, so forget Smite: it won't help you. You do enough damage to minions after about lvl 5 to kill anything in the jungle (less: Baron and Dragon, until later levels).
- Let the support handle "Clairvoyance." I know you need vision to keep from getting ganked, but the duration it lasts for is too short, and you'll do better with a simple ward for 75gs.
- Let's be honest, "Cleanse" is an OK choice if you're against a team with a lot of CC (Crowd Control), but I still feel as though Clarity and Flash/Ghost/Exhaust are better options on Corki.
- "Promote" can help push a lane, that's for sure. However, you aren't looking to push your lane yet: Corki's true potential isn't evident until Level 6 when he receives his Ultimate Ability. By that time, the other team will be able to more and more easily destroy the empowered minion.
- "Revive?" No. If all goes well, you'll be picking off people from a safe distance, chasing down the ones who are low, and jumping out of harm's way. You shouldn't be dying, and you shouldn't be feeding. If you start dying enough to need a revive all the time, then you should probably just stay dead.
- "Surge" is cool and all, but you won't need more attack speed, and you definitely don't need ability power.
- "Teleport" should really only be used when you are solo laning...which is something we don't want to do anyways. Let's not plan for it.

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Greater Mark of Desolation: Armor Penetration +1.66
Why? Because, right from the get-go, you need to cancel out any and all mediocre resistance in the beginning game. By level 3 you're going to have that sweet armor-reducing Gatling Gun to help you out. This means that nearly any early game purchase of armor will be nullified by you!

Greater Seal of Resilience: Armor +1.41
Why? Armor is important for you to have, since you won't be purchasing any (with the exception of a particular AD champ giving you troubles, and you swapping our the Phantom Dancer - you can read about that below).

Greater Glyph of Warding: Magic Resist +1.49
Why? Same as with that Seal of Resilience, but for warding off the damage of AP Champs.

Greater Quintessence of Strength: +2.25 Damage
Why? That extra 6.75 damage at the beginning can make a HUGE difference! This can help you get fed early game, and then there is no stopping you!

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Beginning game

- You should be bottom lane with a support/tank champion. People may try and tell you to mid... that's fine, but you're better off letting an AP champ get fed in mid. Solo top is not an option, because you are too squishy and don't deal enough damage at first. You also don't have any way (other than a measly 6% life steal off of about 40AD, and health pots) to gain life. Bottom lane with a support should provide something useful for you (healing, crowd control, or, if for nothing else, the warding). WARDS WIN GAMES!
- You should use your phosphorus bombs to check bushes before roaming in (assuming your support/tank is not there with you at the time, or you're with another squishy.)
- Remember to have your Support friend purchase wards, and stay vigilant with the mini-map.
- Stay healthy by drinking those two red sodas: if you consistently have a lot of health people are less likely to jump you. Mental games can win the battle!
- Keep your distance, and always have your Valkyrie "ready to fire!" Remember: you stay outside the fight and just send death and pain into the center of all the action!
- Last Hit like a BOSS. You want that < 17min Infinity Edge!
- Stay in lane AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Leaving will reduce experience, and $$$! Clarity, your support and those two Red Sodas will be your best friend!

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Mid - Late Game

Once the laning phase is complete, and people are wandering, you want to make sure you are still sticking by your support, or the tank.
Remember: you are squishy. Your enemies know you're squishy. You need someone to take the hits while you deal out some serious pain!
Also, you're not an assassin, but you should play like one. Hide in trees, come out of nowhere, and hit people as you kite them away.

You have the unique ability to hit people from an outstanding distance (Missile Barrage = 1,200 range to be exact). This means you can be running from them, firing back at them, kiting them, and... when they get close: Valkyrie (800 range) away! Did they Flash to catch you? Go ahead and cast it yourself! :D

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Grab your first level boots, and some "red sodas." One of Corki's biggest strengths is MOBILITY. We might as well play off that - you want to be able to get away, and stay away, from all the damage being dealt to your team. Hence, the boots first with two health pots. But Majestic6, why not get a third health pot? There is enough $! Answer: You shouldn't even need the 2nd one if you're playing conservatively. Remember, stay out of the line of fire!

You should be able to sustain lane long enough to AT LEAST get these boots on your first go back:

Why Berserker's Greaves?
Attack speed is uber important on Corki. You want to auto-attack as much as possible while your Gatling Gun is on, because of that sweet armor reduction. It's only on for a few seconds, so use that time wisely.
What about other options? Well, you're not an AP champ, so cooldown and magic penetration aren't going to help you. That ninja tabi sounds pretty sweet if you plan on taking damage, but we aren't. We're already building a frozen mallet - that should do just fine for us.
Mercury Treads aren't a bad idea, by any means, but I feel attack speed is going to help you more in the long run. Boots of Swiftness & Mobility aren't bad either, but, again, attack speed over those. We're building a Phantom Dancer later, so that will help with movement speed.

In past copies of this guide, I suggested buying wards. I said "I know you're not a support character, but get them anyways." Why? "because part of escaping, and living, is knowing when/where a gank is coming from. Be prepared. Be savvy! Be the best on your team!" After much more ranked play, and continuing to improve with my team, I've realized that you really just need to have a completely competent support character. So, only buy wards if your support is as useless as a Teemo without mushrooms. Otherwise, conserve your money!

Now you need to start building damage items! Get your Pickaxe/B.F. Sword first - don't worry about the Cloak of Agility until you have at least 1 of those items. Then get your Infinity Edge.

NOTE: If you're playing him well (couple kills, couple assists, no deaths), you should be able to get the Infinity Edge by 17min. It's a good benchmark to shoot for.

Now that you have damage you require attack speed, and more movement speed. Get that Zeal, and the dagger.

Now some life steal so you can sustain longer, heal off of minions/jungle creatures, and not have to go back to base:

Finish that Zeal off with the "Double Red Swords!" --

Now that you're hitting fairly hard, and fairly quickly, you gotta start working on that max life. Other champs will be doing considerable damage, and you need to last a while.

More attack speed! More Damage! More armor shredding!!!

STACKS! Stacks, stacks, stacks, STACKS! Finish the Vampiric Scepter:

Tough Lane? Certain champ giving you issues? Here are alternatives:
AP Champ issues?
instead of

(Wit's End)

AD Champs becoming a nuisance?
instead of

(Ionic Spark)

Tanky team?
instead of

(Madred's Bloodrazor)

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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Let me know what you think: Comment, please!

Also, if you like it, then please UP VOTE! :)

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The proof is in the pudding!

Proof of how good he can be:

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Video - Phreak

If you've never seen Corki played well, or are just starting out, then you should check out this Champion Spotlight:

Pay attention to the way he hangs back, kites, looks for appropriate times to jump in, anticipates his opponents attacks, plans his skills, etc.