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League of Legends Build Guide Author kennytheho

Urgot... 20 min ranked ? i think so!

kennytheho Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my first build so constructive criticism would be appreciated.... First off I wanna say that Urgot is a very good champ over all. I know a lot of people feel he is good early to mid game champ but lacks in endgame. I feel that he can be effective during the whole game in the hands of a experienced player. Ill explain more later on....

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Pros / Cons

Easy farmer with 2 sec cd q
one of the best harasser in the game
some may disagree with this but i really like his ultimate for catching runners
easily fed
Endless torture?

pretty slow base run speed
big fat spider = big hitbox for skill shots
rather squishy if you dont have good positioning
melee rushing champs could be the end of u

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Pretty standard ad carry runes
Marks: For extra early game harass
Seals: Lots of viable runes here but me personally I always tend to head back to base with 0 mana n 90% health with can be very annoying without these runes.
Glyphs: Cdr is crucial for for Urgot mostly for his ult n e ability
Quints: 3 armour pen is good too but i find the 1.5% move speed help me get in range for ult when u have speedy runners like yi

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not much i really have to explain here..i pretty much grab anything that give cdr n mana regen .... ive tried pretty much all combinations... i find going 21 into offense runs out of mana way too fast early game ... also to be successful with urgot ... auto attacking is a big nono most of the time since his range is fairly short which makes crit + critdmg fairly useless(also his q ability does not crit).... going 21 into defense is only effective when going tankgot (fun for pubstomps :D haha) ... again it runs out of mana way too fast

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imo urgot is hands down (besides caitlyn) the strongest early game harasser... I take meki pedant gives u lots of lane stay power. u never really need to get close to auto attack.. e n q combo gives urgot the ability to harass at ease.. Sry im kinda of lazy so im just gunna rush this part ha.... i like selecting 4 offensive items n 1 defensive item (plus boots of course).. a lot of urgots loves to get Infinity edge or frozen mallet but those r bad items imo cause of his q ability not able to crit or apply on hit effects. Feel free to get GA if you dont like Force of nature .. I take force because i I hate getting 2 shoted by casters ... You may notice i have no armour wat so ever because as long as u play smart urgs ... ad carrey or even melee cant really get their hands on u but thats just me .. i apologize once again for not going more in depth :P

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Skill Sequence

maxing Q is pretty self explanatory .. all i gotta say is w absorbs little dmg ... only use is for the slow imo ... so keeping one point is sufficient id say

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Summoner Spells

Any Ad carry Imo should take ghost flash ... especially ones like urgot that have no getaway ability ... these r mainly preference

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Ranked Play

my ranking is hovering around 1500 .... i no nothing too impressive but i really think that urgot can be a 1500- 1700 champ ... just a tip i wanna point out ... melee champs like xin , jarvan or tryne can shut down urgot ... so try not to pick him if the opponent is made of melee dmg

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all in all ... urgot is a super fun champ to play ... here are some final tips that will help u be a successful urgot :D
- after landing e ... it is possible to get 4 q lock on (quite hard but can be done)
- after landing e .... dont be afraid to aim in fog of war .... his range is insane
- postioning is everything
- Never initiate team fight with ultimate
- ult squishy carries to put them in middle of fights... and saving ult for runners is a good idea

this build has worked very well for me ... currently my ranked stats for urg is 8 - 3 kdr n win ratio is about 75 % ... and yes i played more then 1 match on ranked haha ... i will post screen shots later when i have time to capture some
thats all i have to offer lemme no wat u guys think ...happy pew pew

any questions my user name is Ginquee in game .. :D