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League of Legends Build Guide Author untrainedassassin

Urgot, A Range Damage Monster

untrainedassassin Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Alright lets talk mastery tree first i see alot of people that put more into Urgots support then they do anything else for him this Isn't smart thing to do for a dps of his type. he is great for being a heavy hitter and dps. so naturally i went into an offensive tree and then the rest of my points went into defense getting magic resistance, armor, and health + mana regen. Urgots skills alrdy have a quick cool down period and getting a manamune at the start of the game can get rid of any mana problem one has in the beginning. being so heavy in utility just never feels right for him why would i need mana regen and less cool down on summoner skills espeacilly if your using flash and ghost BLAH!!!! we will talk more about that in the next chapter. going offence is the way he has only one skill that doesn't use ad as its source and thats terror capacitor and its only a shield ability that slows your enemies.

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Runes Important for every lvl 20+ seeing as thats when they are most useful and you get tier 3. I get mana, health, and armor pen. Reasons for the mana runes is because of manamune it is a great item and the bonus from these runes will only help to bust that at end game and make Urgot that much stronger as you lvl. the Health runes are to give you some more survivability which is always good since the mastery tree is so offensive. and the armor pen. is because Urgot is AD and as such will need to burst through some armor especially if an enemy gets armor items.

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Summoner skills

OK I should explain that I do tend to be aggressive player. My fav. Champs are Urgot (of course), Kassadin, Jax, and sion. I use much the same Summoner spells ingite exhaust. and with Urgot this is a truly lethal combo. getting upgraded exhaust weakens your enemies as well as slows so now noxious and acid hunter deal more damage when combined with a brutalizer or youmuu's. sometimes when that one yi or xin is just gettting away and you get ignite on them and noxious they can run but those two eat away at their health n they just can'y make it. having ghost and flash is bad cause you are way to defensive. even having two defensive skills doesnt mean your going to always get away from your enemies so play defensive keeping minnions between you and them and not pushing up really far is a big suggestion to staying alive it can be the difference between being alive and getting jumped by a blitz from the bushes.
One last thing Im not saying it's bad to get flash or ghost But I do not recommend both because if you have to use either one or both to get away alot then you are not playing urgot correctly and your being pushed up too far.

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Ik what the top guide says and you can still get 30% cd reductoin easy every game. but first I'm going to explain where his fails as a good Urgot build. he is all defense this can rly hurt Urgot all together where you are practically useless again URGOT IS NOT A TANK HE IS A BEHIND THE LINES HIT AND WEAKEN AND DAMAGE OVER TIME!!!!!!! urgots skills have a huge range compared to ashes auto attack use that to your advantage. dont auto attack so much just throwing a noxious and spam acid hunter can rly weaken your enemies = great harassment. so first item i always buy is sapphire crystal. into the tea of the goddess then manamune. i get berserker's greaves from there its anything with attack damage usually a blood thirster for survivability i go all the way and get youmuus i like its added effects and it gives u better cool down, armour pen, and attack damage. Now im not saying these are always the best items like boots it depends on who is hitting you if its an ashe get the mercury treads they will be useful then. if you need health get a frozen mallet. i dont like to get alot of attack speed he isn't ashe so phantom dancers may not be the best thing but hey if it works it works. My core item suggestion is MANAMUNE because it cures his mana problems and gives good attack damage, blood thirster and youmuu's from there a frozen mallet and last whisper are not bad items either maybe even a frozen heart if you need the mana and everything. i do not suggest a impaler unless you get alot of health items too. he isnt cho to where he has insane amount of health that buffs your attack damage from it.

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team fights

know your place in team fights. don't always go for that one kill if it means death dieing for one kill wont always benefit your team.sit back help weaken and pick people off throwing noxious corrosive charge and spaming acid hunter and using terror capacitor to slow those trying to run is good. use his ult hyper reverser to pull enemies into your group but don't kick yourself into their group that can spell bad for you. help your team don't and try to be a big hero and kill their whole team Urgot isn't strong enough alone for that 1v1 he can win a lot of battles if you harass and kite your enemies you will win many fights.

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Urgot can go far but only if you know what you are doing. he is a lane solid champ harass you enemies and is great for a gank he can slow and nuke also reducing damage is mean. I'm giving everyone the power to be a great Urgot comments are appreciated and suggestions are take seriously if given a serous statement. This is my first guide so don't be too harsh ;)