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Urgot Build Guide by Rabidjokester

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rabidjokester

Urgot - Annoyance 101

Rabidjokester Last updated on April 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 6

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Read Through It

READ EVERYTHING. Specially the numbers tab and items tab.

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TAKE EVERYTHING I SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Just thought about all this tonight so this build is rushed, as well as it being my first guide on mobafire. I have around 1500 wins so I have been playing for awhile. But like I said I am just spitting some thoughts after running a few test, so please comments are welcome :D

Now everyone can call me crazy, or insist this would never work, but just from adding up and playing with the right people, this build is just insane. Urgot, is a fantastic character to kite with and probably by far one of the best laners. He has complete control over most situations just cause he never really has to be in the fight to do damage. With this type of build you can switch into the fight knowing you aren't going to die, but still do a ton of damage. You become someone they have to focus, but just can't kill. The build follows the normal in the beginning, but gets progressively tankier as you go on. So you will still have a strong early game.

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But my suggestions are this,

    Armor Pen Marks
    Mana per lvl Seals (No point in mana regen if you are getting tear of goddess) 100% preference on these, you can get rotate to Armor or health or what suits you best.
    Cooldown glyphs
    Attack damage Quints.

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Masteries I would suggest 24/0/6 Making sure you get the exhaust mastery in offense and the flash mastery in utility.

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Now the first thing that comes to thought is why not just go burst damage with urgot? Why build him so tanky?

Even though you are building extremely tanky your damage output is extremely high making you nearly impossible to kill let alone not focus. You become the unstoppable force on the field. As long as you have a team that as a decent amount of CC and damage you will be dominating.

Now remember a lot of the building is based on preference and play style. So if do something different then so be it. Its what works for you. The last 2 items are interchangeable. Even getting a banshees is awesome. You get health and mana which will both scale your AD with your Atmas and Manamune. The reason why I picked Wits End and Madreds end game is because you are at a loss for Attack Speed. This on hit tank shredder items will step that up a notch and then with the elixirs you will hit around 1.6 attack speed. Now you will have 30 MR plus the extra 20 for the Wits End stacks. Even if you start thinking, "I don't auto attack much with Urgot" with this type of build you will be in everyone's face all the time.

Starting with Sapphire Crystal, pot, then building into tear like normal. When you get to boots this is when you can decide what works best for the lane or the game. Mercs or Lucidity boots are normally. Some people like zerkers or swiftness. But whatever suits the game and your style game play would be the best choice.

Now call me crazy, but I highly suggest giving this a try. When it gets to end game, Sell your boots! Yes I know you will lose tons of mobility, and yes chasing and getting from place to place will suck. But when you reach that end game point it starts becoming a positioning game and with Urgot you don't need a ton of mobility. You have your switch, and your Q with your E. So you will be ether in the fight or firing from the back. And as long as your team has CC you will be the biggest annoyance on the field by far. They would want to focus you but can't.

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Now for some reason mobafire doesn't calculate Warmogs/Atmas or Manamune/Frozen Heart. It doesn't even calculate manamune with the full passive.

Atmas=1.5% of HP. Your health averages around end game 3500 to 3800. 3500 x 0.015 = 52.5

Manamune=2% of MP. You mana averages around end game 3200 to 3400. 3300 x 0.02 = 66

So all in all you are getting 118.5 AD from those 2 items end game. Now lets factor in your Wits End and Madreds on your auto attacks.

Wits End = 42 Magic Damage
Madreds = 40 Attack Damage, 4% of targets max health. If the target has 3000 health,
3000 x .04 = 120 Magic Damage.

With being this tanky, and dishing out this much hard damage, Its just off the wall.

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Why Urgot?

Going through the majority of AD carries to put this build on Urgot fits it the best. He doesn't have to be 100% mobile to get into position. With his Terror Capacitor making him even more tanky. He has the ability to throw himself in the team fight and take the AD carry completely out instantly. Has fantastic ranged abilities. His passive has to be one of the best being able to reduce damage of a carry like that. He can be right on the front lines dealing tons of damage but at the same time not be killed. And he can get those runners without even thinking twice. With this set up you just become a utter power house. So you can try it on any AD carry, but I highly suggest Urgot, just because this build is definitely Urgot friendly :D

And most of all, his ult at lvl 3 gives 130 armor and MR for 5 seconds. I dare you to try and kill him.

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Summoner Spells

Summoners depend on how you play, I suggest Exhaust/Flash, Ignite/Flash, or Exhaust/Ignite, Some people like to run Ghost for chasing. But like I said its all about how you play your character.

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Now TAKE EVERYTHING I SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALTI have been a long time player over 1500 wins this is just tossing some ideas I thought in my head, this HAS NOT been fully tested in ranked play or normal play but would like to see some people try it and report back. I have tested it out in a few games and have yet seen anyone question it. So don't knock it before you try it. :D