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Urgot Build Guide by MXT2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MXT2

Urgot; Craby

MXT2 Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is not a detailed guide. This will simple be my guide for Urgot. Most people build Urgot with cool down reduction. I don't really understand why one would. His Q has a 2 second cool down and I think that is fast enough.

My build focuses around the auto attack. His base damage I believe is not that high making less of a focus for most people as they try to decrease the cool down for his Q.

I believe, I need to explain some of the items I choose.

Manamuna is standard for Urgot because of his ability spamming.

I buy Mercury Treads over Ionian Boots of Lucidity because I am more worried about getting caught by crowd control abilities from other champs. It also gives you a little magic resists which this build does not give you a lot of.

I get Black Cleaver because it shreds their armor which is the main thing that makes Urgot seem weak late game. People say he just scales off, but if you shred the armor you can do more damage.

I get Stark's Fervor because it helps the whole team, and it also gives you life steal. The life steal helps you duke it out with other champs face to face, continues the dropping armor tread, and gives you a attack speed. The attack speed helps to keep your passive on your opponent. So if you get into a situation where you are duking it out face to face they do less damage.

I get Spirit Vesage mostly for the increase in health regen, but the extra health and magic resists are good too. I just feel it is a solid item that allows you to live longer, and there for dish out more DSP.

The finally item, Atma's Impaler, I get for the armor and to turn is above average health into damage.

At the end of the build you have close to 300 AD, with Black Cleavers, and a attack speed of 1.4 means you literal cut through people.

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Summoner Spells

Most people would get Ignite instead of Ghost because it helps secure kills, and that is why I have Ghost. A homing Acid Hunter has huge range, and sometimes you just can't catch up even with your slow. So I punch my Ghost and chase them down, and put the last couple of holes in them.

Flash is because it is Flash, and a good escape tool.

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Ganks / Kills

I find Urgot is good at shutting down carries. If you focus solo the carries and try to disrupt or kill them as often as possible you will keep them down pretty hard. This is clearly something you should do anyways but Urgot excels at this through the mid point of the game. To disrupt the enemy carries try to ult them into your team, or your tower, or when they are trying to get away.

Urgots E, the grenade lobe should be the first thing you hit your target with. This also you also hit your target with Acid Hunter. Do get Acid Hunter you home in on the target you have to have the mouse on them. I find an easy way to do this is to kill them over and over like you are trying to attack them. Not only do you got all your hits with Acid Hunter you also put hole in them with your auto attack. This drops their armor and your acid hunter cuts right through them. But, BEFORE you fire the first acid hunter make sure to throw up your shield it will slow them making it easier for you to keep up with them.