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Build Guide by The Great Kim

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Great Kim

Urgot - Everything dies. The end.

The Great Kim Last updated on February 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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Hello, everyone. My name is Kim, and with this guide I aim to make YOU one of the best Urgot players the League has ever seen.

Urgot is built many different ways, depending on the player and the role he's designed to fill. Some people build straight damage Urgot, but this leaves him vulnerable to a lot of damage. Due to his lack of escapes, he will die. Others like to build Urgot as a tank and rely on his switch to be useful and deal inadequate damage. I don't like this build, either.

Instead, I aim to make Urgot both a survivor and a heavy damage dealer. This build focuses primarily on wrecking armor and staying alive.

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For runes, I run Armor Penetration (marks & quints) and Mana/5s at Level 18 (glyphs and seals). The Armor Pen is really nice on Urgot in combination with his early game ownage. The Mana Regen glyphs and seals solve your Mana problems without having to get a Mana item such as Manamune. This leaves you open to many more options and choices.

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For Masteries, I go with the classic 9/0/21.

Offensively, this way I get the cooldown for spam, which is really useful early game. The 21 in Utility helps you out in many ways. I'm not going to bother going through every perk, but I will explain the importance of some.

The Masteries relating to your summoner spells (Flash and Ghost) will keep you alive more often. Urgot has little to no escape ability outside of slowing with his shield. You NEED those summoner spells. This is also why I get the Movement Speed and Regen Masteries.

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Early Game
Grab your Vampiric Scepter and wait those few seconds so you can get a Health Potion. You most likely will miss nothing at all in those 10 seconds. Feel free to ignore the Health Potion, however, if your team requires something of you. If you lack a jungle or have a really generous one, ask your team to grab Blue with you. Blue Buff enhances your early game, which is already astounding. There is no one that can out-lane a competent Urgot with blue buff. Focus on harassing and last hitting, because the faster you get Mercs' Treads, the better. If you're dominating, you may even have enough to get Brutalizer when you return to base thanks to a kill or two.

Mid Game
At this point, you should have your ultimate and a good bit of Armor Pen and damage. GO FOR KILLS. You are much better at killing things than most people realize. Try to harass with grenade and acid hunter until they are at half health or lower. Bait them in, switch, pop shield, grenade, attack to your heart's content. They will be slowed for the majority of this fight, and if they do get away, you have Ghost and Flash for chasing. As soon as possible, get Guardian Angel and then finish your Vampiric Scepter into a Stark's Fervor. This will help out big time in your team fights where you don't have to worry about getting killed as much and also buff your team.

Late Game
At this point, you are dominating. No one wants a part of you. You have two lives, and an ulti that stuns an enemy and in turn buffs your resistances. Don't be afraid to use the position switcher in a one-on-one fight. If it gets you a kill, GOOD. The cooldown is relatively short, and if you have been grabbing blue and/or red, is almost always a free kill. You should be close to victory by this time, but for those long, long matches, grab a Frozen Mallet for the added survivability, damage, and extra slow on your autoattacks.

Now, the last item is really a matter of preference. I get Last Whisper because there is nothing more satisfying than chunking a tank's health. However, if you're having a problem surviving against a particularly skilled team or just having a bad game, grab a Banshees Veil instead. Banshees Veil is an excellent choice on everyone.

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Team Work

In both mid and late game, there will be plenty of fights between both teams. Your role, as Urgot, is to isolate a target and ensure your team gets a kill. This makes the fight a 4v5 and basically hands you the victory. Aim for the squishies. They often get cocky and move up to harass or get a quick attack in. Make them pay. Switch places with them. You can also switch a surviving enemy into your team using Flash or Ghost.

A lot of Urgots have trouble surviving after the switch. What I tend to do is pop my shield and grenade the enemy team so they are slowed and can't catch me. Flash if you have to. Even if you die, you should be closer to your team and able to escape thanks to the Guardian Angel.

When it comes to combat, hit your grenade on as many of them as you can. Locking on is somewhat difficult in huge clusters but you should get the hang of it eventually. Like I said earlier, make the squishies pay.

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The End

This guide still has a lot of work and I am always open to suggestions and new ideas. I will be adding on as time goes by. Please feel free to add me (The Great Kim) if you want to talk about the guide and play a game or two.