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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExistentialWhoa

Urgot for President.

ExistentialWhoa Last updated on May 4, 2011
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While writing things, it's a good policy to include as little opinion as possible. But, after playing Urgot as my main for several months now I need to say, nothing is as satisfying as the kills you get on this champion.

It's not like kills are ever boring. But that being said. When you get a kill on your last Acid Hunter, in the fog of war, long after your opponent thinks they are safe...

You can almost hear them say "**** that was close. Oh wait I'm dead. No way, what is that things range?"

And if that wasn't satisfying enough, his ulti has more uses than duct tape. This champ has the rare combination of a strong early-mid game, range that is almost unthinkable, and a team fight changing ulti. This is what I have learned on how to build and play Urgot, and inflict grievous mental wounds to your opponents while doing so.

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Quints - ArP or HP

ArP gives you a nice chunking Acid Hunter. It feels good. When i pub-stomp, this is what I use.

HP quints really sturdy up your early game. These are what I use for ranked play and when I expect to take a 2v1 lane. Which Urgot excels at. Preference should dictate your quints.

Marks - ArP.

There are charts and graphs that smarter, more dedicated people than myself have constructed. Math says ArP. If you don't like it, go talk to Aristotle. Can't argue math.

Seals - Mp5 per lvl

Urgot spams hard. Not quite Eve hard but this isn't Tristana. When you are out of mana the game is over. No attack speed, and every ability is combo based. Not taking these will ensure more trips home than a freshmen at college with 3 months of laundry.

Being an early-mid game champ means getting the most out of stays in the field. If you spend excessive time traveling to and from lane, your window of farm time is shortened.

Glyphs - Cool Down Reduction or Mp5

Mp5 is good here for the same reason as it was for seals. The trade here is almost endless spamability vs. 9% CDR. Without blue buff or a flask, This build's CDR should be right near 35%. That ensures 4 Acid Hunters per Corrosive Charge. It also allows you to cycle through a rotation better. The rotation I just referred to will have its own section.

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Summoner Spells

I am to Flash as Courtney Love is to Heroin. I take it on almost every champ, ranked or pubs, rain or shine. It's almost so good that you are gimped without it. And my god, the feeling of Flashing in to use your ulti... It's like sex without having to get undressed.

I take ignite to guarentee first blood. I also strongly feel Ignite counters so many champions because of the Healing debuff. Very much over looked. Mundo, Vlad, Tryn, Lifesteal AD champs, Support heals, pots, Irelia, Nidalee, Nasus, Renekton, Sion, etc. etc. etc.

Ignite not only hard counters so many champs, you just dont need any other summoner skill. Key word is need. If you love teleport, make it work for you. Can't live without cleanse, be my guest.

But from my experience, Ignite gets me rolling on Urgot. And fed Urgot makes people evacuate their bowels.

And that is by definition, win.

Ghost - Can't argue with this choice really. Its safe. Safe is nice. But when a champion is spamming chainsaws, nice takes a backseat.

Cleanse - Again, safe. Cleanse can be clutch. But Urgot's range and slow are so overpowering, even stuns and slows effect him less than an average champ. At least ghost can be used offensively and defensively. This one is less versatile.

Clarity - Mana is an issue for Urgot. I tend to get alot of blue buffs and mana pots myself. You can buy mana, farm buffs, regen intelligently all without clarity. But you can't buy the ability to flash or stop heals. That is why I avoid Clarity. Other things do its job.

Rally, Revive, Smite, Heal, Clairvoyance, Fortify - Gross, don't die, don't jungle, don't suck, buy wards, make the tank do it.

In that order.

Healing redux is a rare commodity in this game. It is never worthless.

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I have never tried more masteries for a single champion as I have with Urgot. This champion almost exclusively uses abilities that scale with AD. That being said, crit and attack speed are de-emphasized.

This 21-0-9 build puts 3 points in AP(Archmage's Savy) in tier one and one point of filler in crit chance(deadliness). At least the AP bulks your shield up a bit. Better than crit that won't ever be utilized further.

Every other point is where you'd expect it as long as you remember to skip Lethality.

The Utility Tree is spent as you would any x-x-9 build. And for good reason. XP is crucial for any early-mid game champion. Take your natural strength early and compound that with faster leveling. After that you just ride your Acid Hunter to victory.

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Urgot's core is outstanding. Three items make up this core. They are extraordinarily cheap and provide you with the three stats Urgot requires for success. Mana, Attack Damage, and CDR.

Once you play enough games, this build's pacing will become clear to you. To help you get a better idea, I will describe a few game situations and the order of purchase.

Just remember: If you build all 6 items the same way on ANY champion, you will never be effective in real games. Adjust your play to your opponent.

Start with a Meki pendent and two pots. Urgot is best utilized in 1v1 or 1v2 (favoring them) lanes. Stay out as long as possible. With Urgot, you need no gear, no gank, nothing to ensure early kills. If you get first blood and get rolling, stay out. Your first trip back must net you Tears of the Goddess. On average, I usually return for the first time at around 1700-2200 gold. Much longer than most champs wait to return.

This should also allow you to buy Boots of Lucidity. Speed kills. So does one more Acid Hunter every time you hit Corrosive Charge.

Rush to Brutalizer to get near CDR cap. 1300 gold isn't hard to come by. Get this fast. It really adds a lot of dps for this amount of gold.

Upgrade Tears to Manamune.

From here on out, you need to make decisions. But if you are any good, you knew that.

Did you get fed? Bloodthirster

Are they AP heavy? Guardian Angel

Are they combo based? Banshee's Vail

Stacking armor? Last Whisper

No, really. I'm so fed, I could host The View. Then screw common sense and get Sword of the Occult, Bloodthirster, and Last Whisper. **** on their world.

All these items are amazing. There are other combos as well. Sell Lucidity, get Merc Treds, buy Frozen Heart. Max CDR and anti AD Urgot works too.

All have their uses. Adjust to the opponent. Thats just how to play correctly.

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Skill Sequence

Start with one point in E.
Next two in Q.
Then one in W.
Then Q.
Then R.


At this point, ramp up the pressure or flat out go for the kill.

I don't like looking at skill orders, so if this helps those like me, remember this general set or rules for Urgot.

After lvl 6, take your ulti whenever available, if not, take your Q, if not, take your E, If you have no other choice, put it in W.

Fairly simple.

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The only farming advice I have to give is so simple I hesitate to mention it. But, why not?

When you don't want to push, standard last hit method of laning applies. After you get your Tears/Manamune, begin to use Acid Hunter to last hit any mobs your auto attack can't cover for whatever reason. (split minion focus or turret shots)

Later in game, or when pushing for turrets, try to get good at auto attack last hit one mob while you hover over other mobs to last hit with acid hunter. Urgot isn't Vlad or Trist. To get gold, really work for those last hits. Take pride in your minion kills like you would your kill to death ratio. It is that important.

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Teach me how to Urgot.

They like Steve, teach me how to Dougie.
You know why?
Cause all da *****es love me.

In this section, I will go over as many tips and tricks, combos and any other game play related information that I have compiled in the vast hours I've wasted playing Progot.

Basic Combo
Tag an opponent with corrosive charge, hover your mouse over them and activate Acid Hunter. The range is 5 feet past way too ****ing far. It makes Kog'maw look like a level 1 Trist.

Things a locked Acid Hunter can do besides the obvious
-Fire into bushes. They duck in a bush? No matter. Get good at traking them and keep it hovered over them.
-Attacks Stealthers. Want to piss of Akali? Watch her put down her shroud and cover it with Corrosive Charge. Her stealth all the sudden just became worthless. You can even track stealthers with it if you have a guess as to where there are or, better yet, saw them stealth.
-Makes a cool noise and if you are like me, fires chainsaws. Best skin ever.

When to use your shield
The idea here is to min/max your mana usage. Can you keep up with them and know you wont kill them this combo rotation? Then save the mana.

Also, your mana will regen much faster than your health in this build. Don't put much thought on when to defensively use Capacitor to block some damage or a turret shot. Just use it and regen. Err on the side of caution until you become sure of what you can do and when.

Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser And You
This ability should come with a clean pair of boxers for your opponent.

Use 1. They run, you switch them and combo. They complain then rage quit.
Use 2. Suppressing Carries. They stop moving. If your team is good, they won't ever start moving again.
Use 3. Escape! Get sandwiched? Reverse out towards your tower and kite with Capacitor enhanced Acid Hunters. Switch, slow, laugh.
Use 4. Switch to Flash back. Get the benefit of your utli without having to stick around afterwards. Good for initiation when pushing their turret or defending your own. Although a buddy may want to help if its on their turret.
Use 5. Flash Switch. To be honest, when i have Flash ready, I get a kill 80% of the time or so. They are too off guard, and without a Flash of their own, it's almost as easy as not watching Jersey Shore.

Hopefully, videos coming soon. Unfortunately, fraps captures my voice and I cough a lot due to marijuana intake. Makes for bad video. But I'm working on it.

Fraps. Not my lungs. Those are screwed.

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These games are just a few of the hundreds of games I have played as Urgot. I almost exclusively play solo mid. I do often take our 2v1 when we have a jungler.

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Pros / Cons

-Unparalleled Range
-Great 1v1 passive
-Excels at taking out carries
-Safe and reliable harass
-Arguably the best solo lane champ in the game
-Useful shield that applies an even more useful slow

-If you don't feed, late game can force you into a utility role
-Urgot's ultimate isn't straight forward. It is only as good as how you use it.
-Main combo is reliant on your accuracy with Corrosive Charge. It is a generous ability, but not automatic to land by any means.
-Other than Flash (or ghost if you so choose), limited escape mechanisms. Although his ulti can be used to get out of some situations, it's not Rocket Jump or Rift Walk.
-You won't win any beauty contests. Except maybe Ms. Michigan.

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Urgot is a god when played correctly. People rage about his range. The kills are just so satisfying. Have fun and remember, if you follow a guide, use your brain. They are called guides because they are made to guide you. They aren't meant to be law. Flexibility is the mark of truly talented gamers.

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