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Build Guide by Anna Mossity

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anna Mossity

Urgot - From Plowman to Powner

Anna Mossity Last updated on October 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this biggest issue people have with Urgot is that he is too squishy early game. I address this by giving him defensive runes, both physical and magical. The other choices i make differently is the leveling order.

I start with the Charge. Why? Because its mana efficient for the number of minions/champs it can deal with. You'll notice that by focusing on the charge first you farm faster without going OOM like you would by focusing on A.H first. You also need to farm because the items you need are a bit pricey.

I start with Doran's Ring and a Health potion. If you feel REALLY comfortable you could go Mana potion but i rarely do. Try to get mid if you can, if not lane with a tough or ranged champ. With NCC as your first skill go ahead and use it on the back minions (the casters) while you focus on the melee champs. By the time you finish them off your charge should be up again, go ahead and use it again. Once you hit level 2 start harassing with the NCC + AH combo, but you aren't trying to FB, just farm for now, the kills will come.

When you get to level 4/5, you could potentially get kills now. Initiate with NCC, then throw up TC (Terror Capacitor) and spam AH. This should take a good half of their life alone, and if you time things with and assist they will be dead. Alternatively just rinse and repeat the cycle, they'll either take the hint or a dirt nap.

When team fights break out, its your job to bring the carries to the front lines. Your Ulti is perfect for this, but you have to be careful. While the opposing force focuses your toughs use the switch on their squishy, then throw up TC and start tearing into them with NCC and AH. Because your passive reduces the damage they deal you should be able to kill them before they rest even have a chance to respond. Another cute trick is to switch them to the other side of a wall then hunt them down, making it seem like a stroll down lover's lane for you while the date from hell for them.

Items are tricky but there is always 3 items i get: Merc Treads, Trinity Force, Bloodthirster. Since you arent very tanky and dont have a natural escape mechanic you need the merc treads to escape CCs. Trinity Force is built for Urgot, but focus on getting Sheen first, then Phage and lastly Zeal. Sheen makes your missile spams even more lethal, and even more so when you get Trin. Bloodthirster's a given, life steal plus a huge AD spike. After that i focus on a Recurve Bow item, typically Last Whisper, but go Wit's End if they are caster heavy. After that aim for Madred's Bloodrazor, as the passive on it stacks with BOTH the missiles & regular attacks. After that its up to you, get some armor like Guardian's Angel if you find it hard to stay alive, or if you are really raping get another BF. Sword item. Once all's said and done you might want a mana item, and Lich Bane seems pretty good to me, as its passive will stack onto Trin Force, letting you nuke from r-clicks. Dumb me, lol. Anyways if you need another trick i've been enjoying Zhonya's Ring, especially once i switch i can ring immunity while the team shreds the unfortunate recipient.

I hope you enjoy this build, its incredible how much damage you can do with Urgot early and late game. Please comment and +1 if you like it. :D Happy Hunting