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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Sphere

Urgot: How to play like a Bossgot

Lord Sphere Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is for bosses only. The correct way to play Urgot is like a boss and the correct way to play like a boss is to issue out insane damage. Therefor this guide will be dedicated to squeezing as much damage out of Urgot as possible so you can big boss the other team. Here are some examples of an Urgot player (me =3) big bossing the other teams in ranked:

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Hero Spells

First off if your not using a skin that turns this spell into chainsaws your being a boss wrong! This spell is pretty simple. If you can hit an enemy with it then hit them with it. Being a boss was never so easy! Next!

Noxian Corrosive Charge:
If your hit with this spell your lower their armor by a percent (awesome) and your Q now will chase them down (even more awesome). You can get 3 Qs for every E at base cooldown reduction. This goes up to 4 Es around 35% cooldown reduction. Important: you can still using the lock on feature though fog of war or on invisible targets if your cursor is over them! This takes practice and luck but most people will run away in a predictable manner and theres little reason not to try and snipe them!

Terror Capacitor:
Your shield will never absorb enough damage to be considered amazing. Its good to pop it whenever your taking damage but don't expect it to save you all that often. Now the slow is a different story! The slow will help to keep heroes from running away, especially early game. The most effective way to shield slow is to hit them with E then use lock on Q then hit shield while Q is in mid air. When the Q lands it will apply the slow. Pretty simple once you get the hang of it but always boss like.

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse:
This ult does a little of everything! One second stun, swap places, stupidly long name, bonus armor/magic resist, and slows the enemies movement speed! Now remember with ult it is not worth it to swap one of their deaths for your death! Here is what ult SHOULD be used for assuming you are a boss:

1) Use your ult to stop an enemy hero from getting away. Use ult to bring an enemy back into range of your team or just to delay the hero long enough for your allies to show up.

2) Grab an out of place hero into your team or towers. Every once in a while an enemy will screw up. They might be pushing too far ahead of their team, lingering too long after a push, or taking a different rout then the rest of their team. Whatever the reason you can use your ult to punish them by taking them further away from their team and putting them in the middle of yours.

3) Hold someone in tower range a little longer if they dive you. If you are low health and some one tower dives you then your ult can be a boss saver. In this case use ult when they are in tower range. Not only will you get one extra second of tower attacks but the armor/slow may allow you to live long enough for the tower+your damage to finish them!
4) Win uncertain 1v1 fights. If your in a fight and your not sure if you can win just ult them! Even if they are in melee range the bonus armor may give you the edge you need to win the fight.

5) Interrupt spells! While it takes one second to actually swap the stun effect is instant. So feel free to use your ult to stop people from using channel spells such as devastating ults or escape moves. It even works on the summoner spell teleport!

6) You can even use it save an ally getting chased down by an enemy! Even if it doesn't seem boss like, helping your allies is a boss move despite the obvious fact helping is not doing damage.

But remember your ult is NOT a team fight skill (bosses do not really need teams anyways) so don't use it to initiate because that is the job of the tank you dummy! Swapping people mid team fight usually won't net your team any real gain with the exception of using it as a stun. If you see heroes like kat or karth ulting feel free to swap them and interrupt their ults but don't expect the one second stun/armor boost to have any major impact in large team fights.

Once again: NEVER swap in 1v5 because thats what tools do and bosses are not tools! Only the tankiest of tanks should run in 1v5! Even if you are dumb enough to build pure tank Urgot (totally not a Bossgot) you would still die a pathetic death charging in 1v5. The reason why swapping in 1v5 is always a bad idea is because you will certainly die 1v4, but the hero you swapped may or may not be able to escape. You are essentially trading a guaranteed death for a possible kill. That is a dumb move. Bosses do not make dumb moves.

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Early game:
Urgot is hands down one of the most boss 1v1 heroes in the game. If you pick him you should be ready to solo mid. If your team already has 2-3 solo mid heroes then you probably should have picked a tank dummy! When playing Urgot its to your advantage to let them push the lane. The more they push the farther they have to run when you lock in on them with Q. So in the early phase allow them to push only attack to last hit the creeps. Use Q now and then if they leave themselves open but don't recklessly spam it our you will end up pushing your lane. By level 3 you should try to hit them with an E+Q+Q+Q combo. Early game this could very well get your a kill however if it doesn't you can use it to push them from the lane getting a gold/exp advantage. Keep big bossing them as often as you can with E+Q+Q+Q. Use melee where you can but keep in mind Urgot has a pretty low range for a raged hero. If you exchange melee hits with most ranged ad heroes early game they will get the better of you because of the range.

As early game starts moving to mid game usually one of three things will happen in your lane. The enemy will become super defensive, super offensive, or you will be ganked. If they play
defensively do absolutely NOTHING that would push the lane! This may also include not last hitting. If they are staying back then use your presence to keep them back, if they make a move towards you hit them with E and pound them with Q. This forces them to engage in the lane or miss out on exp. If they play super aggressive then stay back and pound them with Q+E. This is probably the best situation to be in because it allows you to dictate the fights. Now if your start winning the lane and they start ganking you all you can do is play defensively, put up wards, and punish them when they make a mistake. While it may be frustrating just remember that if they keep a constant gank presence at your lane then their overall gank/jungle game is suffering just to keep you under control.

Mid Game:
Now as you start to build up damage mid game you are going to be tempted to melee but Urgot is too fragile at this point. You will be much better off playing like a sniper. A boss sniper that snipes with rocket powered chainsaws. While your melee has low range your E+Q rockets have insane range. Use this too your advantage to keep out of direct combat and snipe enemies from relatively safe distances. Now it is ok to melee if its a 1v1 situation or you can get the kill and there is little chance to be ganked, but for the most part you are better served sniping from safety and building up your occult. Also remember that if you are in a battle and your not sure that you will win use your ult. Even if its a hero in melee range swap gives you a huge armor/Magic resist bonus, slows your enemy, and gives you a little time for your cooldowns to reset. Its not an I win button but it may just give you the edge in a close fight.

Late Game:
Now heres where bosses start big bossing. With your high ad your spells will hit like a truck. A rocket powered truck covered in chainsaws. AWESOME. But heres the best part! With your full item build you should have around 500 ad, 25% life steal and 85% chance to crit thats a whopping 1000 damage crit on moderately armored heroes! Now this is what being a boss is all about, who needs tank items when you heal yourself for 200 hp per attack? Thats right Urgots who are NOT bosses need tank items. From here on out switch from playing in the back and sniping to using your melee as your prime source of damage. Continue to mix in your spells with your auto attack to maximize damage. Like a boss.

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What skin do you use for Urgot?

I felt this had to be included up front with its own chapter. You always pick butcher Urgot. Always. Crab Urgot and normal Urgot are not boss skins. Butcher Urgot is. You know what butches do? They big boss animals all day long. Crabs? They get big bossed by butchers. If that wasn't evidence enough I would like to point you to exhibit B. What does Q do on normal Urgot? Shoots a spike. Now that does sound painful but not really what a boss would shoot. How about Crab Urgot? He shoots crab claws and that sounds DELICIOUS. Butcher Urgot? Rocket powered chainsaws. Like. A. Boss. Hell ****ing yes rocket powered chainsaws. If you think a rocket powered chain saw doesn't sound cool then get the hell out of this guide because you are not ready to be big boss Urgot.

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Pretty self explanatory but the end goal of the runes is to maximize damage. Heres why Bosses don't get other runes commonly used on Urgot.

Cool down reduction:
The bulk of your early game damage on Urgot comes from Q and E and early game you can get 3 Qs off for every E. Cooldown reduction will not change this until you hit about 35% cool down reduction at which point you can hit 4 Qs per E. Sure you can get a good or lucky snipe in with a lone Q now and then but there will rarely be a time that spamming Q will consistently hit a good player.

Mana Regen:
Once again there will be very little use for spamming skills early game your spells should be conserved for hitting their hero. Meki will be more then enough mana regen early game cover big bossing them.

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Also pretty simple for a boss. 21 in offence for high early game damage + crit stuff for when you start to big boss them with melee. 3 in support for early game mana/hp regen. 6 in defence for hp regen and this stacks especially well with tear/manamune. Once again pretty simple idea: Bosses want to do high damage and these masteries do high damage.

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Summoner Spells

Heres why Bossgots get Flash/Exhaust.

Flash:In addition to escaping/chasing down kill this also lets your ult be much more useful. There will be situations where a carry, for whatever reason, is out of place. You can use flash/ult to surprise them and drag them farther out of place while your team hammers them. Also you can use swap to move someone over impassible terrain and flash back over. This opportunity doesn't happen very often but when it does it is very satisfying, like denying someone a raise. Like a boss.

Exhaust: This will allow you to go one on one early game, shut down other carries mid-late game and allow you to chase down kills all game long.

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Skill Sequence

Once again simple! Maxing out q first gets you damage. If your a boss you want this. Next focus e, the minus % armor will get your more damage. Once again bosses always need more damage! Get one level of w at level 4 for the slow and ult when you can. (even if they don't do damage they help you do more damage so it is allowable for a boss to get them.)

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Two words: ATTACK DAMAGE! Go pure ad to be a true Bossgot. The more ad you have the more damage you do the bigger boss you are! Early-mid game you want to focus high ad damage to power up your q because this is where the bulk of your damage comes from. Grab an occult and tear asap so you can start charging them up for more boss damage. Mid-late game you will want to start building items for when you transition over to big bossing enemies with melee. Late game when all other items are complete sell your shoes and buy a second phantom dancer or if your team lacks decent crowd control or the other team seems to be able to sneak away then consider getting a frozen mallet. If the enemy team all stacks armor then consider switching out the first phantom for an armor reduction item. If you cant maintain stacks on occult you are not a boss so you shouldn't use this guide. However if they start to focus you and occult becomes impractical replace it with a bloodthirst.

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While this is not the end all be all build for Urgot it is in fact scientifically 20% more boss and 45% more balling than any other Urgot build out there. Urgots can be played as tanky DPS but why bother doing that when you can maximize damage and keep yourself relatively out of harms way? The answer of course is you shouldn't tank when you can dps because thats not what true bosses do. This information is all you need to play Urgot like a boss. If at any time you are tempted to get a non damage item or utility runes remember to ask yourself what a true Bossgot would do. The answer is he would get more damage. More damage is always the answer.
Rocket. Powered. Chainsaws. Like. A. BOSS.