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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malachai

Urgot is best as a support character. Yes he is.

Malachai Last updated on August 28, 2010
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First and foremost, it's important to note that just like every other champ released, there are as many different ways to play Urgot as there are summoners. I've been playing with him since release day, and while I'm by no means the best Urgot out there, I've played against enough to pick up a little something from most of them. Even the horrible ones.

In his description from Riot, nowhere in his profile does the word TANK appear under attributes. Seriously, I'm looking at it right now. So everyone that likes to stack every item that boosts health and armor at the expense of damage output is critically limiting what Urgot can do. Just because his character model is huge and intimidating doesn't mean it can stand up to the same punishment a fed Cho can. That being said, his potential for damage is highest early/mid game, with a serious plummet late game. He shines early on in controlling lanes and coming out of nowhere late game to gank, but his primary role - and this should be remembered throughout the entire game - is a support character. I know it's very counter-intuitive, but it's true. Yes, he can deal out some crazy damage with his hits. Yes, he has insane range with Q when he lands E. Yes, his ult gives him added armor and magic resist. That doesn't mean he can go charging in and kill the entire team. Urgot needs to be played very smart to be effective, and running around by yourself expecting to kill everything that doesn't have robot spider legs is going to do your team more harm than good.

One quick note:
With a well-played Urgot, you shouldn't expect to rack up 20+ kills. Your primary aim should be with ASSISTS. His natural CC abilities, teamed with his powerful AD are best put to use aiding your team. I know that no one likes to be left out of the KS race, but consider the exp and money you get from getting 3 assists as opposed to one KS and dying. In my experience, that's what happens with Urgot. People either get too aggressive and get a bunch of kills with more deaths, or play support-class and get three times as many assists and help their team snowball the game out of control in under 15 minutes. My personal best (as I see it) with Urgot is 12/2/26. I like that ratio more than the KS heavy one I got early on of 16/8/10. Comparatively, that's 26 champ kills with 8 deaths, as opposed to 38 Champ kills for my team with ONLY 2 DEATHS.

So first off...
Most of you out there have seen this skill build before. It's pretty much standard with Urgot, and generally accepted as the best way to level him. I've seen (and accidentally misclicked and done it myself) NCC taken as the level one ability, and I'd say its a personal choice but only at level one. NCC has some decent range, and its AOE effect is nice, especially if you are dealing with champs that don't like to engage you. Most people I've played against follow predictable patterns with their champs movements early game. They click forward to the exact same spot, move back to the exact same spot, and time their movements with a predictable rhythm. NCC allows you to harass them very easily, because you still do damage for 5 seconds when they back off. The problem is, NCC doesn't do as much damage as a single Acid Hunter shot. If you are playing with a partner that can catch up or stun, maybe it would be nice with the armor reduction, but you still won't get the damage output of Acid Hunter.

It's important to level Acid Hunter as quick as possible, because this is the ability that's going to net you the most KS's. After that, NCC whenever you can for its increased damage output and armor reduction, It's crucial to get at least one level of Terror Capacitor at lvl 4, simply for the slow you deal when its active. The slow is proxy'd by Acid Hunter, and teamed with the range you have on it with NCC, you can slow them for 3 successive shots with Acid Hunter before your shield fails (with right CDR's). That alone almost negates the need for exhaust. After that, take a level of your ult and finish off with Terror Capacitor. The reason for leveling Terror Capacitor last is that it just doesn't shrug off enough damage to warrant taking it over your offensive abilities. At level 2 or 3, in most of the games I've played it still went down in under 2 seconds. Make no mistake, as Urgot you WILL be focused - especially since he is the new kid on the block, and a lvl 5 shield isn't going to do anything against 2 or 3 champs trying to gank you. Your best defense is not putting yourself in a position to be ganked in the first place.

The item build I have is a hybrid of sorts, since putting Urgot too far one way limits him in his other endeavors. I take a mana crystal and HP and mana pots first over Doran's ring because Doran's doesn't build towards anything Urgot needs later. With Mana Crystal, we already have 1/3 of sheen built, which will stay until almost endgame (some games will carry sheen through until victory - only really long games have a need for trinity). I take Sheen before the boots because early game you're not really going to be chasing anyone down without a decent teammate, so the extra damage outweighs the speed boost in my opinion. Plus, once you have lvl 1 Terror Capacitor, you're going to be slowing them with every attack anyway, so you don't need too much more than your base movement anyway. I take Ninja Tabi (which I know seems odd) for physical damage teams, but Mercury Treads are great against caster teams with a lot of CC. It really depends on the summoners you're facing. Ninja Tabi are nice because like I said, you WILL get focused and the added dodge might just save your reconstructed hide from that KS.

After that, it's damage with Frozen Mallet until lategame (or until you build Frozen Mallet) and then focus primarily on keeping yourself alive. Randuin and Guardian Angel are a MUST. I've seen some people get Warmog early on, and that's great, but it just doesn't have the benefits that Randuin and Angel do. Black Cleaver is last, because the armor reduction stacks are crucial for late game ganks. Every little bit helps, and as a support role, it is your job to ensure that your team can gank as easily as possible. I put Trinity at the end, simply because if you have the money after everything else, it's a nice bump up for Sheen.

Stark's Fervor is a great item to get too for team battles, but honestly for your role and abilities, it should come from another team member. Brutalizer I usually leave out, but depending on how the game is progressing, I sometimes switch it with Sheen but that's a "play it by ear" kinda thing.

Runes are pretty standard. Armor Pen marks and Quintessences for the extra dmg, CDR seals to get the most Acid Hunter shots possible, and Mana Regen glyphs because Urgot is extremely mana hungry early on - especially if you are using NCC and Acid hunter to harass and last shot minions.

Mastery is standard 11/0/19 to get the most mana and cooldown possible, while still keeping a little on the side for additional damage.

I take the Ghost/Flash combination that has been popular since Phreak posted his Youtube video, but unlike him, I use Flash primarily as a defense cast, and Ghost as an offensive one. Ghost is great when you need to catch up to the champ that's just out of reach, and you have a Terror Capacitor ready to slow him. Flash is basically my get away free spell, since it's great for flashing through walls or just out of their reach. What I'm surprised to see a lack of with Urgot is using flash with your ult. Flash is an amazing way to pull a champ into your team while still avoiding the return gank. Using flash immediately after Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse can put you back almost to the original point you popped your ult at. Its a great way to avoid the inevitable focus you'll draw when you pull their carry into your team.

Other Summoner spells that can work:
Exhaust - ok for the fleeing champs, but you have a shield that slows with every hit. Why do you need another?
Heal - I generally don't like heal, but I can't deny it can save your skin every once in a while. The problem is, if you're at a point where you need to pop heal, as Urgot you're probably just postponing the inevitable when a wall flash probably would have saved you.
Ignite - Good for the KS you're having trouble getting, but I find if I take Ignite I chase way more than I should, just to get the spell off.
Clarity - Good early game for your mana problems, but by endgame you won't be having mana issues at all, so it's wasted.
Cleanse - Always a good choice if you don't want two movement spells. Being able to immediately remove CC's can save you nine times out of 10.

A few spells that should NEVER be taken however:
Revive - if you need revive, you're already playing Urgot wrong before you even start.
Rally - Not for you.
Fortify - Leave this to the Heimers and Galios its needed. Wasting a slot on your turrets with your ability range doesn't make sense.
Smite - You're not primarily a jungler, and by the time you get to jungling, you can kill the creeps without it anyways.

Are always nice, but Golem - especially early on - makes Urgot absolutely DOMINATE. The CDR and mana regen make him able to Q spam like you would not believe. If possible, get an ally to help you take the Golem early on and you should have no trouble holding/pushing your lane against most champs.

And lastly,
This is by no means an all inclusive list, but some champs are just better suited to hurt Urgot than others. These are just the ones I've played against with GOOD players controlling them.
EVELYNN - her stealth and the ability to stun you when she pops out of it will set the stage early on for your ganks if you are not careful.
JAX - his leap has a crazy range, and if he lands it and stuns you, you're pretty much done.
KARTHUS - his ult is dangerous to ANY champ with low health, stay above 50% if possible
KASSADIN - his ability to silence you with his normal abilities makes getting ANY of yours off very difficult. It's important to stunt his growth early on so you can out perform him, even if silenced for a few seconds.
KOG'MAW - Range is a huge factor, and added to his tremendously annoying death ability he can easily take you to below 25% even if you kill him.
MALZAHAR - Haven't played too much against him, but his silences make it hard for you to do anything, and his voidlings are pretty annoying when you are trying to focus on other things.
POPPY - If Poppy targets you, good luck and I hope you have a stellar team that is well-vested in keeping you alive. Heroic Charge, teamed with Paragon of Demecia, Diplomatic Immunity and Devastating Blow have 2-shot me more times than I like to admit. She is, in my opinion, one of the MOST DANGEROUS champions for Urgot to go against.
SHACO/TEEMO/TWITCH - these three are lumped together because they take basically the same tactic against Urgot. Attack Speed, Stealth, Gank. If you are facing one of these, it is well worth your money to invest in an Oracle's Elixir, just so you know where they are.
URGOT - Yeah, you can be dangerous to yourself, especially if the other team has been feeding him more than you've been fed. You know you're abilities and their ranges, avoid NCC at all costs.
VEIGAR - Ive found that Urgot can shake off all but the most fed casters, however Veigar (with his constant AP gain and stun) can do serious damage to Urgot. Try to aviod getting stunned, and watch out for his ult if he's AP heavy.
WARWICK - Don't get stunned. I haven't run into a really great Warwick since I've started playing Urgot, but I know WW and what he's capable of. Don't let him get the stun.
ZILEAN - one of the most underestimated champs, IMO. His time bombs can harass you almost as your NCC+Acid Hunter can harass him. The bombs are a great way to KS you, even when you think you've made it, plus the splash damage from a minion bomb can bring you down just as quick. His haste/slow can ruin your escape, and his Ult can save him from that last Acid Hunter you thought you landed.