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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvx

Urgot - No, you dont have to **** it up

Lvx Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Mimimimimimimimi... Lvx is cheeky again

Okay... I read the Urgot builds on this page, and was not really sure if you want me to cry or to laugh out loud. After a while, I decided to stop thinking about that, and to get to business, to prestent you with a - tested - build that should get you rid of "AP fixation", "guardian angel deathwishes" and the question how much AD you actually need.

Masteries 9/0/21
We need our 15% CDR on summoner spells. So we go for x/x/21. 9/0/21 has proven to be effective, but maybe other masteries will work out as well. Anyway, going 11/0/19 - like in the spotlight - is rather uncool:
You wont get as much dmg-potential nor survivability out of your offense-tree, like 1,17 times the useage of your summoner spells (1 / 0,85 = 1,17) will grant you. Period.

Summoner skills
1st: Here many people go for flash. It is actually not necessary, if you know how to time your ghost. I suggest heal, as it will a) allow you to stay in lane longer in early game and b) you actually don't need two summoner skills, so you can contribute to your teams safety with this skills.
Otherwise, feel free to go for clairvoyance or fortify, to really show that you are a team player.

2nd: Urgot isn't the fastest champ around with his 310 basic movespeed. And even with mercury threads, his 360 aren't impressive. So we'll go for ghost, for the chasing, the escaping, and to land our ulti. Indisputable.

Skill sequence
I do not really get, how anybody could go for "acid hunter" (AH) on level one. In no case, your AD will be high enough to outlvl the dmg that "noxian corrosive charge" (NCC) will deal. Okay, AH has higher dmg/s as its CD is only 1,8s. True.
But without NCC you wont have a missile lock, so your opponents can hide out behind creeps and you wont hit them. So no point for the AH-fanatics afterall.
Beside that, NCC is a damage over time. People fear DoT (for a pretty good reason): You dont know exactly with how much life you will be left after its effect ends, and you have the psychological pressure of repedingly showing red numbers over your char. You will rather run, than fight back. That's how you buy your time in early game.
Rest is business as usual...

marks: ArP. We want to place our dmg, and for that we need ArP. Find out more about ArP at my theorycraftig compendium.
seals: Dodge. You cant dodge enough. It will help you during creepwaves (urgot is great for tower defs, but getting hit 6,75% less is still neat) and against ranged dps like hell.
Why no CDR? First of all, your masteries already grant you 9% CDR. If you really need it, you'll pick up a Nashors Tooth for the AP and AS - and get another 25% CDR. Makes 34%. As CDR is capped at 40% anyway, no matter how you build your champ, there is no need to waste runes on it.
And, last but not least: Your CDs are already pretty low. 1,8s for AH, 5s for NCC - you don't even need CDR.
glyphs: MR. We won't spend much space and gold on MR items. So if we can get 24 MR for free, we will take it.
essences: HP flat. One of the few champs, where this is really useful, as in combination with his mentionable base HP, this will make him a rock in early game. If you don't need it: ArP again.

Now listen up, this is what makes my eyes bleed during most games: Urgots with infinity edge (you will never get crit chance high enough to benefit from this), urgots with guardian angels (you have your capacitor... if that doesnt keep you alive, go for a real tank) and so on.
Even worse is the idea to copy an Kayle's hybrid build (seen already), as she needs AD and AP as well as Urgot does. Difference: Kayle converts AD to AP and vice versa, so you can focus on AP. Won't work with urgot, for AH you will need native AD.

Footwear: As there is no ArP-boots, and our main dmg wont be magic, there is no dmg amplifying shoes for us beside berserkers. If you like high AS go for it. Most time you will spam AH anyway, during that time you can't attack as well, and therefore berserkes will be less effective. Mercury threads really is a good pick on Urgot.

Accesoires: But Urgot does not only like fancy shoes, but also some *bling bling* to show of. Give it to him:
Innervating Locket grants you a pretty nice heal (active every 4s for 2s, healing 50 HP. Makes 12,5 HP/s - constantly!). It has a 4s cooldown, and your AH has a 1,8s CD. Your locket will be always up, so your mana pool wont be a big problem, and (and your mates) benefit from a nice heal.

Banshees grants you some more HP, mana and most important: MR. Stacks nicely with your ulti, and makes your dives even saver. Especially as it will block the first stun / nuke when you change positions with your opponents during teamfights, it will greatly increase your survivabilty. (Swap it with hextech gunblade, according to how well your game is going)

Armory: We need AD for our AH. And we like AP for our shield and NCC. This is why we go for rageblade (93 AP with 8 stacks) and 35 AD / 32 AS (with 8 stacks). Effect lasts 5s, your AH has 1,8s - will be always up, just like your innervating locket. Yes, urgot is a buff *****.
Hextech gunblade, one of the most useless items in the game, suddenly is interesting: It gives us AD and AP again (sadly, the values on mobafire are wrong, according to ingame tests and the LOL site, it is 60 AD and 75AP!). And both in pretty high numbers. Spell vamp isnt that useful for us, but we take the 15% lifesteal, as it is offered already.
Active use is a nice iniator, or helps you to land your ulti on fleeing enemies (700 range for gunblade, dealing 300dmg and - if that's not yet lethal, slowing by 50% for 3s. Will bring you in range for ulti for sure).

If the game lasts long enough, get yourselves a frozen mallat for survivability and CC. A slow on normal attacks is nice, as a) you have a 400 attack range, b) you will reduce their dmg (your passive skill) by 15% at the same time, so try to hit all the enemies in a rotation. Mostly you wont make it that far anyway, but as you can carry six items, I wanted to present a 6th idea.

In conclusio
This build is designed to give you maximum lane presence and survivability, with a balanced dmg of your AH and NCC. It is an expensive build, but Urgot is a good farmer, especially on mid lanes (which he can easily take).
It is behind highest possible dmg/s, as I tried to stick to Urgots purpose as supporter as well.

Feel free to give it a try and give me feedback afterwards.