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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoshihiko

Urgot, Non-Stop (reviewed)

yoshihiko Last updated on February 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 15

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This is Urgot. He's a *****.

This build has it all, and for good reason. Urgot needs mana, AD, ArP, & cooldown reduction to deal damage. He needs hp, Mr, Armor, and movespeed to survive. AP is always cool.

This Urgot Build is made to piss off the enemy because he is just so useful. I warn you that This build realy shine in the hands of a true team player, if you feel not up to that then i suggest trying a different build or character.

(this build has been edited to be more complete and pleasing to the eyes)

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Pros / Cons

This build's pros:
-Lots of bars
-good damage
-great kiting
-just plain works

-not a nuke
-not a tank
-your a team player
-not realy anything

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The runes chosen should seem obvious for the most part
ArP x 9Cdr/lvl x 9movespeed x 3 (who doesn't love movespeed)
but the reason that there are nine hp runes is that it works with Atmas impailer and the survivabilty is always great.

Choose what you want but this is what I prefer.

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In the offense tree get AP and cooldown reduction. The ap ends up being better than crit due to Terror Capacitor.

Defense and hp regen stacks well with your high mana pool, you will lane until you run out of mana, not health.

In the utilities tree get the mana for damage (explained later) and get the core mastery for this build, movespeed.

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Summoner Spells

I'm NOT goin to go throught the whole list of Spells.

Exaust is great, on Urgot i like it to have even more slow, it also comes in handy againt champions like Warwick or Yi, in other words, fast damaging people.

Next get a movement spell, any
-Teleport, great for getting your first item or saving someone or something.
-Ghost, more speed? why not, you might get diminishing returns but this skill can just give your that edge you need sometimes.
-Flash, I dont use flash on any champ much but i know its good, on this build it can be good if you need to pass a barrier, lenthen your ult, or get a way from the chaos instantly.
-Cleanse, perhaps but your tough and fast, do you really need this?

Ones not to get
-Clarity, do not be decieved, you do NOT need this, you will have ample mana, enough to spam for ages. the mana pots you buy at the beginning should solve any REAL mana problems you have throughout the entire game. If your out of mana, its about time to buy new items, or get a blue buff

I dont even feel like talking about the rest of them

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Skill Sequence

Start with Noxian Corrosive Charge, it is cheap, More powerful that Acid hunter At level 1 and you can scout bushes with it (always scout bushes)

Otherwise get as much Acid Hunter and Ult as you can.

Then level your Terror Capacitor then the Corrosive Charge. The Terror Capacitor will save you lives in more ways then one (blocking tower shots, giving you acid hunter slow, Kiting enemies).

In Terms With your Ult, be wary of how you use it. If you aren't Premade then most people will only notice you ULTing when they find it obvious. Also, dont forget to use it as a Stun. Switch with a Katarina and the Tables WILL turn.

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As with most builds, this is the core.

your damage items consist of



they start out strong and only get better as you get more items (excluding the trinity force)

With full items the Manamune and Atma will give a whopping 20+79 and 70 damage, add the Trinity and the grand total equates to 20+(~80)+70+30=200 damage from three items. The best part is that the items also give great bonus effects, 1350 mana, 45 armor, and the Trinity force is in a world of its own.

The build order is as above: Manamune, Cdr Boots, Trinity Force, Atma's, Banshee's veil, Rod of ages

Basicaly you start with Manamune because it will make your life a lot easyer and you need to start stacking that mana ASAP. Rush the Manamune, it is core, not for the build but for Urgot

You then need Boots, you should know why.

then you need more speed, get a zeal.

then you make your Trinity, you can get it piece by piece, get what you need from it then fuse it. You will now move really fast with your runes.

By now you should be thinking I'm Urgot, I though I did massive Damage? Don't worry, your spells give you plenty of damage and its time to get an Atma's to improve them.

Next you will notice that you might lack in the magic resist department, Time to get a Banshee's. It will give you your magic resist and +15 damage too, why? WELL... your Manamune and Atma will Boost off of the health and mana it gives, nifty hun?

Lastly get a rod of ages. WAIT! WHAT WHAT WHAT? URGOT WITH ROD OF AGES? Yes, It gives mana, health, ap for your terror capacitor, plus... after 15 mins it will give you 27 damage due to your Manamune and Atma.

Don't worry about at what time in game to get these items, just get them in sequence. With your ult you become a teporary tank (200+ armor an Mr, 3500+ HP). You should easily obtain over 300 damage, 100 Ap, 3500 Hp, even more Mana, Heath regen due to high mana, Lots of Movespeed, an autoAttack Slow, A personal spell slow, 100 armor and Mr, 30% crit, and so on and so forth.

The only item you may want to reconcider is rod of ages for rylai's, with it your enemies will be slowed like crazy, at the cost of damage, mana,and health

If you are fighting people that require a different sequence of items do so, but if you want to stick to the build, get the same items but in a different sequence.

on a side not, if you are part of a phyisical damage team and the enemies stack armor, don't be stupid, yes you can get a last whisper instead of a rod of ages.

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With mana, high damage, and a really spammable spell (Acid Hunter), dont forget to farm. However unlike some farmers, you will need to watch your mana perhaps a bit more than lets say, a Garen?

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Unique Skills

Urgot Is one of the few true kiters of this game. Using terror capacitor and acid hunter you can run away from almost anything (except perhaps Yi when you dont have exaust). Once you learn to kite to save yourself, learn to kite to save your friends, they will appauld you.

Urgot's Acid hunter locks onto targets affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge. Even if you can see them... If you see someone affected by you debuff and he runs for the bushes, just thrown a blind Acid Hunter and watch it arc onto the target.

Like other AoE Spells, Noxian Corrosive Charge reveals unseen areas, includin bushes, exploit this. Also if you believe that there is someone in the bushes but you can't see them use it, it might even hit and ready you to chase him with terror capacitor, acid hunter combo.

Your ultimate, HYPER-KINETIC POSITION REVERSE (man that is a long name) has multiple uses. It slows, sends back, stuns the target. It gives armor & Mr, better positioning and control to you. BUT beware of where you will land.

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Team Work

Urgot built my way is actually a team player. He has slows, repositions, a stun, damage and a constant presence (hence non-stop). He also has debuffs that reduce damage taken and increase damage output of the team (noxian corrosive charge's -20% armor debuff).

An Urgot Built this way must exploit his team. Repositioning a core player of the enemy team can mean a push or a loss.

Don't forget you have a stun. You can use it to Stop Ults, Stop Warwicks from living so long, there are eddless possibilities. Your ult Can be exploited in more ways than one.

You make a great mid, but so do others, exploit your possibilities

You make chasing easy, exploit.

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Running Away

No matter what character you play you will have to run away once in a while.

This build make this part of the game relatively easy. Generally you can run away by kiting people with Terror Capacitor and Acid hunter. However there are times you need to do more.

-Exaust is a slow, you can use that too (inventive hun?)
-move away from the source of the problem
move towards your turrets and away from theirs...

Okay, now that I'm done being sarcastic on to Urgot only escape mechanisms

Use your Ult to run

In the case that you have been ganked from the rear and your ult is up use it on them. It will bring you back and him away. As an added bonus you become tougher and he gets slowed.

Use you Ult to do a reverse gank

Your ult can literaly reverse the playing field. You see an enemy running after you run to an ally, afterward before he sees your powerful ally Ult him next to your friend (works great with bushes). You then proceed to attack him from both sides. Your slows should keep him pretty still. Beware this is not a pro thing to do and this could lead to a double kill for the Mord chasing you.
Specific to this build

Between having movespeed quints, masteries, and Trinity force you have an insane amount of movespeed. To top it of you should generally be at the back of you team, supporting them, you should already have distance on them. The only exception is if you have used your Ult. In that case face the consequences of using such a game changing ult.

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Get a blue buff?

otherwise don't do more than a laner should do.

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Author's Comment

This is how I play Urgot, not the way to play Urgot; there is no one way to play a character.

I understand I don't include many other item options or mastery options or the like. This is for one reason. This build generaly works, I have yet to have to make serious changes to my built while in game.

last tips.
-use your auto attack if you can, you have damage, a debuff, extra attackspeed and crit. Don't feel like a mage limited to his spells, but don't get cocky, your still no tank.

-You might actully want to consider yourself a firesupport champion. Like Ashe. If you are new to Urgot try thinking of a character that plays like someone between Morgana and Kog'maw at first.

-you aren't squishy, you aren't tanky without you ult up. know your limits.

-Like all champions, you will need to get used to Urgot; if he doesn't work for you then don't frustrate yourself to play him

I like Urgot because he is not played by many and has a coolness that is on its own scale hope you enjoy my build and please tell me why you voted up or down. thank you.