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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scorpionite

Urgot - Noxian Assassin

Scorpionite Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my second guide, feel free to critique me as you will.

Urgot, The Headsman's Pride


There are warriors who become great for their strength, cunning, or skill with arms. Others simply refuse to die. Urgot, once a great soldier of Noxus, may constitute a case in support of the latter. Prone to diving headlong into enemy battle lines, Urgot sewed chaos throughout the enemy ranks, often sustaining grievous injuries in the process. When his body was unable to weather further abuse, the crippled Urgot was delegated the position of High Executioner of Noxus. By this time, his hands had been ruined and he could barely walk. Scythe-like grafts affixed to his maimed limbs served to carry out his bloody work.

Urgot finally met his end at what should have been his finest hour. Because of his military background, he often accompanied detachments into foreign territory to carry out judgment. After ambushing an enemy force, Jarvan IV, Crown Prince of Demacia, fell into the clutches of Urgot's division. Too far from Noxus to risk transporting their prize for ransom, Urgot prepared to dispose of their captive. At the final moment, however, the Dauntless Vanguard, led by Garen, the Might of Demacia, intervened, and Urgot was cut in two by the zealous warrior as he scrambled to free his Prince. In recognition of his service, the executioner's remains were remanded to the Bleak Academy for reanimation. A lifetime of abuse, however, had left his body in a catastrophic state; proving problematic to the necromancers' craft. Professor Stanwick Pididly, the prevailing scholar of Zaun, offered a solution. Within Pididly's laboratories, a nightmarish new body was forged for Urgot. Now as much machine as man, Urgot arrived at the League of Legends in search of the man who ended his life; necromantic energies coursing through his metal veins.

''We can rebuild him. We have the techmaturgy.'' --Professor Stanwick Pididly


Playing As Urgot:

*Prior to firing Acid Hunter, try hovering over an enemy afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge. Upon launching, the Acid Hunter will ignore all other enemies and fly directly to the corroding target.

*Urgot is a great skirmisher. Try hitting his enemies with Noxian Corrosive Charge followed by multiple missile-locked Acid Hunters.

*Urgot can deal heavy damage in a short period of time. When playing Urgot keep moving and wait for an enemy to make a mistake. Use your Terror Capacitor, followed by your Noxian Corrosive charge, and Hunter Acid-Missiles to maximize your damage output. If an enemy is about to escape and your Ult is all you have left, save it unless absolutely necessary. You can always find more useful situations to use it.

*Urgot has no escape ability other than his shield. Taking summoner spells such as Flash and Ghost are always a good idea if you aren't comfortable with just boots and Urgots shield. Never underestimate the damage output of your enemy!

Playing Against Urgot:

*Keep moving to avoid being hit by Urgot's Noxian Corrosive Charge. If you are afflicted by his corrosive charge, quickly move out of range to avoid his Acid Hunter Missiles.

*Urgot deals more damage when his Terror Capacitor is active. Quickly break the shield from his Terror Capacitor to reduce the damage he deals.

*Urgot has only one ability which helps him escape, his Terror Capacitor shield. Punish players who are new to Urgot who do not bring a method to escape ganks. It is possible to still avoid ganks without those summoner spells, but I do not recommend it for new players to Urgot.

Those are the tips from Urgot's page as well as a few of my own tips.

Urgot's main role:

Urgot is a great assassin, and so his role heavily relies on DPS. This is why he heavily relies on items such as Starks, Youmous, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge, and Youmous Ghostblade. With these items you will be able to dispatch anyone who is caught unaware by you. Afterall you are a pro of assassination. A lot of people will be wary of you because afterall Urgot is new. So, this is the best time to get kills that might have been turned around if only they hadn't panicked and ran away. Don't worry there will still be those people even after everyone gets to know Urgot. Even if you don't find overly cautious people Urgot can hold his own verse quite a few enemies. Urgot's Terror Capacitor shield absorbs damage for him, and you're attacks decrease your enemies damage output by 15%.

Masteries and Rune Page:

For Urgot I feel that a standard 21/9/0 build is in order. The reason being is that you want to maximize your damage output while still maintaining some defense. The masteries really help in the beginning, and begin to stack up later as you get Terror Capacitor charges. These masteries as you can see above stacked with my rune page give me quite a bit of chance to crit in the beginning of the game. Even if around 10% doesn't seem like a lot, I have hit criticals that have scored me First Blood more times than I care to name. My best crit kill came from my level 1 Gangplank (go figure, parley is beast). Basically don't dismiss it until you've tried it!

Summoner Spells

To me there are only a few clear choices when it comes to choosing summoner spells for Urgot. First and foremost choices for newer Urgots would be Exhaust/Flash or Exhaust/Ghost. For the more risk oriented like myself who really want first blood and are experienced with LoL (500+ Games), you could go with Ignite and Exhaust (My personal favorite). The reason newer Urgot players should choose Exhaust/Flash, Ignite/Flash, Exhaust/Ghost, or Ignite/Ghost is because Urgot has only 1 skill that can save your butt. Once his Terror Capacitor shield is broken and you are still in danger, you might as well kiss your butt goodbye. Flash and Ghost can really save your butt in high threat/danger situations. Once you are more seasoned and are more comfortable with Urgot and are cautious and aware of ganks/surroundings, you can start using the risque Exhaust/Ignite combo.

Skilling Order:

The reason I go E, Q, W, R should be pretty self explanatory. Getting Noxian Corrosive Charge at level 1 allows me to spam decent a DoT that stacks with Ignite and has less chance to miss than Hunter Acid-Missiles. By level 2 if I haven't scored first blood, and the enemy hasn't healed I can quickly pop E, and start firing homing missiles with Q. This has worked better for me than the reverse of going Q and then E at level 2. At level 5 I get my first level in Terror Capacitor for its slowing capabilities(helps maximize damage before someone can escape, most of the time netting a kill). I prefer to use it to my Ultimate as I want to save that for team fights where it'll really matter or to save a friend in trouble. After I get my ultimate at level 6 I continue maxing out E, and Q respectively while getting my ult when it's available to level up. I do Terror Capacitor last unless I absolutely need the shield because my team is doing poorly and I'm in a lot of 3 vs 1 or whatever situations.

Pros of Urgot:

He's fast (quite agile for a big feller)
He can help scout out enemies because he's fast :P
He is great suppressive fire support champion
His Ult and Terror capacitor are great for disabling enemy champions
Great assassination capabilities
Great Asset to any team lacking a good ranged DPS


He doesn't have a lot of HP despite his armor reducing attacks and shield. (Can get focused down quite easily.)
He doesn't have any great escape abilities (again Terror Capacitor is his only one unless you have to waste an ult on a single champion lol)
He gets harder to play as the game goes on (Try to end the game early to avoid long stretched out battles where Urgot is weaker.)


My conclusion is that Urgot is a very fun champion to play, and has a very unique play style. If you like arachnoids you are sure to like Urgot. As I said he is one of the funnest ranged champions I've played and actually like seeing a good one on my team (when I'm not playing him). I'm sure there are tons of builds people will come up for this guy, and this is just my personal preference. I hope you guys can find your own way to play this unique champion and have as much fun as I've had with him since launch. I hope this guide helps, and I welcome and criticism! Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!