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Urgot Build Guide by Domelius

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Domelius

Urgot [Off-tank] Updated 20.08.2011

Domelius Last updated on August 20, 2011
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I. Oh my dear bag of meat on four legs! Give me the victory I crave for!

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II. Introduction

Hello. This is my 1st guide so please don't be cruel ;) And sorry for any spelling mistakes.

I've been playing Urgot for some time. I tried to find a good build but only after I made some of my own modification I found the best Urgot for me.
This might become also a great build for You if You will bother to read this whole guide. Please don't cry and minus my build if You just took a glance at runes and masteries and jumped straight into the game and got your butt kicked.
Here I present the great and fearfull (and most often underestimated) Urgot. I'm sorry for being self confident but I never met better Urgot than me. It is not only about winning and geting great score. It is also a way to learn how to lose with positive score and co-operate with Your mates (which can be really annoying with random games). Still I managed to keep a win ratio with Urgot above 90%. I will explain in details how to rule the battlefield with this champion.

This build makes Urgot a bit tankish, You will not have enormous killing power but You will be able to have at least equal fight with Mundo or Malphite - if You grow powerful enough. With a proper combination (not even flash or ghost) You can perform miraculous but planned escapes, that will make Your enemies red with anger raging and cursing You a lot :)

Urgot is my favourite champion even though I play various other characters. These are just some stats, I didn't make many screenshots as I use many champs in LoL. Of couree I also lose with Urgot but if that happens I almost always have higher number of kills than deaths. (afker/quitters etc. but that happens when You play with random people. If I die with Urgot it is usually in the early game cause I'm too greedy and want to get kills ;)

I would also like to say "Thank You" to Searz and his build, upon which I based my experiments with Urgot.

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III. Pros / Cons


- Very powerfull in early game, Urgot stays a threat for whole game
- Awesome harassing abilities
- Great on any lane, can hold vs 2 enemies for some time
- Eevery skill Urgot has is usefull
- Insane range/harrasment thanks to Noxian Corrosive Charge + Acid Hunter
- Capable of making "hit & run" tactic in range of nearby enemy turret thanks to Terror Capacitor
- Doesn't have problems with getting Golem/Lizard buffs


- Kinda Slow
- Ugly design :)
- Can be hard to play vs well armored enemies
- Mediocre farmer
- Skill based champion, without them You are dead
- Focused on single target

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IV. Runes

Greater Mark of Desolation - armor penetration, quite obvious...
Greater Seal of Replenishment - to keep the mana coming.
Greater Glyph of Focus - Cooldown reduction, cause You need to use Your skills as most often as possible.
Greater Quint of Focus - More cooldown reduction = more fun and using Acid Hunter almost every second.

You can also use Greater Quint of Fortitude that will give You 78 health instead of 5% cooldown reduction to be little more tanky, but I recommend to stay with the CDR runes.
IF Your choice is flat HP runes be sure to get one cooldown reducing item!

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V. Items: core + finishing

Oh oh! The favourite part! By the way - this build costs 14985 gold. Personally I get around 5 items per game. (normal 5v5 games, around 45 mins) Of course the price may be different depending on Your choice of finishing items.

1. Start the game with a Meki Pendantand 2x Health Potions. Be sure to buy more HP potions if necessary.

2. Get Tear of the Goddessas soon as possible. It enlarges Your mana pool and mana regeneration.

3. Grab a pair of basic Boots of Speed

4. Now You have some options:
Normally just rush for Manamunebut if You play vs many "disabling" champions among enemy ranks, than grab Mercury's Treads.before Manamune (Mercury's Treads shuld be your second full item)

If there are mainly champs based on a normal damage simply use Ninja Tabifor some armor and dodge. Still I'd rather stay with Mercury's Treads

5. your third item must be Guardian AngelArmor and Magic resistance + revive is awesome if You are being attacked after using Your ulti. It increases Your survivability greatly. In addition when opponents see "immortal aura" given by Guardian Angel they usually focus on someone else, as they see You as a harder opponent to kill.


6. If the game is going well I strongly recommend getting Trinity ForceThis item is awesome for many reasons - but basicly it helps You to survive when enemy gets very close to You: you get additional health and mana, attack speed, damage, critical and movement speed if you have to run away. Passive ability 25% chance to slow enemy on hit will help You in chases after using Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse.
Trinity Force may seem an item that takes looooong to get but with proper way of playing urgot You will get it in no time.

When building Your Trinity Force I usually complete this item in such order:

First is the Phagecause it gives some more HP and passive 25% slow on hit.

After that I get Sheenfor the passive that increases normal damage after You use a skills. And Urgot uses skill almost all the time.

Last component for Trinity force is Zealwith it's attack & movement speed and critical.


Banshee's Veil- Great item that gives You more health and mana and defends You from one enemy spell 2 times per 1,5 minute. It is almost always usefull and I pick it up very often. Oh, and one more thing, If You are beind disabled by enemy spells often be sure to buy it before Trinity Force

Aegis of the Legion- This item might be helpfull when there is no tank in your team and You have the biggest chance to survive. It helps You and Your mates. I usually skip it though.

Frozen Mallet- A bit of damage and mass of health. And slow on hit. What do You need more?

Last Whisper- This is possibly one of the best items to finish Urgot with. Damage and armor penetration suits great.

Infinity Edge- This items is not the best option for Urgot, at least not the tankish build I propose for You guys. Still if You want to finish some weakling You can give it a try.

Madred's Bloodrazor- seems fine as a last item, if You have the chance to collect it ;) Increases Your attack nicely in general.

Stark's Fervor- This is quite nice item for Urgot: Lifesteal, HP regen and the whole aura works quite nicely.

The Black Cleaver- Ohhh I like this one as my last item. Damage and attack speed with armor reduction is a nail to the coffin for Your enemies.

Thornmail- Buy this one only if You are the only tankish character in game. You will get Your *** kicked a bit less. This item is not that perfect but can be usefull.

Warmog's Armor- Same situation as with Thornmail. Buy this item along if You are the one to tank here. Remember there are still far more better items for Urgot.

Youmuu's Ghostblade- Can be usefull with damage and critical chance + armor penetration versus well armored tanks. Ability cooldown that is offered by this item is not that usefull/necessary.

The Bloodthirster- Well pick it if You have to for damage and lifesteal. But there are better options

Last but not least comes Phantom DancerSo if You want more mobility and attack speed with critical hits You can give it a try.

With all those items You simply have to chose and know Your role in the team. I am usually the one that initiates pushes harassing the enemies. But sometimes I simply stay at range and finish those poor bastards. Pick the finishing items suitable for the situation You are in. Don't be afraid to experiment with those items I presented here. Sometimes You will win, sometimes not. Still You will know You played well.

But coming back to finishing items. I usually get: Banshee's Veil with damage based items like Madred's Bloodrazor, Last Whisper, The Black Cleaver or Phantom Dancer. Personally Last Whisper is my item of choice.
You can also try building Your Urgot just towards tank or just towards damage output. I always try to keep my Urgot as a tankish hybrid. Seems to work well.

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VI. Skill Sequence & how to use them

You can read the description of skills elsewere (like in game). I won't waste time on explaining them here.

I always get Acid Hunteron 1st lvl. Acid Hunter should be always a skill with highest choice priority (except ulti of course)

On 2nd lvl. You have to make a choice. If You feel the enemy is too tough, grab the Terror Capacitorand use it when You suspect enemy to use his skill and attack. And it slows on hit while shield is on.
If You fight vs rather squishy champs or want to scare away the ranged ones use Noxian Corrosive Chargeto enable You perfect targeting when You combine Q+E skill.

I strongly suggest maxing out Terror Capacitor as a second skill. You can leave Noxian Corrosive Charge till the end on lvl.1 and mix mastering Q & W skill.

Just wrote this below if You don't know how to play Urgot well.

Urgot is cool 1 on 1 champion that melts the brain of his enemy. During the ulti which swaps Your position with enemy press W that shields You and aim E at the enemy (spot You stood) for slowing and damaging them with Q. By the time your opponent will be able to move well Your skills should recharge which allow You to slow him more or chase down with ghost or flash ability if necessary. Add the resistances and revive from Guardian Angel and all the awesomness from Trinity force and You will be master of slowing Your enemies. Even if You have to run You can always run faster.

In ganks I didn't get attacked that much. Why? Cause I made Urgot tough and opponents focus on weaklings. Always be sure to have at least one skill ready to use (ghost or flash) to escape from battle. You can than attack the fighting pile of champs with Your basic skills slowing down the fleeing enemies for Your party members.

Also remember that You can be ganked and disabled with enemy spells. Thats why I try to have at least flash ir ghost ready to use. And try to keep Your enemy at distance all the time. Urgot due to his ulti is a champion that have to be played especially carefull. Still if You manage to get to know this champion well and use him like I do You will know that You can play really agressive with him against your enemies.

In early part of game be sure to keep Your eyes on mana level. Without it You are done.

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VII. Other matters and few tips

To make it short - Ghostand Flashare best options for Urgot hands down. Chase or run, they are both awesome.

If it goes for jungling - You can do it with Urgot in mid game and grab any of the buffs. They will be usefull but they are not essential. Just grab them in free time if they are still not taken. It is not that hard to kill the mobs in bushes. If You are not confident with getting the buffs just have a health potion, just in case ;)

Farming - Urgot's skills focus mainly on single target, so be sure to use the W (shield) when You face masses of mobs and there is no support from Your minions.

I usually carry potions till I get Guardian Angel. Did I mention that?

Even though You are quite tankish champion thanks to this build You are still not the one who should pop into the middle of the fight. You just have great chance to survive and attack again from distance. You can surely scare the poo out of Kennen, Ashe or other squishy chars but It might get nasty when You meet Vladimir, Irelia or Fiddlesticks on mid. Just remember to be carefull. Still I was capable to feed well on Mordekaiser (playing mid lane) with 5:1 kill advanatge.
To be true I think that it all mainly depends on Your personal skills.
When You play your game, play it like there is no ressurection after one death ;)

Anyway that will be it. I hope You will enjoy Urgot as much as I do although he is a f**cking ugly bastard ;)

I will be pleased with any constructive criticisim. Tell me how this build worked for You.