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Urgot Build Guide by Heffyend

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Heffyend

Urgot remade to hunt you down

Heffyend Last updated on April 29, 2012
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A little something to know about Urgot

"We can rebuild him. We have the techmaturgy."
Professor Stanwick Pididly

Honestly, Urgot was once a champion that people underestimated. People would rather choose between Vayne, Graves, Corki, etc etc. But Urgot, seemed only good in the beginning and late game rather squishy or useless. However, people mostly build the casual Manamune build on him (this I will explain later why its so useless to build). This guide is to all those who play Urgot competitively or just for fun like I do and laugh at all those other range ad carries.

Good at Harrassing
Dominates early game
Has a shield
Range is freaking amazing
Great slow

Kinda hard to use
Not as much damage as other carries late game

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A little information about me playing Urgot

I seriously thought Urgot could never be a good range ad carry ever. Maybe decent but never super great until I saw an amazing Urgot player. This encouraged me to try him out and play around with his items and gimmicks. Of course, I gave up shortly since he was just too hard of a champion for me to actually carry a whole team. But as a year passed by, I was like lets try him out. I went on mobafire and all I saw were Manamune builds. This build isn't bad but just not my play style. I was like I wanted somewhat bulky type. Then one day I just happened to watch M5 play Urgot and against a Corki and I was like o god... that Corki is going to rape Urgot. But soon after I made that assumption the Urgot carried his whole team and won the match. I watched carefully fascinated as Dignitas get crushed by Urgot. I reaslized, this guy isn't running no Manamune build. All he had was a Brutalizer and i was like WTF man... so then I tried a new build out. Brutalizer with a bunch of tanky items with mana and I started raping left and right. He really didn't need no CS at all, maybe some but more than that he was a killing machine no one could stop.

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Misconceptions about Urgot

Most people think Urgot is a range carry. Well he can be played that way but the best and most viable way to play him is actually range bruiser. His abilities do decent amounts of damage and he has a shield and his ult requires him to trade spots with an opponent puttin him in a very bad spot if the other team is all there. Therefore he fits the spot as bruiser. He should only be run in a team in one case, your team already has enough damage. If that is the case then he can fit the spot at bot as ad carry. But please know that you are more of a bruiser, but at the same time this does not mean that you can go in like a tank and just take hits; you also need the mindset of a range ad carry while playing the bruising role for Urgot. Kinda weird but at the same time you will understand. Just think of him as an AD version of Vladimir.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer running Teleport and Flash. But you may choose another spell that fits your need. Some other spells I may recommend are Ignite, Heal, Ghost, Exhaust and Cleanse. But still... I prefer the standard two spells I use over any of the other spells any day.

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Okok... the rune pages I use are my preference. I've tried many other rune pages but this fits my play style, some tankiness and armor penetration with movement speed. IF you don't like it I would probably say find your playing style and get a rune page that fits it because I cant really help you here.

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Ok, I run my mastery page based off doing lots of damage. Therefore I like my range ad carries to all run the same page. I find that 21-0-9 works the best out of any other mastery tree. Now if you look carefully at my Utility Tree you'll notice I'm not running Meditation but rather I'm using Swiftness. This is all preference so you may run the other one instead but I prefer movement speed over mana regen any day even if the champion i use happens to be mana hungry. You'll thanks me one day for telling you this, trust me.

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I think I've already explained why I don't run Manamune but the one thing I didn't mention is that I know Urgot is a mana hungry *****. Well don't worry, you'll have plent of mana to use.

As you can see I start out with Boots of Speed, not Doran's Blade or any other items. This is because I like my champions to be fast just in case lets say the opposing teams jungler comes and ganks bot lane... well yea I do have flash but sometimes flash fails me seriously. Therefore I need to outrun the opponent. If you want to use some other weapon then go ahead, but the boots are my preference.

Ok, once you have enough gold to buy a Brutalizer, get this item as soon as possible. This item will be your main damage item for a very long time from early to mid and even late game. This item has cool down reduction, armor penetration, and damage. All three of these stats are very crucial and helpful to you. After you get that, go get a Glacial Shroud. This item gives you armor, mana, and yet again... COOL DOWN REDUCTION (WTFOMGGTFO!!!). Ya ya... it is a really good item on him.

Now... for your next choice you have two choices to choose from. You can either get Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi. For these choices matter depending on the situation of the other team. I do get Mercury's Treads most of the time though. But once in a while I will get a ninja tabi if I dont see a lot of CC threat from the opposing team or if they have tons of AD champs (that means 4 AD champs and 1 mediocre AP champ)

After you finish your shoes, finish the Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart. Now your core items are down. Your last few items will depend on the situation so you don't need to follow my item build suggested at the top, but you are more than welcome to try them out.

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Your laning partner

Well... there are many good supports in this game and yes you don't have to lane with a support. But for my preference and from what I've seen I will give you some tips on helping your support player.
Sona is a pretty good champion. But personally I don't think she is that great of a champion in this game for support. She should only be your support if your team needs an AOE CC, if not then tell your support not to pick her.
She is like a really good support for you, but at the same time a really bad support. Soraka is good because she can heal and give you mana. But she isn't really all that aggressive. This means that you will most likely have to play passive and wait for your jungler to gank in order for you to get kills.
Taric is a great support. He is aggressive and has a single stun plus he can heal you. I would recommend Taric as probably one of the best supports for you since Taric (just like you are as well) shines the best during laning phase in my opinion.
Alistar is a great CC Tank and has some pretty good sustain. He is very similar to Taric (in terms of being your support not gameplay wise) therefor he is also a strong pick for you. Also the best thing about Alistar is the fact he is good throughout all game from early to late game)
Personally I think she is the best support for Urgot. You probably can't sustain as much but the thing about Janna is that fact she can CC the **** out of them and also give you MORE ATTACK DAMAGE to secure kills more easily.
Blitz is a great support but personally don't like him as support. Yes most people play Blitz as a support but I do feel that he is better in another lane compared to other support. But on the other hand, if the player is really great with Blitz and can land almost every one of his grabs then he is a great pick.
Really great pick to be support for Urgot. Leona has a great passive for you and will dominate lanes. Personally I would like her as my support if the player cannot play Janna (which she is really easy honestly.....) since she will secure kills easier for you due to her passive and she will CC the **** out of the opponents.

If I missed any other support champs please let me know. Thank you.

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About the new idea build for Urgot

I was just thinking to myself and wondered what if I could play Urgot like more similar to Corki or Ezreal... then I realized this and tried my Corki and Ezreal build on him. It actually worked. But I will have to warn you before you try out your own Corki and Ezreal builds on him that there are two significant things different about Urgot compared to Corki and Ezreal. Urgot does not have an escape mechanism which Corki and Ezreal both have. Urgot's auto attack range is 425 while Corki and Ezreal both have 550 auto attack range. These two differences make quite a big difference in Urgot's gameplay compared to Corki and Ezreal. Try it out and let me know what you think about this.

Update 1
Ok, after I tested this build out more and more, I have actually maximized its killing potential to its max. This build is a really scary build and I will guarantee you will get quadra kills and even penta kills with it after practicing with Urgot a few days. I have to admit after all that **** talk I said about Manamune... I decided to use it in this build. I took my first idea about using TriForce rush Corki/Ez build and did well, but I started to realize that I was really lacking mana. Even after I rushed sheen, I still lacked mana. Therefore, I finally decided to build Manamune. Now for those people that think Urgot is only a good early game champ are dead wrong. First off, with this build you will be doing incredible amounts of damage (or how Phreak says it, "TONS OF DAMAGE"), and not only that you will also be somewhat tanky still with that shield and your passive.

P.S. This is not a situation build and there are not situational items in this build. Build in this order exactly and you will not regret it.

Update 2
Ok, so I decided to hate on manamune again. I have a legit reason to this. Get an early bloodthirster is so much better and more efficient in damage.

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Laning Phase

I will tell you straight up right now, this is the last chapter to this build. the reason to this is because after laning phase, it is up to your judgement how to play. Every game I played with Urgot or in matter of fact, any champion, I only remember how to play like a boss during laning phase and after that it was very situational.

Don't do anything until you are level 2 or 3 besides killing creeps. I tell you this right now because you are wasting your mana. Learn to conserve you mana and when to strike/harass your opponent. Use the brush often so that if the other team has a support, they waste their precious wards in those brushes instead of warding dragon for ganks. When attacking, start with Noxian Corrosive Charge followed by Terror Capacitor and Acid Hunter. During these early phases with no CDR, you will only get a maximum of 3 Acid Hunter shots off at them. You'll notice you don't really do that much damage, but they will sure as hell back off from you so you can farm up. Also, my best advice is play it safe yet be aggressive. You can pull off risky stuff but know your limit to what you can do. It is always better no one dead rather than you dead.

Well Good Luck with Urgot and Have Fun!