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Urgot Build Guide by Rohammers

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rohammers

Urgot, Tanky but versatile

Rohammers Last updated on October 31, 2011
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This is my first build ever contributed to mobafire so if theres something wrong please tell me :3 Why pick Urgot over others? Well the way this guide builds him makes him very tanky but enough damage to be the target. Urgot's E and Q together makes the most scariest combo any time of the game while as the ultimate can either bring them to the tower if they are cocky or initiate a team fight..

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Ranked Play

What you want to do when your playing Urgot is farm early DO NOT COMMIT YOUR SELF TO KILLS this will never work out if they are smart. What I do early is last hit with my regular attacks and q if i have to. Once you get your noxian charge always use it to try and hit the enemy, if it does immediately react by spamming q, this should get them running to their tower, if it doesn't then continue to farm and repeat. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if they have a stealth like eve or twitch etc. spam your q to try and hit them if you do it would make a little hit noise and then counter up by using noxian charge, with this you can lock on to them even if they are invisible, as long as you know where they are. When you are in mid game don't and i mean don't be scared to use your ultimate. I see a lot of urgots never using their ultimate. when people get cocky and act like they can't get hit but when they think that you need to take your opening and quickly ultimate, they will die and if you are taking too much damage quickly flash away so you are safe. Late game you are the strongest and tankiest person in the game, if you have any wards out you can move out with your team and since they might be alone you are able to flash in ultimate and catch them off gaurd bringiong them into your team and dying. Remember you need to absorb their damage, if you ulti and the person is in the middle of their team, you will then be the middle of their team, don't be alarmed you want to take all their **** they are throwing at you like ultimates since you are tanky, with this they will lose their ultimates they have planned for your team.

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Skill Sequence

Well you need to max out your Q first since its your main source of damage i mean noxian charge isn't that much of dmg early. Then you want to get shield. You might think of getting the noxian since it has damage but DON'T it's armor penetration is much better later, since the shield's hp is only good earlier on. Then noxian charge last since they get more armor as it proceeds to late game so you will get more use out of it and of course taking ultimate whenever you can.

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The reason why i get manamune first is because you will need the mana asap so you can start to max it out. I don't recommend getting a lvl 2 boots until manamune for the fact that you have movement speed runes and talent, this should give you enough speed to get manamune and do alot of damage. Then the boots of ludicity to get as close as you can to max cdr. Then brutalizer so you get armor penet, damage, and last touch on your cdr. Now its time to get thick by getting banshees since your have manamune and soon to get atmas the veil will help both of them. Then warmogs because you need to be very think because remember you are an initiator and or offtank you need to be able to take damage but give it back and since warmogs give hp Atmas will benefit from this too. Then get atmas, when you are this far into the gam you will be very strong and unstoppable with all your armor and magic resistant withalot of damage. Then youmuus because you dont benefit from the passive or the crit because you are not an auto attacker, sure you may auto attack some time but you are supposed to shoot your q far range to get fleeing enemies etc.

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The mark of desolation is a standard rune on any ad character, more damage arnmor penet yeah yeah.
The seal of clarity is for regeneration is to help you spam out much more.
The glyph of focus is for the cdr to help you spam everything out quickly.
The quintessence of swiftness is very helpful with your mastery to get them unable to runaway as you ulti them when they aren't ready.
The quintessences of desolation is indeed for more armor.

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If you are wondering why this build is in utility spec it's because that urgot casts much more spell then he attacks regularly he also benefits from much more out of this spec then any other spec.

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Summoner Spells

I would take Ghost and Flash for spells for urgot since it will help him to initiate and plus he won't get much use of any other spells like exhaust or clarity, you wont need your exhaust since your shield and your ultimate will be slowing much more then a measily exhaust and clarity does indeed help the mana you will be losing but i think of that not, it is just a waste of a spell if you just decide hold up for all the spamming early lane game which is most likely the only time you will be needing clarity. Cleanse, and Ignite are the other spells that may be viable since when you enter the middle of their team you will be pounded with stuns like alistar so your cleanse will help, and oyu feel like you want to get more kills and be more risky then ignite is for you, it also helps stop people like swain.

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The way you want to farm is a bit like ezreal, use your Q to farm only when you have to and not all the times to get creeps, remember dont use Q every time a creep is at low health, LAST HIT WITH AUTO ATTACK only use q if there like 2 low health in the wave, the other part of Q is to harass the other laner(s). REMEMBER EARLY GAME TAKE PRIORITY OVER FARMING THEN GETTING KILLS.

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Team Work

You would need to ultimate or slow to support your team, your huge q range with your noxian charge while your shield is up, is a great way to slow them down and help your team catch them. And if a stealth person like eve comes out of stealth a bit too early and too close to your team you can instantly ultimate since the eve will be in your team she will immediately die, this is what makes urgot very powerful, his ultimate with his team that is an ace maker right there so be sure to use this ultimate alot.

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Now remember all the tips i gave you in the chapters and since this is my first guide im not going to force you to leave a comment to vote but please leave a comment on what i need to improve since i dont know how to get the pictures up and stuff like that thank you ! :3