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Urgot Build Guide by Newtz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Newtz

Urgot the Anti-Carry. Keep that passive on! AS/Defense/CDR

Newtz Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Excellent harass
Fantastic Early/Mid game
Actually Viable late game
Good chase capabilities
Swap is possibly one of the most useful anti-carry spells in the game
Pro Passive

Lacking in DPS output compared to carries
Needs Manamune to sustain his mana issues
Need to play in the back until you complete Randuin's Omen
He's ugly as hell

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Focus of this build

This build DOES NOT aim to carry a team, it DOES NOT aim to sustain a lot of DPS, but it still allows Urgot to do what he does best, be an early game beast.

Urgot can bring a lot to a team when laned against their carries. He can literally harass them out of their early game farm if played right between his E and Q. It is an absolute must when playing urgot to start a harass at THIRD level. Two ranks of your Q as well as the auto lock from his E really make him solid there. Don't go wasting your mana until you have that third rank on anything but minion farming.

This build takes into account that you really will separate your playstyle into two parts.

Part 1: The early harass

Max out your Q and W while taking a rank of your E at second level. Once you've landed your E skillshot make sure to throw on your shield so that your Auto-locking Q missiles will slow the enemy as well. It allows you to chase close behind and god forbid throw some extra auto attacks on the target before they hug their turret. Don't let turret huggers or fog of war lovers fool you though, you're URGOT. Just hover your mouse over where they are and SHOOT THEM ANYWAYS!

Even if you pull zero kills out of the lane phase (Which I highly doubt, as Urgot is sure to have at least two by use of his Locking Missiles as well as his Swap skill) You should have sufficiently hindered your opponent's farming ability. This in itself can be support enough to some degree for a good team. Not all support champions have heals/shields. Urgot works in mysterious ways.

Part 2: Team fights:

Your job by this point is to have sufficient survivability, CDR and AS so that you can maximize your targets to be affected by your passive. Most games you will have two targets with three being your maximum during a team fight.


-15% damage output on your targets is huge. Most people do not pay enough attention to this passive when they play Urgot. Learn it. Love it. Use it.

If you have completed your Randuins omen, you can initiate some beautiful fights. As soon as you have the chance, Swap their ranged AD carry. As soon as the swap completes, pop your Randuins omen as you activate your shield. Auto-lock your missiles onto that carry and spam the **** out of them with Q. If you've completed Manamune/Nashor's Tooth and are running CDR runes you should already be near 31% CDR. This means you can literally spam 5 Q missiles on your target before your auto-lock wears out. That's a lot of damage on top of reducing what they do.

You can chose to auto attack that same target, but if they have another primary DPSer I tend to auto attack them as well as spam the other guy. Two people being DPSed quite heavily while also reducing their overall damage output can be a huge asset to your team.

Remember: If you played this right, your randuins omen reduced their attack speeds and move speeds substantially too. OH THE TIDE TURNS.

Should you try this and immmediately die after swapping them, either consider building more tanky, or just don't initiate fights until your tank has and bring their carry over for your teammates to om nom nom. Otherwise, take advantage of the extra massive boost to Armor and MR, people often target you thinking you're doing main damage. You're doing a LOT of damage, but you're really there to minimize how much they are doing. Remember that always.

A successful AS/CDR/OT Urgot can really shift the tides of team fights and steer even chasings in the favor of your team. Practice on leading your targets with your E and hover targting for your Q and you'll be set!

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Why not Brutalizer?

Some people might ask why am I not building a Brutalizer? Why no mercury treads? Well here's the answer: Mercury treads are a fantastic item, and I would even advise you to buy them should you be running against a team with heavy CC. The main aim of this build is applying stacks of your passive as much as possible. Should it happen that you are playing versus a team with a great deal of stuns and slows, you really should utilize the tenacity as it will give you more time in which to do that. Otherwise try to apply these stacks via AS and Q spams.

I stay away from the brutalizer because it is an item which on Urgot disappoints me. The intent of the item is clearly centered around DPS. I do not build Urgot to do DPS. The problem which occurs on Urgot when you build him trying to be a carry is this: You hit a plateau. Your early game might be spot-on fantastic, but at some point their items catch up and their levels catch up and you're left there spamming your Q hoping to god the next one will kill your enemy. Usually this never works. Even with massive AD stacks he still just cannot do the same DPS output that Ashe/Caitlin/Corki could ever do. He just has too poor of a base attack damaage and really minimal abilities to allow him for the "Right-click and Kill" playstyle made famous by AD-Ranged carries.

If built for AD he basically is as good as Pantheon. Both are very much ability dependent AD characters. Neither one of which is a carry. But rather should be viewed as Anti-Carries. Urgot's role is somewhat unique in this game as he is not only an Anti-carry but somewhat of a support champion as his Swap ability is a huge assistance, his overall lane dominance can extremely benefit his own team, and his overall control of the enemy team's DPS is gigantic.

Please feel free to comment on this build, update it as you see fit and pass on suggestions at will. I would love to see this build evolve into more of the common build for Urgot, as of now I've seen nobody else play quite this way yet.