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Urgot Build Guide by Glassology

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Glassology

Urgot the Crab soldier

Glassology Last updated on March 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Urgot is a AD carry ranged type champion that has an extremely strong early game. Urgot is very strong in mid or bottom lane. Regardless of where you're laning he's one of the best early game harassers in the game, with his ability to stay at a far and poke for kills he's not to difficult to get a early game feeding session.

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I use armor penetration marks since Urogt works best with armor penetration unlike most ad carries that use attack speed or high damage items, armor penetration is a higher priority to have that strong early game burst damage. Some people use mana regen for seals but I think armor is better since once you get your Tears of the Goddess mana doesn't really become an issue. Armor allows you to take a little bit of a beating hopefully allowing you to stay in lane long enough to get a good enough farm to get your Tears of the Goddess on your first recall. Magic resit Glyphs for basically the same reason for my Seal runes especially if you're going up against an annoying kennen or any AP champ you go up against mid lane. Armor penetration Quintessences are just he best to get again for that strong early game burst.

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Regardless of Urgot not being like most AD carry type champions like a Vayne, Tristana, or Graves. He still gets a 21-0-9 build. Some people think that attack speed is really good just because he's a carry it's more important to have cool down reduction then attack speed in your offense mastery tree. Your Q is more important then your basic attack.

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Meki pendant first is a must with 2 red potions, if you're not getting this first then you should just probably not play Urgot. Make sure in your first phase of laning you're able to farm up enough gold to get your Tears of the Goddess. This is your number one objective. Getting your Tears allows you lane an extraordinary long time allowing for a good farm and constant harassment. After Tears it is important to get your tier one boots. Getting your Manamune first is the best thing to get since it helps out the best in the long run, and gives you that nice first item damage that you're gonna want. Now I get a Brutalizer before my Ionian boots cuz of the cd reduction is really usefull alont with the damage and armor penetration for 1337 gold its a VERY good item that will start helping pick up all the kills. Finish your boots and get that bonus cd reduction that will allow you to harass with your Q a lot quicker. Next comes your Ghostblade which will will be cheap to finish building. giving you more damage, more cd reduction, more armor penetration, and a pretty decent active skill. Now getting a sheen next is so useful as playing Urgot. By this point in the game you should have a nice about of attack damage. Sheen gives you more mana giving your Manamune more damage to dish out and with Sheens passive it makes Urgot able to just burst down your enemies down to nothing with his ridiculous range. When you have your Sheen finishing it into a Tri Force is the best thing since it gives you everything that Urgot could possible want. After that it's basically up to you how you wanna make him. You can get tanky items like frozen mallet, banshee veils and atams. Or if you want more AD you can get bloodthisters or an infinity edge if thats your kind of thing.

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Skill Sequence

Q is your main damage out put, and it lets you check bushes without wasting a lot of mana like other champions so you wont get those nasty early game ganks, maxing this first is mandatory since it's really weak at level one. At level 2 get your E it allows you auto lock with your Q for about 2-3 Q attacks in you can do auto lock them even if they're invisible (Shaco, Akali, Twitch etc.) and if they're are just waiting in the bushes. Now some people like to max out their E second but it's not that helpful damage wise, it's mainly good just for your auto locking. Pick your up shield ( Your W ) at level 4 giving you a nice shield absorbing damage which instantly goes up which is really nice saving you from more a lot of nasty situations. Best part about his shield though is that if your Q hits them with your shield up it slows them down so it's good for your jungler to engage already knowing his target is slowed down. Leveling this first gives you a better slow and a stronger shield which frankly just helps out a lot more throughout the game since you'll probably be getting focused a lot.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Flash are the best with him, if you want you can pick up ignite instead but I like getting exhaust cuz of how well it combos with his ult giving your enemy a total of a 6 second massive slow if timed right. Making it easy to take out week champions or giving you more time to take out tanks before they can get behind their towers.

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Pros / Cons

- Great early game harass
- Amazing Damage out put
- Amazing poke/range
- Very easy to farm with
- Good for setting up ganks
- Good at checking bushes for enemy ganks

- Squishy early game
- Not to much crowd control
- Gets focused
- Kinda useless if not fed/farmed

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Farming is very easy with Urgot just stay behind your creeps allowing your creeps to bring the enemies creeps to low then finishing them with your Q, and remember once you get your Tears/Manamune the more you use your Q for farming the more mana/damage you get in the long run. And if you're having problems farming because you're getting pushed back at your own tower just throw your E over enemy creeps and farm from a distance. Farming should never be a huge issue with Urgot.

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Team Work

Your positioning with Urgot is important. You wanna stay just right behind your team but close enough to hit someone with your E, after you've successfully landed your E just back up a bit and spam your Q while you have your shield up allowing you to damage them even if you cant see them of your screen and also slowing them maybe allowing your teammates to pick up kills. Also Urgot is VERY good at setting up ganks once you get your ultimate you can literally take out anyone you want. Lets say you have a Morgana mid and your Udyr is waiting to gank her. Just Flash in cast your ult and when channeling your Udyr should be rushing in swapping spots giving your team an easy kill. You can even waiting in a bush and wait to use if you're planning on ganking top lane or bottom lane.

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That's about it for Urgot just remember to stay your distance and harass harass harass. Following this guild will hopefully allow anyone to pick up how to use Urgot. Just remember farming, harassing, and setting up ganks is your objective with Urgot.