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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillaMATT

Urgot - The Final Judgement

KillaMATT Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Some of the players i play against in ranked ask me: Is urgot the best champion of LoL? Well i think there is no best champion in the game, but there are just a few no-go champions. If you are skilled to the max with a champion you are invincible.

And i happen to be invincible with urgot.

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Pros / Cons

-One of the best harassers in the game.
-King mid.
-Overdamned elite damage..
-Best range in the game with the E+Q combination

-It might be hard to focus a certainly target in a teamfight with the skill E
-It is not a perfect escaper.

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These are your first items. You like mana regen, and you are not cocky at all and you pick those health potions. When you think you are being useless, go recall around 600 gold and pick the next item.

Tear of the Godess, may you harassment begin! An urgot without this item is just plain useless after a few Q's you mana is a goner. If you have enough gold for the boots of speed. Nice. You can now dodge enemies casts, placing your E in a better way and move faster to your location..

Yes its finally time for the manamune, you gain great damage with this item, if you get this early game, damn they will fear you. Also finish your boots to mercurys, you will need the magic resist if you want to live and the tenacity is just a must with all these nifty champions around..

You gain more damage AND cooldown reduction. CR is important because with this you can cast more Q's while E is active and you can cast E more often.

Hmmm ok! You gain cooldown reduction. :D But why the mana? Well it raises your mana and so your damage, because of the manamume. win-win

Ohhhh neally.. You gain even more damage because you will pierce the bastards even more now. You are really getting annoying now..

Oh my my. So now you even get alot of armor. Nice. And you also decrease the attack speed of the enemies. Champions like ashe do not want to be around you at all. You can now duel champions at close range with amazing succes.

This item is just hoax.. Besides you gain magic resist you also gain a unique skill.. You can just block an enemy spell occasionally (every 45 seconds). AND you get more health, nice. But also more mana which will stack with your manamune.

Ahh finally you upgrade the brutalizer into the youmuu's ghostblade. You are now really able to win duels..

Ohh you are feared now.

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The way of the bruising: Cast E on enemie, when succesful spam Q until E faded

The way of the finish: after bruised Cast E when succesful press W for the slowing effect now spam Q again. Enemie will get slowed and you can spam Q maximalia!

The way of, you won't get away: after bruised, use your ulti, E is easy to hit succesful. Cast W for slowing and Spam Q for the killjoy.

Mid: You only have your Q now. But your Auto-attacks and Q deals great damage. You can win duels against your mid opponent, espacially mages. Dont be afraid. When you get your E, first cast E and then spam Q while you are aiming your cursor towards to your victim, this is your overdamage bruiserthingy, keep that up. When you get Tear of Godess thing you can spam this without getting OOM (out of mana)

Lane: Focus on squishy opponent ofcourse and do the same way as you do at mid. But you gain less exp and gold because your friend could steal all the last hits, thats why urgot mid is more l33t.

Mid game
Mid: You are probably bruising the hell out of your mid opponent. But always aware for ganks. You are not a great escapist. You could also try to gank to your friends lanes. But please, please dont let your opponent take your mid turret down :/

Lane: Keep up the butchering and destroy the turret :D

Late games
Keep focussing the squishy ones and simple aware of the fed ones. If you dominated mid like i always do. they will surrender at 20 xD and you finish around 7/0/1 or something.

This is where your ulti decides the fight. Try to use the ulti on a squishy target that pushes too much forward. You will switch places. So he is screwed. But you also? Nope, after ulti use, use flash IMMEDIATLY and get back in to your team. Nice.

When your utli is on cd or whatever is the problem. Just launch your E in the group and spam Q and deal your megadamage.

What am I?:
-You arent squishy (when items achieved)
-You never initiate battle (you are not a tank though)
-You are actually a sniper. (you use E+Q+Q+Q+Q to deal your mega damage at big range)
-You are a bruiser (you deal tons of damage single target but you have not a skill you finish em off directly)
-You are King mid (only higly skilled mages will be a challenge :D)
-You are the headsman's pride (or the headsman is your pride)

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Why the offensive build? I want to live!

With this build you get cheap but alot of damage as soon as possible. Your playstyle is ranged and you take your distance at all times. You are dr. pwn

The survivability items come later on because there is a chance that you will be foccused in teamfights, early game you wont be gettin in teamfights so fast, if you do -> take your distance.

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Summoner Spells

FLASH IS A MUST. You need this item to give an enemy the final blow if he gets too far out of range. And it is a must if you want to use your ulti and not die. Nuff said.

I prefer this sprinting skill:
- You can follow your opponent down more effectively
- You can get the hell away from somewhere..
- You can run back to your turret to encounter your mid/lane enemie(s) faster

Hmmm, if you feel you need to recall more often, take it and replace ghost. But i wouldnt do that.

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Masteries focus on:
-MASSIVE cooldown reduction
-Damage penetration
-More XP
-Movent speed

Regeneration VS Time spent dead:
Urgots will simply wont die often, myself actually never die unless someone forgets to call a miss.

Crit chance VS Abiltiy power:
Actually you dont need the small amount of AP added because it will only affect your shield. You dont need it at all. Just try the crit chance and you will see it makes more difference than the AP.

Offense VS Defense:
I see many builds with alot points in defense. I just ask myself why. You are a great ranged champion and you wont get near your enemie too often. The overall points in offense just makes you an even more killing machine!

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The runes in the build is the best combination but as an alternative you could also choose glyph of warding, it is useful against those irritating champions like brand, they have easy hit spells and they bruise you down in a minute. It also give you a nice magic resist for later game..

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Video guide

Here is the edited version of Urgot's champion spotlight. The items Phreak is using in this video are outdated since the few updates urgot had. These are the pure standards of how you should play urgot, i use the examples phreak has given in this video because i couldnt give em betta

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Mid against tips

Anivia: She has heavy spells, just evade them. Easy killable, squishy
Annie: She got her stun. Once again evade spells. Also easy killable, beware of her burst
Ashe: Keep out of her range, easy killable
Brand: Be agressive, his spells will hit you and he has good damage, overpower him fast.
Caitlyn: Spam her to death, she also is mobile and has good damage, play agressive
Cassiopeia: Try evade her spells, bruise her to death.
Corki: Dont go into close range duel and evade his rockets. Bruise him alot.
Ezreal: Take your distance, bruise him only with spells, bruise him to death :D
Fiddlesticks: Take your distance, dont duel while he channels and bruise as much as you can.
Heimerdinger: Focus turrets or instantly use spells on his butt to kill im
Karthus: Beware of fully runed AP karhus, bruise with care
Kssadin: Bruise him alot with spells only, take your distance
Katarina: Deal as much as damage as you can
Kennen: easy. evade her and approve her when she is on cooldown
Kog maw: take your distance and bruise with spells and with care
Le blanc: maximum distance please, bruise her with spells
Lux: avoid getting snared = gg
Malzahar: easy target, but please please care for his ulti+QWE burst
Miss fortune: stand aside minions, not behind them, be agressive
Mordekaiser: easy target. just kill. be aware of his close range spells
Morgana: dont get her stun on you, bruise her to death
Nidalee: avoid spears by standing behind minions and bruise her with spells
Orianna: try to walk all the time and avoid her ball, bruise her with maximum taste
Ryze: beware of his burst, and try to overdamage him before he spams Q too much on you
Sivir: just kill that thing
Sona: bruise to death
Swain: avoid getting into his ''nevermove'' thing and bruise him to death
Teemo: care for stealth and overdamge him with enough range
Tristana: easy target if you overdamage her well
Vayne: kill her asap
Veigar: he only wins with his stuns. try to avoid his stun or flash out after
Vladimir: just harass him as soon you get tear of godesss and do alot of damage
Zilean: just kill..

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With this build and some practise you are one of the best champions of the game.
I am sorry for my bad english, i am not english at all.
Vote +1 amd place a communt down below.

Let the Urgot terror begin!