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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CJJ

Urgot - The immortal

CJJ Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok I see lots of people playing Urgot and they all do some form of AD or AP or some weird mix like I have here. When I create builds 9/10 times its to be able to contribute to a win at the end of the game. I dont make a build assuming theres gonna be some moron on the other team that will feed you 10 kills by level 8.

Alright so lets start off with the items and why I chose them. Well Rod of ages will stack health and increase the damage of your corrosive charge eventually it outright kills minions waves later in the game the added HP and AP allows you to shield and rip someone out of a defensive position. Boots for magic pen should be self explanatory if you go up against morgana, galio or amumu anything where mercurys would make a huge difference go ahead and switch to that. Soul shroud is usually where people think ive gone crazy. Plain and simple you need to not die and being able to use acid hunter as often as possible is a must not to mention its a great team item. Void staff and Zonyas are more AP for that shield and your Noxious charge. And finally if you actually have a game that lasts that long Gunblade. Life gain more damage all around better for shield etc.

Now that ive given you an idea on the items ill explain the style of play a little bit. First things first is try and get solo mid just like everyone else and their mother. Play slightly defensive let them kill themselves which believe it or not happens often since noxious charge isnt immediate. Pop a noxious charge use acid hunter but try not to chase unless you know your gonna get the kill. Not chasing them gets them in the habbit of not having to go to far eventually youl have them low enough and you can either ghost or just chase for the kill when they are low again its key you establish a rythem of allowing them to feel safe with you not chasing. Now if they are smart they will just B and eventually your gonna get the tower kill so who cares.

Once you have your ult see if they will push you to your tower if they do just ult them into the tower preferably after a noxious charge and you should have an easy kill. Once ganking starts save the ult until you actually have to use it I see urgots randomly use it when its 3v1 and the kills assured anyway. Try to get as many people with your noxious charge as possible but make sure you get their carry or someone else whos low. Ive gotten several kills when they carry decides its time to gtfo I charge him and he goes off and dies in a bush like a sick animal.

Towards the end of the game your role will be somewhat diminished as if the team adds hp your acid hunter wont be a huge problem for them however noxious charge ticking on the whole team is a problem and so is yanking someone off their tower or into yours dont try and be flashy with your acid hunter.

Just remember your not exactly a carry dps I wouldnt call you an off tank either your some kind of utility plague to the other team.