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Urgot Build Guide by Venpresath

Urgot, The Noxian Dominator

By Venpresath | Updated on March 20, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Looking for a good champion for dominion that can take on just about any role and crush the enemy team? Urgot is the champion for you.
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Pros / Cons

Excellent Harass

Excellent Damage

Won't get ripped apart by Nocturne, Kat, or Pantheon

Plays many roles

People will say, "Hey look it's another noob Urgot player" and probably won't target you till they figure out you're absolutely decimating their team and stealing all the points.

Can easily 2v1 and on certain cases 3v1

Supports allies

Kind of slow getting across the map

This build kind of focuses on being an Anti-AD and can fall victim to casters.
But there's situational items that can be added at any time! GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS.
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CDR, Damage, ArPen, Armor what more do you need? (other than Magic Resist)
Sometimes, if you're doing bad you can actually swap out the Brutalizer at the end of the game to build a tankier/defensive item as the Last Whisper will give you more than the needed Armor penetration. Warmogs, Guardian Angel, or even FoN would be really nice in this spot.
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Most are self explanatory, I choose flat AD Marks because they're simply better when trying to get the most out of physical damage abilities that scale with AD. There's a link somewhere that explains this.

Flat armor yellows: Because extra armor is ALWAYS good armor. And champions have a tendency to die really really fast in Dominion.

Magic Resist blues to help fill in that void where you're a little bit more susceptible to magic damage than physical.
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I was thinking about 0 9 21 in Dominion to give you more armor BUT, Cdr is much more important to me especially if you can kite enemies enough.

Also: Notice I took TRANSMUTATION for Spell vamp? Some people might think URGOT DOESN'T HAVE AP SO THE SPELL VAMP IS WORTHLESS. But, Urgot is a "Ranged AD Caster" meaning: You stack AD but you use your abilities (mostly) to kill people over anything else. His attacks all do magic damage except his basic auto attack. SO, Spellvamp especially in high damage situations will greatly help you out.
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Skill Sequence

The majority of your damage comes from your Q Acid Hunters. Noxian Corrosive Charge doesn't do all that much damage. And with his slow from the shield you'll be able to launch 4 acid hunters before they get away. (typically more than enough to do some MAJOR damage to whomever falls victim to them.)

Next, I chose this sequence because part of my main focus was to make sure Urgot was as non-squishy as I could get him without sacrificing much damage. Another thing you can do it choose your abilities and get another point in Noxian Corrosive Charge at lvl 4 and then continue maxing your acid hunters and shield.
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Unique Skills

His shield soaks up a LOT of damage, making you perfect for tanking the enemy turrets or soaking up damage for your team mates. Your Ult can help you pick up kills or pick enemies off the turret for your team mates to deal with.

Noxian Corrosive Charge, and Acid Hunter combos scale perfectly with the CDR and ArPen given by the items listed and can effectively pick up and harass the enemy team. Not to mention Noxian Corrosive Charge can help you see behind walls and into bushes for you to detect incoming ganks.
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This guide isn't finished I've still gotta add more situational items to the list and find a viable way to make Urgot more anti-mage. I've only played a few rounds of dominion. And every time I've played with Urgot I've gotten over 15 kills and less than 10 deaths.

ANYWAY Give me opinions and recommendations! Try out the build!
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Though, farming minions in Dominion isn't as important... It can help Urgot greatly by spamming his Q in front of minions while he auto attacks them. It builds up stacks of Tear Of the Goddess and can increase his overall damage really fast.

I usually find myself spamming my Q and auto attacking.
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Team Work

You are the disruptor, and the defender mostly. You're kind of like an artillery cannon and aid mostly in team fights by pulling the enemies onto your turret and overextending them into the fray where your team mates can generally burst a squishy down in seconds. For best results, target their squishiest highest damage champ with your Ult and lay waste to the rest of their team with Corrosive Charges, and Acid Hunters!
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Summoner Spells

Flash-Ignite: Nuff said.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Venpresath
Venpresath Urgot Guide

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Urgot, The Noxian Dominator