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Urgot Build Guide by Liszto

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Liszto

Urgot the powerfull crab of Noxus

Liszto Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

My best build for urgot (i think).

My build is really simple. It's a build to "DPS" a little bit with Urgot.

-- Details & Improvements --

I would fix this build based on your feedback and improvements that I could find.
Urgot is apparently still undergoing changes (rest his soul ...) so I would change depending on what Riot improve or break ...

-- Story of Urgot --

There are warriors who become great for their strength, cunning, or skill with arms. Others simply refuse to die. Urgot, once a great soldier of Noxus, may constitute a case in support of the latter. Prone to diving headlong into enemy battle lines, Urgot sewed chaos throughout the enemy ranks, often sustaining grievous injuries in the process. When his body was unable to weather further abuse, the crippled Urgot was delegated the position of High Executioner of Noxus. By this time, his hands had been ruined and he could barely walk. Scythe-like grafts affixed to his maimed limbs served to carry out his bloody work.

Urgot finally met his end at what should have been his finest hour. Because of his military background, he often accompanied detachments into foreign territory to carry out judgment. After ambushing an enemy force, Jarvan IV, Crown Prince of Demacia, fell into the clutches of Urgot's division. Too far from Noxus to risk transporting their prize for ransom, Urgot prepared to dispose of their captive. At the final moment, however, the Dauntless Vanguard, led by Garen, the Might of Demacia, intervened, and Urgot was cut in two by the zealous warrior as he scrambled to free his Prince. In recognition of his service, the executioner's remains were remanded to the Bleak Academy for reanimation. A lifetime of abuse, however, had left his body in a catastrophic state; proving problematic to the necromancers' craft. Professor Stanwick Pididly, the prevailing scholar of Zaun, offered a solution. Within Pididly's laboratories, a nightmarish new body was forged for Urgot. Now as much machine as man, Urgot arrived at the League of Legends in search of the man who ended his life; necromantic energies coursing through his metal veins.

"We can rebuild him. We have the techmaturgy." --Professor Stanwick Pididly

-- In 5vs5 --

Early :
You can begin the game with the 2 potions and with one meki (I spam a little like you can see) but with urgot spam = poison and kill. My prefer position is the middle but urgot work fine on the lane too. If you feed and your levels get too lower than the opponent you're dead.... Or you must change stuff and use a tank stuff maybe i create the tank urgot build later. If you come to play to the middle, do not be afraid to harass your opponent with your darts. Being careful not to fall to 0 mana. Use your mana potion whenever the opportunity arises and if you deem it necessary. Once you pass your level 2 take the acid bomb. From there, you're the best character to harass the enemy from a distance without risking getting hit. If you fall against the characters from the common middle (Ashe, Mord, ...) you should not encounter too many problems, however, watch for surprise attacks because you are easily gankable. And your resistance is far from being the best in the game...
The goal is to kill a maximum of minions (and hero) without dying to get the fastest possible your boots and manamune.

Middle game :
Once level 6 you can not worry too much, attack or destroy your opponent's turn allowing you to carry out attacks on routes with your allies. Your power level 6 easily allows this kind of attack because once started, your resistance is improved, and his fallen by more good timing with your allies will change with a good position to destroy any enemy in 2 seconds .
If the party goes as planned, continues with the last whisper and by one long sword and one vampiric scepter. I take these two objects to choose then depending on my mood a bloodthirster or a black clever. With this stuff you can easily broke the tower on average I make between 80 and 150 points of damage to the towers. Thus urgot is my view and based on the use you made a very good character to destroy the towers on the lanes.

End game :

In this part of the game, if you and your allies dominate the game, you can buy a black clever again or another item of your choice (if you have an idea of the best last item ever i listen your idea).
If the game is bad start, I recommend either the middle game or end game to adopt a tank's stuff. Because you have a very good engage but a very bad resistance magic and physic.
In the end game, if you've been feed or if you still have to kill an advantage over your opponents, you do enough damage with those of your allies to end the game quickly. However, if you failed to take advantage of your ability to harass the opponent and you could not change the way you like you're quite the char who can engage in combat even if it means dying. In this case, you should have seen that the run of play was not to your advantage so you'll probably adopt a tank stuff. With a stuff tank, Urgot can then take damage easily when it engages and should not die or slower.

-- In 3vs3 --

In 3vs3 i made the same stuff but with variations to suit the speed of the game. Urgot is for me one of the best characters in 3vs3.
The purpose of Urgot 3v3 back in to play as a middle of 5v5. You must be aggressive as possible, I have no preference between the solo line or with a teammate. The map is much smaller when you have the advantage over any lines, you just go gank bottom or top depending on your position.

If I play with a teammate, I prefer to start with a long sword rather than a Meki because if it has a clarity you can do more damage at the outset to receive support from your side.

The combined reach of your darts with your acid bombs do that you can cover very long distances and even steal buffs when your enemies start making them.

-- Runes --

The runes that i used was based on a first appreciation of my side. My rune's tree is perhaps not the most optimal possible. I am still thinking to remove yellow rune for critics or armur penetration. The second choice might be more convincing.
The use of these runes is based largely on the ability of urgot to harass the opponent with his darts + combo bombs. The cooldown reduction will allow you to quickly take your darts and your bombs while the penetration of armor that your opponent will constantly be under pressure with their PVs back often close to 0.