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Urgot Build Guide by untrainedassassin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author untrainedassassin

Urgot, The Ultimate Ranged Mid Champion

untrainedassassin Last updated on August 31, 2011
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Welcome Urgot fans to the ultimate build ;) to all those reading please do not disrespect the build because it does work i play it every time I play Urgot and even against a team that is destroying mine I still come out 16/9. also i am assuming anyone looking at this knows the game a little and i dont want to explain every little reason i decide or do something i hate explaining to the letter when commonsense should help you if you got questions ask me with a comment or some thing. This build is great for anyone who wants to mid but for people who are also patient. you will have mana problems but only if you don't know how to manage your mana, mana pots at start are very handy. since you may be low on mana you wont always be able to harass all the time, but you can still get alot of kills. Since using this play style i haven't found a trist, ashe, veiger, zil, akali, irelia, or a number of other champs who could actually stand up in mid. there was a very good anivia and brand once but they were 30's who were runed out and at lvl 1 hit anyone like a tank. when you run into those people its best to play defensive.

o and rune service was down when i made this so just read rune page.

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Pros / Cons

early game you will do more damage from lvl one with my buy order this makes you a target from get go in team fights.
good survival, i can solo a yi, xin, and others like cho when i get my build going and get kills and farm.

low mana
gold dependent. my build can be expensive but if you farm and jungle from time to time you should be fine i dont usually have problems getting gold unless i get jumped alot and my team down right sucks.

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being a dps range type i like to be offensive with Urgot. a full offence talent tree boost damage and with a little mana regen from utility makes you live better too. sorry not a long subject if you cant really see the reasons for it then dont use it use what you like.

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Skill Sequence

i really count on the q ability i got it down so that i get three shots off for every charge. with no cooldown reduction. i get people who think they are clear of me it can get crazy so after unlocking all three skills i max out the q and get the ult when it comes up then go for the e ability and then w. easy enough cause the q is a major skill shot.

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the rune service is down when i made this so bare with me. i get 3 quintessences of alarcity 9 of the armor pen marks 9 seals of alarcity and then 9 glyphs of intellect. attack speed is the key to my build the armor pen just helps to make sure damage gets through cause not many plays actually build armor in games. and the mana runes make early game better so you wont back as much.

ad runes wouldnt hurt but i dont focus on them purely because at level 18 having 200+ damage and doing 2.0+ attack speed with bloodrazor can wreak almost anyone in short time.

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this is the heart of the game, what to buy, when to buy, it why should i buy it?
i always start with a long sword now and health or mana pot. this helps cause usually by the time i reach lvl 4 either i have too back cause i got to agressive or the other person is dead or backed. this is a chance to up grade to madred's razor and get more pots if you want them ( i usually dont get many pots) once with the razor get the attack speed boots but if you need the magic resist cause of slows n stuns get them the boots aren't a big key in the build its just nice to get the extra attack speed at jump street. after boots get starks. life steal and attack speed r key at this point now you may want to finish blood razor but dont just yet at least get a zeal or phantom dancer it gives you more of a survival chance with movement speed and life steal cause of attack speed. plus more farming from the razor. after that you can finish the blood razor. the next item can be defensive or attack damage. i usually get a guardian or warmogs if i need it cause my team is losing or im being targeted. if that is the case and your being fed dominating or need some more damage get the infinity edge. once at full build you can in late game dump the boots and get a black cleaver i do at times and it works more damage and speed but loss of movement can be worth it. another note is instead of a starks blood thirster also works thou you will have less attack speed so maybe ditching the defence item for a phantom. just a thought.

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I know this isn't any regular Urgot build but i'm not like everyone i found a manamune to be useless at end game cause you could get more attack damage else where and you always have to get mana items to really make it worth having. I always do really well with this build unless my team is a bunch of idiots in which case a team thats fed is going to rip urgot to shreds anyway. you can check out my match history i do 3v3 with this build n soloed cho in top and he got so mad he left the lane kass tried again to face me and got chased off too. no one wants too one v one urgot with this build unless that person is fed and a kat can be very mean still dont try to solo her unless u know 100% her ult is on cool down long enough to kill her. have fun with the build i hope people like it.

My SUMMONER NAME IS NATHANLEMON11 dont be afraid to check my history out n stuff and good luck with Urgot.