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League of Legends Build Guide Author Generic_Ninja

Urgot the Underestimated

Generic_Ninja Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Urgot The Butcher is one of the more underestimated champion's that I've found in the entire game, alot of people don't know what to make up him but the people that do know what to make of him turn him into a place changing, rocket knifing champion, this build is going to talk about the build, the masteries, runes, build and how to play as this weird champion.

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When wanting to know about Urgot and the recomonded runes you have to remember one thing, Urgot is a champion who can absoloutly destroy another champion's armor, Urgot is actually extreamly hard to use especially if you don't have 9 Armor Penetration Reds and 3 Armor Penetration Quins, the armor penetration runes help out with Urgot's Q which is his rocket Knife, For Yellow and Blue runes I use Damage per Level to help out in the late game damage output but now onto the masteries.

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For masteries you should put in a standard 21 into Offence and 8 into Utillity to get the mana regen and mana pool masteries which better help's Urgot before getting his Manamune. Their is one more point to spend which I usually put into Offence for Abillity cooldown which has a healthy 4 allowing Urgot's Ultimate and his corrosive charge to be off of Cooldown much faster.

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Alot of people click on Urgot and look at his recommended to find the word "Tank". We don't like to play tanks, alot of us hate the fact that no one else picks a tank on their team meaning that you should pick a tank or the team will 90% of the time fail unless they get lucky early game HOWEVER as long as you build Urgot's items effectivly you turn him into a killing machiene enabiling to kill squishy hero's in seconds and harrassing harder hero's in lanes.

For you're opening start with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots only to build up Urgot's mana pool and allowing him to lane effectivly and harass without much worry about mana.

You want to turn the Sapphire crystal into a Tear as quickly as you can, further helping out Urgot's mana pool for laning or soloing.

Next is you're boots I put down Mercury Treds only because 75% of the situations will cause you to get Mercury treds because of the enemey's CC and Abillity Power focused champion's but on the odd time you may want to get Ninja Tobi for when the enemy team has alot of physical based champion's such as Master Yi or Caitlyn, this help's in survivability and that is a main goal of urgot.

After you're boots you will want to get you're manamune as fast as possible, with every abillity that you cast you gain mana for you're pool and then effectivly increase you're attack power, the Manamune also makes so urgot never has to go back for Mana as you will be casting you're Acid Hunter alot of the time.

Next is the Brutilizer, you want to be getting this for the Attack and Cooldown % further adding to the % cooldown from you're Masteries, you will want to turn it into a Ghostblade This gives you even more Armor penetration and Damage and it also allows you to activate it giving yourself a good boost in attack speed to take out towers.

The Bloodthirster is next and I mean this you get only if you haven't won or lost the game already, this gives a Large quanity of damage and Lifesteal, considering you're abillities are all phyiscal bassed this gives you a large amount of health back in team fights or creeping.

The last 2 Items are between Infinity Edge and Last Whisper, If you see enemy champion's getting armor it is best to get Last Whisper before Infinity and even before Bloodthirster if you are having a hard time, however if you're team is winning and you are completly destroying champion's anyway, Inifinity edge is an excellent choice with the Flat Damage and crit.

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Skill Sequence

I Will explain each skill and how to use them in unison with each other.

Passive Zaun Touched Bot Augmentor: His passive on auto attack (And Acid Hunter) makes the enemy champion or minion hit for 15% less damage for 2 seconds, a great passive and helps especially one on one.

Acid Hunter: Acid Hunter is Urgot's main damage dealing abillity, Urgot will throw his knife infront of him for Phyiscal damage, however when you use Corrosive Charage and it hits an enemy, you are able to move you're mouse cursor over the enemy champion (Also effects minions) and use Acid Hunter, it will automatically seek out the enemy. You want to always and I mean ALWAYS use this with Corrosive Charge, this is you're main damaging abillity and is also why you want to have this first, I Will Explain in further detail when talking about Corrosive Charge This will be the 2nd abillity you level up completly after Acid Hunter.

Terror Capacitor: Urgot throws up a shield abosrbing damage stacking with ability power (Which you should have none). You always want to use this when fighting one on one or in a team fight, it abosrb's damage but it also has another trick, When Terror Capacitor is active you're Acid Hunter slows the enemy by a % this with Corrosive Charge and of course Acid hunter allows you to become an Assasin, slowing down you're enemy and then giving a quick death Corrisve charge also takes out a flat % of their armor giving a even better chance of bringing a champion's armor to nothing. This is you're 3rd abillity to level up and should only be completed once you're other 3 abillties are done.

Hyper-Kinetic Positon Reverse: This is an extreamly unique abillity and if you have ever fought an Urgot before for the first time is a very suprising thing. Urgot Switch's places with the enemy holding them for 3 seconds before changing places, Urgot then gains Armor and Magic Resitance after the swap. This ability is fantastic, you can use it if an enemy is getting to close to a tower or is running away from the tower, switching places with them and allowing the tower to hit and possibly kill the champion, it's also used in team fights, bringing one of the enemy carries out from the back of a Team fight and Into the killing area allowing a change of pace as the fight goes You will want to get this right after Acid hunter You will always get this at 6,11 and 16 level.
Even one on one fights this abillity is fantastic, You're in mid and you just hit level six, you turn on you're Terror Capacitor and Switch places with the enemy champion immediatly when you switch places you have you're Corrosive Charge ready and use it directly on the place you just switched from (You Might also have to be mindful that they could flash out so be cautious and remember if they have used their flash or not for when you use you're Corrosive Charge) Once Corrosive Charge has hit, You have Increased Armor and Magic Resitance already and you begin to fling you're acid hunter at him bringing him to low health and if not killing him or allowing you're team to get the kill, Urgot's abillties are unique and can certainly suprise an enemy.

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Summoner Spells

I go with a Ghost Exhaust But you could also go for a Ghost Ignite if you really want to, I Use ghost for of course the run speed and getting into a fight faster or out of one, I carry exhaust because in case of an enemy hero getting away after I use my abillties I can always exhaust and catch up allowing me to get what would be a lost kill.

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Ranked Play

Ranked play is one of those areas that is extreamly difficult for using the "Right Build on" If you are doing ranked play with this character then you probably shoulden't be reading this then as you already know what you're doing, However if you're thinking about ranked play you should be mindful that you may have to switch you're items up at any time, you might not be the Juggarnut that you were in normal as you might have to get some more surviability items this all depends on the other team and how they are playing.

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Pros/ Cons

+ Urgot can change the flow of a team fight with just one abillity.

+ Urgot has massive burst damage and kills the more lighter champion's in seconds.

-Urgot can be focused down quickly if put into a bad situation using you're ultimate.

-Urgot late game can have trouble in team fights when using Corrosive charge as you might not hit the enemy that you wanted to.

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Team Work

Urgot put with any champion that can slow or stun is a match made in heaven, giving you a better shot to hit with you're Corrosive charge and a way easier chance at killing the enemy I will give an example with teaming up with a reletivly new champion, Jarvan.

The team fight starts, Jarvan ults but misses Sona and only get the enemy tank and yourself stopping you from killing the healer, You then use you're Hyper Kinetic Positon Changer to switch yourself out with Sona, putting both the tank and the healer in the same small positon, giving you a perfect chance at using you're Corrosive charge, lower Sona and the tanks armor and giving you a clear shot at killing Sona quickly as shes trapped inside with Jarvan.

A simple but fantastic strategy to use.

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Urgot has poor farming abillity which sucks especially if you aren't able to get many champion kills especially in early game, however late game you are constantly killing creeps with Corrosive shot and you're Auto attack.

At whenever possible from lvl 10 onward try to get Red and Blue buff, this not only helps with cooldowns and mana but the red buff helps with killing enemy champions quicker especially when using Acid Hunter.

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Unique Skills

I covered most of the uniqueness in my Skill Sequence However I do need to add one more thing that alot of people don't realise about urgot especially late game.

Alot of Urgot is on his abilities and when and how you use them in unison with the items that you get, considering that you are getting flat out damage items that come with crit and life steal you must also remember that Urgot's auto attack can do some serious damage and criting for some major ammounts, once you are getting acid hunter on a champion remember you can still auto attack to do some serious damage as well, its something that alot of Urgot players don't see until later in the game as you are focused on using Acid hunter and Corrosive Charge most of the game, but keep in mind you're auto attack can hit like a truck!

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Urgot is a phyiscal DPS assasin with abillties that will make you go "Wow, I did not see that coming" Or "I was just killed in 1.3 seconds...WTF" With Armor penetration that would make a grown man cry Urgot can easily kill enemy's quicker then the burst DPS of Leblanc's full combo..Thats hard to do with the right skills and the right ways of playing Urgot you will have the other team going "I Don't remember Urgot being that good".

If you Have any questions or comment feel free to post them, This is my first build and if sucessful I would hope to bring more.