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Urgot Build Guide by iAttackThings

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iAttackThings


iAttackThings Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 3

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Urgot is my all-in-all favorite champion. He's got great pushing power, AMAZING harassment, and the capability to gank and own a lane. His damage output and range is absolutely insane, and is the main reason why I love him. When you're Urgot, you're nearly guaranteed a win, and can sometimes even carry a losing team. This is my guide to Urgot, and what I find works best for him. I hope you take a look and use it.

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Pros / Cons

-Hilariously fun to play with
-Insane range
-High damage output
-Great harassment
-Great pushing capabilities
-Skills that work together AMAZINGLY

-Slow movement speed
-Takes a while to get used to "sniping" with your Q
-A little hard to gank
-Easily focused in team fights

Hell, every champion has cons. You'll learn how to avoid them though (:.

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My masteries set is pretty simple. In defense, we go for 3 in armor and 1 in magic resist for obvious reasons, and the health regen for staying in lane capability. We have 3 points in Perseverence for the health and mana regen, again, for the staying in lane capability. We have 21 points in offense just to get the best head start with is damage output, with the extra armor pen, crit chance, cooldown reduction, attack speed, and overall damage.

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My runes for him I use are simple. The marks of desolation are great for early game damage, it makes you deal crazy damage to enemy champions. I have seals of alacrity for the increased attack speed from the start, since Urgot has a real slow attack sped. For glyphs, I choose glyphs of strength. Hell, its not much extra damage, but its good enough. For quints, the quints of fortitude work best, for early game semi-tankiness, as well as being able to stay in the lane longer.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I choose the best for Urgot.and.
is great for the obvious reason: FLASH ULT COMBO! Nobody can get away from this. Also, its great to catch up to enemies, throw a "grenade" and auto lock to make sure he can't survive.
is great for early game. This is going to be your friend. When you get ganked (which WILL happen) pop ghost and GET THE HELL AWAY! It can be used offensively as well, of course.

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Now, when you take the first look at the build, I can already hear you saying "WHAT? B.F. Sword RIGHT AFTER MEKI PENDANT?". Yes, you saw that right. When you're urgot, you have to harass from the start, and try to get that first blood with your E + Q combo. Also, you can easily farm with your E, so be sure to get that gold for your B.F. sword. Now, onto the actual order. Meki pendant is EXTREMELY important for Urgot. It lets you stay in lane as well as keep your mana high so you can harass your enemies. B.F. sword is there for your increased AD, because all of your skills are based off of AD. You then get your Brutalizer, which makes your Q's hit EXTREMELY hard. Next is your movement boots, don't need to explain that. You then build into your manamune for extra mana and AD, and work into your Bloodthirster. Now, once you've made it this far in the game, you can get your Frozen Mallet, to make sure you're enemies can't get away AND for the extra health. It's lovely.

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Strategy w/ Urgot

NOTE: ALWAYS solo top/mid as Urgot.

Urgot's moves work together like bread and butter. It's just amazing. Hisis normally a skillshot, hitting whatever it comes in contact with first. His, is a shield that absorbs damage and slows enemies, it's the best offensive shield out there. His, I call "the grenade", shoots a grenade that deals damage plus your physical damage over a couple of seconds. Absolutely wonderful for harassing, it has a great range. NOW, his ULTIMATE, you guys might not like. It does no damage. Yup, none. But, it's a great tool for many things. You can force people to tower dive when they get too greedy. You can force people into the spawning pool, you can switch out yourself for an enemy so you can easily focus him down, and you can use it to chase, and make sure that you're the one in front, and he's the one RUNNING TO YOU!

Now, onto actual in-game strategy. Early game, your meki pendant makes sure that you don't run out of mana, and your HP pots help you stay in lane for those times when you get a little low. At level 1, harass with your E like crazy. It's easily avoided, so what I do is I click e, and keep that open and follow an enemy til he gets in range. It's a great strategy to do, it's like aiming for a headshot with a sniper, because you have to wait for the right moment to shoot. Also, with your E, poison them minions! Use it to farm, its great, can take out an entire minion wave if they're all in that little group. At level 2, here comes fun. Shoot your grenade at an enemy, hold your cursor over the champion, and hit Q like no tomorrow. Watch them run to their turret, it's hilarious. Also: You can hit invisible champions with your E + Q combo! If you know where they are, shoot your E, and then Q, and watch your missiles hit invisible objects :D! Just repeat this 'til you get a kill, or they run back to base. Now, when you get your ult, this is when things get fun. Get your enemy in a place you know you can kill him, e.g. close to your tower, in the middle of the lane, or when he's low on health. You flash + ult, and as SOON as you switch, throw your grenade, use your missiles, and auto attack. They will not be able to get away. If they do, pop ghost and E + Q again.

Your role in team fights as urgot is to focus out the squishies. Urgot is more of a 1v1 character, as he only has 1 AoE effect move. It deals damage, but can't kill 3 people at once. So, always throw your grenade on the most people you can, shoot missiles on the squishies, kill 'em, and focus the next person. This is very important, only focus one person at a time, you'll win this way. Also, stay back. You are a ranged fighter, but you can get easily focused out if you're in the middle of everything.

NOTE: Whenever you've killed someone in your lane (you'll always solo mid/top, always.), be sure to gank for bot. You can throw your grenade over walls, and you can shoot your missiles over walls as well. It's great to make them freak out.

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Skill Sequence

I already talked to you about Urgot's skills and what they do, so I'll tell you here, how his passive works. Now, you'll be REALLY confused about how it works. I know I was.

His passive:- Urgot's attacks reduce his targets' damage by 15% for 2.5 seconds.

You'll be like: "...What?"

That's how I was, until I realized when the passive would kick in. You're probably thinking, "When does the passive occur? How many times per minute can be used? How do I know that its in effect?". Well, I realized, that whenever you attack a monster/champion, they have these weird "bubbles" over their head for about 2.5 seconds. While that is over their head, they're damage is reduced by 15%, which is a CRAZY amount. So, now you know.

Now, onto the skill order. I always max myandfirst, doing them by alternating levels. When they're around level 3/4, I like to put a point into my, of course, yourwhenever you can.

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Urgot is all-in-all a great champ. An OP passive, 2 CC abilities, INSANE range, great pushing, great lane survivability, and is really fun to play. Urgot is 3150 IP, and he is absolutely worth the waiting to get him. Funny thing about him though, is that almost no one plays him. I haven't encountered a single Urgot besides me. It's like he's some sort of "Myth" or "Legend" that no one has ever heard of. This is what makes Urgot special. When you go in a game, you'll show them what Urgot can do, and how amazing he is to play with. I hope you enjoyed my guide, and thank you for taking the time to read it.