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League of Legends Build Guide Author 44velma44

Urgot Top Guide Pre S6 / Plat 5 urgot Guide! Urgot Main

44velma44 Last updated on December 4, 2015
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Hey. Im a Urgot main Plat 5 and i have plaid him alot. I have 3 pentas with urgot and a youtube montage of him:

I have over 40k xp on urgot but i will get more !

This guide is Urgot top with alot o damage not tankiness !

THis is the first guide i do on mobafire will se how this goes

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PLay safe before first back you are really manahungry before you get your tear and shouldnt spam to much mana ! if the enemy comes for a trade Use E Q and u probally should win ! after first back start pushin your enemy out of the laine With E Q and if he comes for a 1 vs 1 use first E Q and if u are winning the trade just continue and if he start running away use your Ulty ! and if you take more damage than him use your ulty att the begginig for the damage reduction and u should win 1 vs 1. dont fight in the middle of minions becose then u can hit your Q after the E ends

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Heres my urgot montage and u can se abit of my playstyle and so on !

Your text to link here...

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Top Vs Ad:
Marks: 12 Armor pen
Seals: 9 Armor]
Glyphs: 15 CDr at 18
Quints: 6.8 Ad

Top vs Unknown:
Marks: 12 Armor Pen
Seals: 9 Armor
Glyphs: 12 Mr
Quints: 6.8 Ad

Top Vs Ap:
Marks: 12 Armor pen
Seals: 72hp
Glyphs: 12 Mr
Quints:6.8 Ad

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With this build in teamfight u should stay back and play like an adc !


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