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Urgot Build Guide by Ediwir

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ediwir

Urgot: Trollface! [in-depth]

Ediwir Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 11

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Utility: 19

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Welcome to my Urgot guide. this is based on my experience with different urgot playstyles, from the old "hybrid-offtank" to "ad-offtank" and finally "ad-dd". I initially found him awesome for lane domination, but weak end game, forced to take an offtank role. this is no longer true due to patch 107, where Urgot got a small nerf on his early game (really small) to give him better scaling mid/late.
From that patch (actually, from some days later) i find that playing him as a physical heavy damage dealer gives awesome results, and so i kept playing him like that, focusing my build on manaregen, CDR, armorpen and damage. and it works!

did i have some actual results? well, actually, yes.

also, in the last game presented in the shot, i got a kill after death with corrosive charge, and this gave us a double ace. it was fun :)

for those who keep saying that Urgot is not viable in longer games, or that his power drops down after mid-game, here's my personal best in terms of game lenght, on the normal queue:a very close one, i actually tought we were going to lose two or three times :P matchmaking did a great job that time.

stay tuned for more!

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Pros / Cons

-awesome range
-mid-heavy damage from mid to late game. lethal early game, especially if you target squishies.
-one of the best middlers in the game.
-almost unbeatable 1v1, take on that overfed Vlad and show him the meaning of pain.
-skillshot based.

-damage is 100% physical, armor screws up your plans.
-sidelaning drains your mana much faster and gives you less regen
-quickly down if focused (even if not so squishy as it seems)
-mana hunger until some good stacks on tear.
-skillshot based.

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-Greater Mark of Desolation
well, you deal physical damage. what did you expect?

-Greater Seal of Clarity
"But, Ediwir, they nerfed them! now they're useless!"
you still need ****loads of mana. even if the increase in base manaregen and manaregen/level of the champion means you have more manaregen early game, these are needed now as they were needed before.

-Greater Glyph of Focus
these help you getting better CDR early game. no, scaling CDR is not better, 'cause with scaling you'd reach full CDR much later. i usually have 40% at level 9, so don't use scaling. the more you spam, the more they die.

-Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
this sometimes confuses people. they ask "isn't better to use Desolation?" or "why not adding more HP?"
my answer is that yes, armorpen quints are very viable, but not really necessary. you already reach a very high amount of armorpen with this build, and after some tests i decided i was more confortable with movement speed ones. of course, this is just my playstyle. if you prefer to use armorpen, your damage will get a good boost, but your speed will drop. it's useful for positioning and to avoid bad situations, however. a 409 speed crazy damage dealer? good luck catching him off position.
as for HP, they help sustain heavy harassers like Urgot. see what i did there?
you're the reason because people buy HP quints, not the opposite.

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11-0-19 is the way to go for me.

the most crucial masteries are Sorcery and Intelligence, they give you 9% CDR at the start. love them, they're your best friends.

of course i take Haste and Awareness, as well as Sunder and Blink of an Eye.
Quickness for positioning. Meditation helps you with mana.

the most questionable ones are probably Good Hands and Deadliness.
the reason i preferred Good Hands to Perseverance is that, in any game, you will die. unless you're facerolling noobs that keep suiciding, but then you don't need masteries. Perseverance gives you 2% more regeneration, so if you regen like, huh, 20 per 5 secs, it'll boost it by 0,4. not so much noticeable, unless you have a lot of regen. in fact, if you end up having 200 regen per 5, you'll have 4 more, and... ok, it's pretty much nothing anyway.
about Archmage's savvy, you're probably thinking "what? why no critchance?". the point is, you won't give a **** about your autoattacks anyway, except for towers. i used to take Deadliness, but after the build update, a bit of AP synergizes better with the lategame items. it boosts little your shield. in the end, however, you can as well max critchance. a lucky crit can give you a kill, or help you lasthitting. it's not so important anyway.

a mastery that i constantly change is Greed/Utility Mastery. yes, Greed gives some gold, but not so much. what about Utility Mastery? by the point you think about golem, your mana pool is endless enough, and your CDR is capped. about the lizard, sometimes i use it, but as i said, your autoattacks are not so important in this build.
i placed the point in Greed for this guide, but it's basically just a point needed to reach the next rank. you can take a point in utility mastery (i do it too lots of times), but in most games it will only apply to Baron.
extra baron time is good anyway, so why Greed?
Greed gives you approximately 3-5 free wards per match.

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*season 2: masteries revamped*

so, new masteries coming. time to go back to work once again...

they claim to have made the offensive tree more viable for casters, and we play him as some sort of a caster, so why not trying? let's see what the new offensive tree offers. Brute Force is an obvious choice, being ranked down to T1 from T4, and so is Summoner's Wrath. we like this. Butcher doesn't look bad for easier lasthitting, Mental Force isn't probably worth it. we can then tap into Alacrity for attack speed (really? no, thanks) and Sorcery for... 4% instead of 3%? awesome, mine now. Demolitionist could be nice, but for now let's go ahead. Deadliness... crit chance? no, it was a filler before and it is a filler now. thankfully we can skip it. Weapon Expertise looks won... requires AS? >.> darn. oh well. Arcane Knowledge we don't give a fudge, Havoc is kinda meh... we could make it to sunder and executioner by investing into alacrity and havoc, but it sounds like forcing our hands a bit. we're also losing a lot of the old stuff if we go down there, so let's look at the other trees for now. we have invested so far 8 points.

defense doesn't offer us much, even if it's pretty darn cool.

utility... summoner's insight is ofc good, expanded mind looks promising, good hands is as good as before. improved recall looks... interesting? idk. let's go with expanded mind for now, since we plan a manamune. swiftness has been slightly nerfed, but no fear, we'll still run 405. meditation is good, but our mana regen is probably good enough anyway. scout is awesome, surely taking that into consideration. next level... did i read spell vamp? mine. oh, buff duration too. will surely come in handy. next rank, awareness and sage... awareness may be an interesting choice now that it's deep in the tree, or we could get back and take good hands and scout. however, outleveling your opponent will be surely a nice factor considering our damage is heavily spell-reliant. probably a choice here. next level, we have our beloved Intelligence, a 6% CDR we want to buy instantly. perseverance is a lot better than before and mastermind is nice, but let's stop here for now. we spent 19 points in this tree, and we have some other viable options...

so we're still left with 3 points, and a 8-0-19 structure. actually, two differen 8-0-19 structures. that's cool, we have choices.
let's recap the choices we have. those three points may go in:
butcher and demolitionist, for better pushing and lasthitting.
havoc, for 1.5% extra damage on everything
perseverance, for 9% regeneration
good hands/expanded mind, to get both choices instead of just one
sage, scout and recall, for an utility boost
meditation for mana regen.

i'll be honest here - i have no idea. i'll be testing the new masteries as soon as they come out and see how it goes, but for now i'll leave this like that... but with an extra: a comparison between the old mastery set and the new one.

previously, we had: 0.3%critchance, 0,6AP/lvl, 9%CDR, 6 armorpen, 10% time spent dead, +5%xp, +15% buff duration, +3 manaregen/5sec, 3% movespeed. improved ghost (time and speed) and flash (cooldown).
now, we're talking about: +3AD, 10%CDR, +12mana/lvl, 2% movespeed, 3% spellvamp, 20% increased buff duration, +5%xp. improved ghost (speed) and flash (cooldown), and 3 points to distribute.
we lost: 0.3% critchance, 0,6AP/lvl, 6 armorpen, 10% time spent dead, +3manaregen/5sec, 1% movespeed, ghost duration.
for: +3AD, +1%CDR, +12 mana/lvl, 3% spellvamp, 5%increased buff duration, 3 points to distribute AND the fact that not everyone will have the 5% exp boost now.

the critchance and ap/lvl were quite bad, so not missing anything here. time spent dead will be missed, but we still have 3 points, so we could get it back. manaregen is balanced by the increased mana pool. movespeed is just 1%. ghost duration will be unavailable for everyone, so not really a big loss.
i like the new masteries.

see you soon with the new updates.

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Summoner Spells

i choose to useGhost andFlash, for they provide Urgot with unbeatable chasing skill and make possible unexpected aggressions, while also giving you some escape abilities. for example, i often use flash in conjunction with Hyper-kinetic position reverser to start a gank, or a 1v1 fight against my mid opponent, or to catch someone from under tower. Ghost is mostly used to flee, but can be a good chasing skill (even if you already run like Bolt, have huge range and a slow). also, if you feel really screwed, flash + ghost and you're outta here, but be very careful with this, you don't want to waste both of them.

other viable choices may be:

-Teleport, for lane presence and running around the map. take it if you like it. ward + teleport = lightning gank.

other spells wich are good but not suggested:

-Clairvoyance is one of my favourite spells, and i think every team should have one if possible. on Urgot, it can be used to increase your sight range and map awareness. however, it's probably better fit for a support or mage, like Lux or Janna.

-Exhaust, to weaken enemies even more or defend yourself from heavy attacks. quite redundant with your spells, however. slow, armor reduction, damage reduction? sounds like W, E, passive.

-Clarity. did i mention you're mana hungry? well, you'll surely use this spell, if you take it. but keep in mind that you'll use it three times, no more, no less. after some time, you'll notice that your mana pool is too large for it to be of any use, and after mid game, you won't need mana anymore.

-Cleanse. well, you may need it. if they catch you off position. try not to be off position, you have enough movement speed and mobility to do this. of course, a bad situation may happen. in that case, you're usually screwed anyway, or flash+ghost helps you more.

-Ignite. if they escape you, you won't be close enough to use this. if you are close enough, they won't escape anyway. also, you have a DoT long-range granade.

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Skill Sequence

well, well. Urgot and his skills. these are not well-known, aren't them? let's go back to school for a moment.

Zaun-touched bolt augmenter (passive)
the most underknown passive of the world, people will fail in killing you multiple times because of this. Cho'gath failing Feast, Twitch Expunging too fast, Garen dealing his Killstealing blow and leaving you with a scrape of health. everyone who's hitten by your basic attacks or acid hunters will have his damage reduced by 15% for 2,5 seconds. awesome, huh? it can also make your enemies fail in lasthitting! autoattack people whenever you can in a teamfight, your allies will be grateful. or maybe not, 'cause they probably don't know it.

Acid Hunter (Q)
on an awesome 1,2 second cooldown, this ability is your main damage source. as a skillshot, it has a pretty long range (600). more than your 425 autoattack, wich enables you with a good lasthitting ability. when your enemies are hit by your Corrosive Charge, however, Acid hunter's range increases by over nine thousand!!!. this means that, if you can see your opponent, no matter how much he runs, the hunter will catch him. correct placing of the cursor however takes some practice, especially against enemies very close to the fog of war or moving away fast.
this ability is leveled up second, but it has always the highest priority after.

Terror Capacitor (W)
oh, look, a shield. this means you're tanky!
no. this means that you can ignore minions, for some time. until leveled quite high, this shield won't absorb much damage. however, the second effect is awesome: whenever your shield is up, your base attacks (oh well) and your Acid Hunters (hell yeah!) slow down your enemy.
raise your shield whenever you shoot an acid hunter towards an enemy.
this ability is leveled at level 4, and then leveled second. i had it on last priority for a long time, but then it got bugfixed :P

Noxian Corrosive Charge (E)
an AoE granade, nice. it deals good damage too, and adds a lockon ability to your acid hunters, increasing their range to 25000 units (wich means, global range). lockon range is actually shorter, wich means you can't target them from the other side of the world, but if they teleport or similar, acid hunters already aimed will find them wherever they are.
also, the charge corrodes enemy armor, lowering it by a scaling percentage. this means not only that corrosive charge increases his own damage and your total damage, but also that in a teamfight you should try to hit as many enemies as possible, to increase the damage of your team.
this ability is leveled first, and then left as rank one till later, since % penetration scales well lategame but bad early.

Hyper-kinetic position reverser (ultimate)
here we are, the most "WTF" spell of league of legends. his multiple effects, scaling range and particular function make it a very hard spell to master, but can give great results. let's check them one by one:
-scaling range: the range increases with level, starting from very short to incredibly long. i surprised lots of people by catching them from unexpected range, so abuse this. if someone doesn't seem to know well urgot, play mind tricks with him. let him become confident. then slaughter him. Urgot would do it.
-1 second suppression: need to interrupt that Katarina or Nunu channeling in the middle of your team? that's your only way. don't worry about wasting it, it's a good use anyway. you want to kill someone, but you're afraid that Zilean will revive him? suppress Zilean. you want to catch someone teleporting? a blinker is close to his cooldown to escape? and so on.
-position swap: master this. being swapped can disorient people, and you will be no exception. fast camera, good reflexes and some preparation will help you feeling no problem with being swapped. on the other hand, your enemies... well... they may have some problems. see point one of this ultimate. however, this is also the most dangerous part of the ultimate. you can bring someone in the middle of your team, cut an escape, catch a Trynda spinning away, do a lot of things... or you can throw yourself in the middle of the fray. not good. always check the situations.
-armor/mr buff: you'll become tanky for a short while. you can use this to gain the upper hand in a 1v1 fight.
-slow: your enemy will be slowed after being swapped. who said "easy granade"? care, however, for: sivir's spellshield, blinking champions, flash. if they seem confused or surprised by the slow, take that shot. if not, acid hunter for a second or two, just to check.
-channeled: if something stuns you during the 1-second-suppression, the suppression is interrupted, as well as the swap and the slow. you still retain the resistance buff.
-OMGWTFHACKS: Olaf's ultimate and Morgana's shield make these champions immune to your suppression effect, and to the slow too... but guess what? they'll be swapped anyway! this can make people ragequit.
this ability is leveled at levels 6, 11 and 16.

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Early Game - trollface urgot

Start withMeki Pendant and two potions. now, i know that every possible guide here says "try to get mid" or "ask your teammates to let you mid", to the point that every champion looks like the perfect middler, so i won't say it. however, i will say that Urgot can take basically any lane in the current meta. he has the potential to hold and win against mages, he can ruin the life of many soloers and he's the natural predator of ranged carries. watch out however for: sustained soloers like Udyr, natural healers or Sivir. those champs may be annoying to lane against.

be quite defensive for level 1. you can harass with corrosive charge or try taking some long-range lasthit with acid hunter (depending from starting choice). at level 2 you'll have both corrosive charge and acid hunter. at this point, you have two choices:
-you got matched against an earlygame monster like Pantheon, Caitlyn or another Urgot. harass him, but be careful about returning fire.
-you're against a ranged carry, a squishy mage, or Vlad.try to catch him with corrosive charge, then unleash hell. try to zone him out of the creeps, denying experience and gold is your main role. make them towerhug in fear. i once managed to keep a Morgana level 4 until i got level 9.

point is: carries are item-dependant, so cannot resist or fight back until some time. mages are usually squishies and cooldown-dependant, and your range makes you quite safe unless they're skillshot based - but you move a lot fast! and Vlad simply isn't scary enough until level 9, when his cooldown on Q becomes short. abuse your early game advantages, and don't push too much, you want minions half-way and enemies behind tower.

anyway, ALWAYS KEEP MOVING! your autoattack is short ranged, don't harass with it. use corrosive+hunters.

around level 5-6 you should start feeling the lack of mana. a quick recall to buy a Tear of the Goddess is a good idea. take a couple potions and wards too, they will save your life more than what you think possible, especially if you're doing good. you should expect imminent ganks if you outlevel your opponent by more than 1 level.
if you farmed well, you may be able to buy boots too. this is an exceptional increase in your damage, as ionian boots bring you to 30% CDR, wich means you can fit another acid hunter into your corrosive charge time.

note: mercury treads may be used against CC-heavy team, but your damage will suffer.

also, another good tip: you're not *forced* to mid. you can duolane, but it will drain your mana more (i'd start with sapphire crystal instead of meki in this case), or... you can counter-solo.
if they have a sololane, and you have another good middler, send him mid and go top. this way, you have the opportunity to ruin his life and send him crying back to base at least a couple times. sololaners are often offtanks or manaless heroes, wich means: squishy ninjas, squishy manaless, or Mundo and Morde.
well, Mundo is easy before level 6, and you'll make him flee before this. eat the tower.
Morde, well, without minions he's nothing.
squishies disappear.
offtanks will start facing your heavy 21/12% armorpen at level 2. isn't this fun? you're an early game antitank!
watch out for Pantheon, however. his early game power is equal, if not even higher, than your.

this sometimes ends up with the sololaner changing lane, and the opponent team losing dragon control. that's fine.

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Mid-game - to gank or not to gank?

if you didn't manage to outlevel your opponent, no problem: it's not mandatory. good players will manage to remain in experience zone and farm something even with your heavy harassment. but after level 6, you can GANK!
remember that in your early levels you're one of the strongest champions in this game. unless you focus the tank, a well-placed gank will secure a kill for you or your carry.
my standard gank includes initiating with corrosive charge, acid hunters with shield on, position reverser to finish or flash + position reverser to catch the other one. you shouldn't towerdive, but you can easily hit people under tower with locked acid hunters.

if you managed to outlevel your opponent, however, don't leave the lane. keep the advantage, it's good for your team too (especially if they sent the carry against you) and you'll probably end up with a kill anyway.

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mid-late - towers down, wards up

by level 9 you should have your light core (3k gold), and your inventory should look like this:
plus a ward or two, and maybe some leftovers potions or a red elixir. can't stress enough how wards are important. so i'll say again that wards are important, 'cause i strongly believe that wards are important.
sometimes people say i think wards are too important, but they are really important.

your light core gives you the things you need most:
tear of the goddess gives you a large mana pool and good regeneration.
ionian boots and brutalizer cap your CDR (14,85% from runes and masteries, 15% from boots, 10% from brutalizer) to 39,85%, without needing to wait level 13 for the scaling runes.
brutalizer also gives you some damage, but most of all, armor penetration.

beside your light core and those very important wards, you may also have completed Manamune, wich ends your hard core (4k gold). it adds a nice amount of damage and strenghtens your mana pool. mana problems should be a bad memory by now, and your granade starts doing some serious damage too.

focus on heavy poking to make enemies flee their remaining mid-map towers, and take them down. if you can grab a kill, good enough. if they try to flank you, your wards should reveal them by time, and you can take an easy kill with your team.
yeah, wards. again.

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hey wait - can i do something else at this point?

sure. you can solo dragon very fast, around level 11-12 i usually get a quick look and, if he's there, i kill him.
dragon slows down your attack speed, but you use acid hunters, wich are better! so go and eat him.
i usually place a ward to be aware of enemy movement, and position myself near the wall, so i can flash out if ganked, but there are no big problems usually.

lizard and golem are usually not worth, but you can prepare them for your mage or carry. just remember to not use corrosive charge at the end, or you may steal the buff with the DoT.

other jungle camps can be killed a lot quick, i sometimes launch a Corrosive Charge to the wraiths and then fire blindly with acid hunter. it locks on even trough fog of war, so grab them. money and experience! don't do this if you have a jungler, however, he may end up being quite pissed off.

you cannot solo baron.

Sword of the Occult slows your core, but you can take it before ending manamune if you feel confident - i don't use stack items very often, anyway. it's like having a big sign saying "kill me" if you get stacks, or a useless burden if you don't. also, they're not cost-effective until 4-5 charges, slowing your early game power.

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late game - teamfights

i will consider the most standard situation - you got paired against good enemies, and you didn't overlevel them, also you are not overfed. you also have good teammates that do not feed, know their role and use wards.
yes, it's pure theorycrafting. but it's something.

at this point your role is no more "OH MY GOD HE'S HERE! FAST, RUN!", but more "very good damage dealer". your damage is still very good and decently scary, but no more epic if you went for Banshee. try to give to your carry the last hits, you can reach them anyway if they manage to flee. if you have no carry, have no mercy, 'cause you'll have to be the carry. you can do it, but avoid at all costs to let the opponent carry outfarm you.
apart from this, land your corrosive charge everytime you can. the cooldown equals the duration, so that you can have an enemy permanently under corrosive debuff. this increases the (physical) damage of your whole team, making the carry's job easier. needless to say, target the enemy carry, mage, or whoever your carry seems to be focusing. no, not the tank.

acid hunters can be used in offensive or supportive way. an acid hunter in the enemy's mage's face means 15% less damage for some seconds, remember this. when you focus someone, you disable him too. use this to protect, make fights easier, or simply to mock people trying to kill you.

focus the carry with position reverser, to throw him to your team. when the carry dies, fights become much easier. DO NOT use this to initiate a fight unless you find him in a bad position.

if someone remembers Phreak's old champion spotlight, he said a very true thing: "basically, i make sure i'm never able to be killed, while i'm always in range to repeatedly throw all my spells".
positioning is essential to Urgot, especially with this build, wich is not much tanky. you'll be hitting for crazy damage, but be careful, 'cause this is a fire magnet. that's another reason for me to use movespeed quints, but as i said, it's up to you.

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Core Item Discussion

as i said, these are your core items. they provide you with the basic stats you need, wich are:

-mana regen
-mana pool
-attack damage
-armor penetration
-cooldown reduction

now, i think everyone understands the need of these stats. CDR allows you to fit more hunters in your E-Q combo, and to have lockon more often. mana is always needed as you're a spammer. AD boosts your spells and basic attacks. armorpen greatly increases your damage. movespeed is needed for positioning, and to avoid being the slow one.

also, probably anyone will understand that, being this a CDR build, i need a very large mana pool early game, and for this reason i rush a tear of the goddess.

what may surprise people is why i postpone so much manamune, and why i don't rush brutalizer either. the reason is simple: as you start the game, you have a 1,7 sec cooldown on Q. this lets you fit three acid hunters in the corrosive charge's time (if you're good). with a brutalizer, you'd end up with 1,5 sec cooldown, wich means 4 (stronger) hunters. a >33% damage boost. however, you're still quite slow. using boots first, instead, you get full mobility and a 1,4s CD, meaning still 4 (basic) hunters. a 33% damage boost, not as good as brutalizer, but 700g cheaper, and so 700g faster.
Ionian boots are the cheaper and faster way to ensure both damage boost and survival/chasing boost.

after this, you want to boost your damage. once again, check what may happen. manamune? can give you a nice chunk of damage depending from the stacks, but not that much. also, brutalizer offers armorpenetration too and...
wait... cooldown reduction, again? so i'd end up with 1,2 seconds cooldown? well, it's... no, wait. it's 4 acid hunters per charge. +25% damage increase? plus armorpen? plus damage? ok, no chance. Brutalizer is the second best item to get.

that's why manamune is the last item in the core, even if it's the first item to start with.

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Post-Core Item Discussion

after the core (40% CDR, damage, mana, armorpen, movement) i used to place two b.f. swords. the reason is that Urgot does not really use his basic attack that much, so attackspeed is not needed. after this, i usually took a defensive item (banshee, thornmail, guardian angel, you choose) and upgrade them to bloodthirsters.
Now, thanks to some tests and to Searz's graphics, i decided to change the post-core to Whisper / defensive / gunblade. the reason is that whisper increases your damage a lot more than what bloodthirster can, due to the armor penetration factor (check graphs). also, seeing as in late game, willing or not, i usually die, thirsters mean +60 damage. i find it better to work on a very expensive, but more reliable, Gunblade. also, i often said lifesteal isn't needed... but spell vamp applies to acid hunters, and that's why we take Revolver first. Red elixirs can keep our damage up enough, but self-healing on apocalyptic range? too good.

if you're thinking that this may not work better, well... i was spamming doublekills the last game, i'd say it works.

variations: if you think you can delay your survivability, you can rush Gunblade before Banshee. of course. if you think you can skip it directly, i'd go for Gunblade and Infinity. it's the largest flat AD item, and allows your AA to crit for a very high damage if you end up in a close quarter fight. the high amount of lifesteal/spellvamp guaranteed by Gunblade will help a lot in this case. however, i don't recommend trying it until you practiced with Urg for some time.

about Ghostblade: upgrading the brutalizer? i'd rather finish the gunblade and the full elixir set if game lasts this long. you don't really need the stats of Ghostblade, brutalizer is enough, but if you finished the build, have all your elixirs and still get money, buy it.

Black Cleaver looks good, but watch closely: it's a on-hit effect. your acid hunters won't proc it, and your autoattack range is quite short.
Infinity Edge also looks very good, but once again, crits apply to autoattacks, and it's very expensive. it's however the largest flat AD item anyway.
Bloodthirsters are probably the best way to stack attack damage, but not armpen. also, Edge is more reliable.

other items i saw being used on Urgot:
Trinity Force.
your autoattack is short. your acid hunters don't proc on-hit. don't take this. also, attackspeed, ability power, critchance, who do you think you are?? don't.

you have a single spell that scales with AP and don't benefit much from AS. don't.

Innervating Locket.
removed. it wasn't a good choice anyway.

Frozen Mallet.
how much do i have to repeat this? your autoattack is short. your acid hunters don't proc on-hit. don't take this.
also, you have a 40% slow on ult and another 40% slow with your shield.

Tanky items in general.
this is not an offtank urgot build. it's not what we're looking for.

Guide Top

cheers and updates

i hope you liked this guide, and i ask your pardon for the wall of text.
feel free to comment, ask question, or suggest.
good luck wreaking havoc in the fields of justice, and may the ugliness be with you.


updated post-core discussion. for some reason Mobafire is giving me problems with the itembuild edit section O.o i'll fix that as soon as i solve the issue.
Noxian Corrosive Charge bug noted.
added a very good reason to pick Greed over Utility Mastery
"updated" tags on the chapters will remain for a couple days.

issue solved :) the new build is up! ...oh no, wait: it's not up, it's OP!

the patch fixed actually two bugs on urgot. one was the range bug: when the granade hit a single target, you could end up with an increase in the lockon range. if you never tried intentionally to exploit this, you won't even notice it.
the second bug, was the Manamune/Charge bug: manamune's bonus damage didn't scale on the corrosive charge... BUT NOW IT DOES!
= urgot buffed EVEN MOAR! have fun trollfacing those who said urgot was only strong due to the range bug!

added core item discussion, for all of you who asked why getting manamune last.

edited core item discussion because of some errors with the maths :P sorry guys.

inb4the nerf!
urgot's acid hunter has been nerfed, considering this guide, of a fluctuating value between 9% (lvl1) and 5% (lvl9). not that much noticeable, even lower on later levels.
his HP get reduced by 20, may affect his laning phase in the long time.
however, the fix on Terror Capacitor's shield will reduce the amount of "you can't escape me" on lategame.
don't worry, however, 'cause it's just a small nerf. our ugly one will continue shooting his lovely chainsaws all over the place.

after a couple tests, i changed first level skill to "corrosive charge". this because, except for a few cases, i found this to be more useful at first level.

patchnotes out! take a good look at the recent Trollface Urgot Buff:

  • B.F. Sword
    • Attack damage reduced to 45 from 50
    • Gold Cost decreased by 200
  • Infinity Edge
    • Attack Damage increased to 80 from 75
    • Critical Strike increased to 25% from 20%
  • Hextech Revolver spell vamp increased to 20% from 15%
  • Hextech Gunblade Spellvamp increased to 25% from 20%

sooo... we now have 5 more reasons to not buy b.f. swords instead of whisper, wich is ok... infinity edge comes back into the "maybe" list (the price was lowered too, unless they forgot an edit), but most of all... did i mention we like healing from Hunters? Gunblade/Revolver buff boosts our late game like nothing else! i was so excited i had to dance!
soon to be tested on the fields of trolling.

patchnotes out.
  • Fixed a bug with Terror Capacitor where when attacking a champion, it was slowing for less than the tooltip stated
  • Fixed a bug with Terror Capacitor where when using Acid Hunter with Terror Capacitor, it was slowing based upon Acid Hunter's rank rather than Terror Capacitor (but for the correct 20/25/30/35/40%)
  • Hextech Revolver spell vamp reduced to 15% from 20%
  • Lifesteal and spell vamp are no longer reduced if the damage done is shielded

hextech was too good to last, and ultimately, we suffer the Vladimir Ground-Nerf. on the plus side, spell vamp is applied even when we hit a shielded champion, and it seems like Revolver is remaining at 25%.

september, random date:
generic update, freshened the early/lategame text a bit after playing as rangedDPS botlane a while. hey, it works great!
also, a new bugfix makes corrosive charge work on "total armor" instead of "basic armor". not sure how much this affects the gameplay, but for sure it's an improvement.

-patchnotes soon to come out, leaked infos say that Gunblade should go down to 40AD/70AP/15%LS/20%SV. well, this sucks. i'm almost considering wota, but gunblade remains the only ad/sv item in the game, and the effectiveness of even a simple revolver is huge on Urgot.
i'm unsure wether i'll keep using it or not. for now, i'm going to try for a while.
why couldn't they just nerf Irelia?

-changed skill order (can't believe i forgot to do it for 5 months).

-new masteries coming in, let's do some calculation. also, gunblade is going to stay. spellvamp too good.

-temporary mastery tree set up. refer to the dedicated chapter for the meaning of "temporary".