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Poppy Build Guide by Belgarius

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belgarius

Uuh Pop this Jam ( Belgarius' Poppy Build)

Belgarius Last updated on November 26, 2011
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- I updated the new Masteries :) enjoy guys and pls comment and rate :P

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Hello guys and welcome to my first Guide/Build on Mobafire. :)

Now some things about me you guys should know is: Yes, I'm german ( well usually a turkish man living in Germany)
About LoL I can tell you guys that I have over 1000 normal Games, including Victories and Defeats. The funny thing about my account is that I got more ranked games then normal games, cuz after reaching lvl 30 I started to play solo ranked games :) bla bla bla .. this means that u guys can usually give a chance to my builds here I think and I guess u will like or love it :)

So like the Title of this Build says, this is going to be a Full AD Poppy Guide. (AD = Attack Damage for those guys who don't know it :P )
Well let's talk about Poppy. What's so impressive on her? What brings this small girl to the fields of justice? I mean when we look at other champions, we see huge women taking platemails and tanking tons of dmg. Or other kind of women jumping around, throwing some blades and turning around to deal everyone in the near heavy dmg ( <- Yes, Katarina :D )
But Poppy... this small girl shines totally in Fights. She's not the one who tanks, no! She's the one, the one called The Punisher. So now i'm going to show you what a real AD Poppy can do on her own :)

Some of u guys imo think: " Who is Belgarius, that he's going to post a Guide"
Pls mates just read my Guide and try it out :) u will see all :P

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Poppy
-One of the best Passives in League of Legends
-One of the best Ultimates League of Legends ever had :P
-Nearly as small as Teemo!!!!
-Got a great DMG (Damage) output in early-mid to hard late
-With a bit practice, can dominate the Solo-Top
-Great Towerdiver ( but becareful! ^^ )
-Poppy loves walls ( look at the E spell :-) )
-Running as fast as Speed Gonzales
-When Fed have fun with being Legendary the whole Game long

Cons of Poppy
-Unfortunatly not that easy to play
-Needs practicing-time
-Itembuild is pretty expensive but when u can handle her :) u will get all easily
-CD ( Cooldown ) of her ultimate is kinda.. hmm but ok
-Pretty manaintensive
-Not easy to last-hit minions, but with the right runes and some practicing it's totally easy :)
-CC's are evil against Poppy

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For Runes I take:
-9 Marks with Pure AD ( pushs ur Attack Dmg for easier lasthitting )
-9 Seals of Manareg ( not per lvl!! )
-9 Glyphs Armor/CDR(Cooldownreduction)/Attackspeed ( u can choose, it all works great :D )
-3 Quints of Life or 3 Quints of Movementspeed ( Poppy definetly needs movementspeed as I will tell u later on this Build )

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The Masteries are 21/0/9 a standart Masteriebuild
Important is, that u guys get the Masterie with 15% Magicpen and the "Exhaust" Masteriebuff
On the other Side take the Haste Masterie , 4% Life and Manareg, 5% more EXP and at least the Buffdurationmasterie <- what a crazy word :o

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I will learn it soon how 2 post pictures to show u the items ^^ srsly i'm sorry :D

So u guys start with a Manacrystal giving u 200 extra Mana. Why this Item?
As i said u are very manaintensive at least in early - mid.
Don't forget to buy 2 Healpots, too.
After u farmed enough to buy a Sheen and maybe boots for 350 Go back and buy it!
Now u will see the Extreme Damage output Poppy even gets that early!!!
Ok Back to Lane: Keep on Farming. Try to lasthit whenever u can. It will be easier for u cause u got some AD runes now and u know how much DMG u deal to dmg when u hit them ;)
After u got enough to buy another Part of Trinity.. go back and buy it! Dont forget to finish ur boots first. Take the Attackspeed Boots or Mercurys. I prefer the AS Boots.
A few minutes later after ur farm was pretty good or ok u will have trinity and the time will come soon, where u have to fight or even teamfight.
Most important thing is: ALWAYS KILL SOMETHING. The sense of this Game is to farm better then the enemy.
Second Item after Trinity will be your Phantom Dancer. Why Trinity and Phantom Dancer? Poppy is an extreme slow champ. Trinity as we know boosts everything of an Champ but it all benefits for Poppy so thats why Trinity ( Especially the movementspeed it gives us)
Phantom Dancer is another good Item for Poppy. It hardly buffs ur Attackspeed and even ur Critchance. Most important Thing is the Movementspeedbuff :)
After u got Berserkerboots, Trinity and PD ( Phantom Dancer) u can choose now. These are situational Items. But I always prefer either taking an Inifity Edge as 4th Item or Blackcleaver as 4th Item. After these 2 Items I can buy 2 Bloodthirster or 1 Bloodthirster and 1 Survivability-Item. But for sure u have to take a situational Item. When they got lot of AP burst dmg then i would prefer FoN ( Force of Nature or Banshees) and trust me...
After those items, U are the Devil himself. Unstoppable, Unkillable and a Killing-Machine. Maybe even Robocop! :D

So the Buying-Sequence:
1. Manacrystal + 2 Healpots
2. Sheen + Boots
3. Finish your Boots
4. Buy the last Components of Trinity and get it
5. Phantom Dancer
6. Infinity Edge OR Black Cleaver
7. + 8. Bloodthirster 2x

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Skill Sequence

So Guys now the Skill Sequence of Poppy.
As u know Poppy rules with her Q Spell, called "Devastating Blow".. I mean even this name sounds so terrifying :D but we do NOT start with this Skill on lvl one.

First u guys Skill her E spell, called "Heroic Charge" But skill it Just once till u have to Skill it after lvl 13. This Heroic Charge Dmg isn't really the biggest thats why we just need it once. U just charge on someone who is mybe near a Wall and don't forget the direction u charge from :) it's important too.

So on Lvl 2 we are going to skill the PoD ( Paragon of Demacia )
This is a great Skill of Poppy. Whenever you attack or someone attacks you, your Dmg and Armor increases which can stack up to 10 times.

Reaching lvl 3 u start skilling ur Devastating Blow 3 times in a row: lvl 3,4,5
This is the hardest Spell League of Legends got after her ultimate and passive :D
It deals tons of Dmg and always 8% of the Targets maximum health as Dmg. It stacks with Ap (Ability Power) Pretty Good but it's more "devastating" :D when u play an AD Poppy :)

Now u're Lvl 6 Take ur Ultimate and always get Ready to Fight. Ur Ultimate called Diplomatic Immunity is seriously the best ultimate i've ever seen in this Game. This makes u shine on the Fields of Justice. This is what all ur enemies hate on this Poppy.
How 2 Use it? Never... seriously NEVER use it on an enemy champion who can deal pretty good Dmg on you. Always try to take the weakest one ( supporter ) if there is no supporter then u have to chose. Using ur ultimate on a Brand with his evil Spell Combos or on Irelia who just jumps on u and constantly dmg's you. It's your choice! :)
For Guys who don't know the Ultimate. Poppy selects an enemy Target. This Target will be the only one who can hurt Poppy. All the other Dmg that usually would come from other enemies is totally ignored: It's like fighting against the Wall and the Wall says: WTF stop kidding me :D
The targeted enemy is also receiving 20/30/40% more dmg of Poppy :) ( LOVE IT <3 ) :D

So after ur Ultimate Fullskill ur Devastating Blow first and btw ur Paragon of Demacia. At least dont forget to skill ur Heroic Charge when u are just able to skill this Spell :)

-When the Teamfights start always try to get in a fight First with ur heroic charge on that enemy that is close to a wall. Don't use ur ultimate instantly wait a bit till u think now is the time to use it and then aim the supporter. BUT USING ULTIMATE ON SUPPORTER DOES NOT MEAN ATTACKING HIM. It's just to get sure that there is no one else who can dmg you in these seconds of ur ultimate durability :) Now Start to take off one Carry after another.
Try to get your Bluebuff as often as possible, if there is no one who needs it in your team.

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Summoner Spells

Alright Guys we are finishing soon.
Now your Summoner Spells.
As I already said that Poppy needs lots of movementspeed we are going to take Ghost. At least I take it. It's always your choice. But it fits most on Poppy :)

Flashis another good Summoner Spell but I dont like it on Poppy. Either ur fighting till the End or u already run as fast as Speedy Gonzales so Flash is ok but not really needed.

As my secon Summoner Spell I take Exhaust. It's great with Poppy. U're a Champ who can focus a target hardly. Especially the harder targets can get knocked out by u easily with Exhaust :)
And dont Forget to skill it in the Masteries Ladies :D

All the Spells like Ignite arent really necessary. No one will survive Poppys one vs one actions :)

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So Guys I really hope u read it all though it's just reading.. and reading.. and reading.. but trust me u will have a lot of fun with her. I will just show you some Pictures now, where u can see how it just works for me :) not even with Poppy. Other Builds coming soon.
Hope you enjoy and Vote pls :) Very Important for me. Gotta rework this Build soon with Pictures!!!! ^^ <