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Build Guide by Vainlash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vainlash

Vainlash - Vayne Guide

Vainlash Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello. Vainlash here, introducing a Build that I generally always use, I will provide and help those who are new to Vayne, or Experienced, either way you will learn something from this guide.

To see more about Me, or vayne, check out my youtube channel.

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- Way of the Assassin -

Ah, the Assassin class. Many memories spring to mind when the word is mentioned. Who would of thought the worlds most underground character, will become the most feared and deadly class amongst everything. One thing to learn about the Assassin is, You don't play it, the Assassin plays you.

And this is exactly what Vayne is. A High Risk High Reward champion. Meaning "Easily Killed, But Kills Others Easily".

And once you learn how to become unpredictable in your gameplay with Vayne, have smart light reflexes You will be diving in and diving out getting a triple kill and your opponents will be to confused what just happened, whether to focus you or not, all these things will spring into there mind and by the time it does, its game over for them.

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Pros / Cons

Very Good Single Target DPS.
Great Mobility.
Last Hitting.
Stealth / Fast.
Good 1v1 Champion.
Great Chaser.

Low HP.
Low Mana/Regain.
Low Def/Resist.

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Runes are pretty simple with Vayne. There is a lot floating around right now but I find this to be the best balance.

Red: ArmP. - You constantly hit hard, even against tanks.
Yellow: AttSpeed. - Great for getting your silver bolts to explode early game, dealing great damage.
Blue: CDperlvl. - Her Cooldowns are pretty low, topped with this you will always have something ready.
Quints: 2 ArmP, 1AttSpeed: This will be noticeable early game, but mainly into late game as you get attack speed items, it will all fit perfectly.

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Not much else to say really. Also you notice I did not put in any points for increased CritDmg. But with this build, you won't need it. The defense masteries is just to help, even if its just a little in her survivability.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust / Flash.

Its always good to have 1 offensive spell, and 1 defensive. Exhaust is to make sure your target does not get away, and flash can be used for almost anything. There is no need to get anything else.

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First of you buy the Dorans Blade. Shortly after gets boots, then another dorans blade. As Vayne has very low HP, 2 Dorans blade will help her get started in the early game.

Shortly after getting a recurve bow is good, and always be ganking for your team.

That's what Vayne is there for, and not only does it help them push their lane, you will get the gold necessary for the items ahead.

Then of to buy a Phage, a great item for early/mid game ganking, extra HP, dmg and of course that slow which really does help even if you don't notice it.

Getting another recurve bow, your silver bolts will be exploding on people much faster now, which is always good topped with your chasing abilities, phage, to make sure you kill your target.

Next up is Sheen. This will Proc with your Q, so whenever you use your Q skill, it will deal bonus damage from the skill and from the Sheen.

Up next is merc treads, will always be the best boots to be honest, and there is always someone that has some form of CC and they will be determined to get you with it, with these boots, its less of a worry.

Then ahead to the starks fevor, an all round good item for Vayne, nothing less nothing more.

The Madreds razor is next, you can get it before the Starks if you feel your having a slow game, this is to help farming and getting gold when you need it.

Up Next is the zeal as you build more into your trinity force, and then getting the TriForce shortly after. Just like the sheen, the trinity force is godlike on Vayne.

You do at some points want to sell both your dorans blades, and when you do up next is the bloodrazor, along with the triforce and starks fevor, you will be a great force on the battlefield, hitting very hard, fast and precise, your silver bolts exploding and all your bonus damage from your Q skill.

Then comes the Gaurdian Angel / Banshee's Veil. These 2 are great defensive items for the squishy Vayne, and they both make a great combo together, so don't just get one and leave the other, get them both.

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Team Work

Vayne strongest ability is to Gank by surprise and 1v1. In teamfights however, you have to play smart. Never go in first, whenever a teamfight is about to break, always stay in a bush nearby, or just out of sight, and let everyone throw there spells around first. This is the moment you come in, with your ult active and take out there carries/ap all there squishy, and stun there tank with your condemned arrow if possible.

The reason you want to wait is you don't want to get bursted down in seconds, or have CC thrown at you, which is why you must wait, in the shadows, and by playing smart know when the right time to strike is, and to pick out your targets then go ahead and destroy them.