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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author erickprime

Variable Fiddle FTW!!

erickprime Last updated on March 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Know your Teammates and your Opponents

This is my first build, so be gentle!

Ok, The problem I've seen with other Fiddle builds is that the build is pretty much set in stone and is designed for one situation and that situation only. My build designed to evaluate the situation and act accordingly (after level 9).

For Example in my build when you reach level 10, you have the choice of going with whatever skill you want. It all depends on your situation. If you are playing mid and are going up against an Ashe or a Teemo, you should go with Dark Wind and to counter their fast minion killing ability. If you are playing top or bottom and are paired with strong melee character you should go with Fear. If you are playing with someone that can stun go with Drain! Always level your Ult whenever possible, and try to level the other skills to accommodate your team. If you are going to be a carrier then invest more into Dark Wind early. If you are going to be more support, then go with Terrify! It's common sense, so use it!

The items/runes are however set in stone and so are the summoner spells. You'll be buying a lot of items often, but it's ok since you'll be killing often too!

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Why these items?

Fiddle is fairly squishy and his spells require lots of AP to make them hurt. These items make it so you have over 3000 HP and at least 500 AP. More than enough whoop on anyone!

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Why these runes?

You need magic pen to make your spells hurt. You need Mana to use spells, that easy.

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Fiddle's skillz... to pay the bills

This if for people that don't know anything about Fiddlesticks.

Dark Windaka little bat is great for killing minions and annoying champions. Great for Carry Fiddles. It's one of the best spells in the game and highly under-rated; it causes damage and it silences. If you target the minion closest to the enemy champion it can hit the champion multiple times. Great skill to kill fleeing champions, especially if two or more champs are running away together. The little bat bounces between champs as they run away, often killing one or more of the champions (what I like to call a "bank shot"). It's also very useful for team fights, silencing several champions in a fight can be a determining factor.

Terrify aka Fear is a must have prior to having your Ult ready. Great for Support Fiddles. Fear needs to be casted right after your Ult and right before your drain move. It's always part of your 1 2 punch, ALWAYS! If you are not using fear, you are using Fiddle wrong! Fear is also good for defending turrets! Hug a turret, use fear/drain on a attacking champ... watch him die! It's also a great tool to use with flash or ghost to catch up to a fleeing champ. Example, you and a buddy get a champ to half way health. The champ runs since they realize they can't take both of you on. Flash then fear if they are too far= dead champ!

Drainaka um... Drain! It steals life from an enemy and gives it to you! Short cast range but once it's casted it easily doubles in length if they try to run away. Drain does a ton of damage to those that don't have magic rez. PRO TIP: Use drain on minions! Yes, I said it! Early game you might want to be conservative with your mana. If you spam a ton of little bats you might have to visit the shop earlier than expected. Mana should never be a problem for you so don't sweat it. HP early game can be an issue since you are very squishy! If you are getting harassed by champ with more range than you (I'm looking at you Kennen), use drain early and often to keep your self alive! You never need potions! If you ever see a Fiddle with Heal spell or a potion laugh in his face! On to the good stuff! Drain is best used with fear. That extra couple of seconds of drain can either mean kill or being killed! Always USE FEAR BEFORE DRAIN!! .. oh, don't try to walk while Draining; it stops the spell. You can pretty kill anyone with this combo + your ULT. PRO TIP: Prior to starting a game, make note of those people that choose Exhaust as their spells. It really hinders Drains ability to heal you!

Crowstormaka WTF where did he come from! CS takes a couple of seconds to cast, followed by a "leap" identical to the Flash spell. It then does TONS of magic damage to anyone in the AOE. It lasts a few seconds and is one of the best (if not the best) Ults in the game! How to use it... preferably cast it while hidden (in a bush is ideal). If a champ sees you powering up, they are going to RUN (or attempt to silence you! Once casted try to land right on top of your enemy! Cast Fear, then Drain. Try to keep the Drain going as long as possible! If they run away use ghost to follow them with your Ult on! Remember they just need to be near you to get hurt by your Ult! In a team fight cast dark wind to silence them before they silence you! Drop right on top of their squishies and fear/drain whom ever is the squishiest! Most of the time they'll die almost instantly if engaged with one of your teammates. It is not uncommon to get multi-kills. My favorite thing to do (when playing mid) is to get to level 6. Buy my boots, and go Ganking! That typically is the first kill of the game, unless you are playing with some noobs.

Flashis used for all sorts of fun stuff. Flash escape a fight (over walls is always the best). Flash to get into better position for your Ult. Flash to catch up with an enemy and fear them or Dark Wind for the "bank shot" if they are almost dead.

Ghost... Mainly used to prolong your Ult's deadliness! Also used for escaping; nothing beats Flash + Ghost to escape anyone! Getting from point A to point B faster.