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Varus Build Guide by boblywop

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author boblywop

Varus hybrid: All around serial killer

boblywop Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there. This is my first build ever.

I wanted to make a build/guide for varus since i've always wanted to make a build, but didn't know which champion to choose. Then Varus came out and i KNEW he had to be the one.

Anyway,why did i make a hybrid Varus?
Well, since 2 of his abilities scale with AD, and 2 scale with AP, I was toying with the idea to make him hybrid. I tried a few games with him as hybrid, and finally got the items where i wanted them. The masteries and runes are more or less the same as Phreak recomends.

Why should you even play Varus?
why even ask this? he's the most amazing champion in my opinion. Since he just came out his AD scaling might be a little to high, which results in insane early and mid game.

If you enjoy harrassing enemies down, slowing them a little so you can toy with them, then when they get out of reach of your basic attacks, just charge up an arrow, and snipe them from afar, then Varus is definetly a champion for you.

I hope you will enjoy this guide, and that it will be helpful.

PS. English isn't my native language, so please do tell me if there's spelling errors.

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This is where i need to explain why i'm doing what i'm doing.

Why? WHY? did i take AP?
as explained earlier, AP scaled with 2 of your abilities.

Blighted Quiver and
Chain of Corruption

since blighted quiver does % damage when triggered, and it scales with AP, that means it's gonna get absolutly ridiculous with just 3 items. same with your ulti, since it (correct me if i'm wrong) scales almost 100% with your AP.

Think about it. if you get some nice AP to your blighted quiver, your basic attacks are gonna hit hard, and if you trigger it, it'll add 2-3% more damage.
Doing a little math, we can see that a fully upgraded blighted quiver does 5% damage when triggered per stack of blight on your target. now, if we ad the 3 to the 5, we'll get 8% damage per stack. since it caps at 3 stacks, that means, when you trigger it, you'll do 24% magic damage!!!

Now you might tell me to calm down, since the enemy might have some magic resist. True, they could have, but they wont have, when you first start letting those basic attacks fly. Since you have Malady you will shred off your victims magic resist, by 24 to be precise.

How awesome is that?

And that was just your blighted quiver. What about your ulti?
well, since it scales with 100% AP (if i'm right), and you end up with about 205 AP, that means a fully upgraded ulti will do 300 and something damage ASWELL as 205. that's a good 500 damage from your ulti, and it even spreads!

after you have your boots, and the 3 core items: Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hextech Gunblade and Malady, you can build your other items based on the enemy team. if there's a lot of tanky enemies, consider going for Madred's Bloodrazor

If they consist of a lot of AD, a Frozen Heart should stop them in their tracks.
If there's tons of AP, Force of Nature is the way to go

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Why the AP items I chose over other AP items?

Since we still want varus to be that fast shooting guy that hits like a truck, and regenerates a lot of hp from it, we'll keep going for attack speed to some degree, life steal is a must, and attack damage is what defines Varus. So we start out like any other AD carry: by buying Doran's Blade. After some time you might need to go back, or you simply have 3k gold lying around in your wallet. This is where we buy Boots of Speed. Wether you want to buy Berserkers Greaves then, or after the Bilgewater Cutlass depends on the situation.
If they fire off a lot of skill shots that you need to evade, and want to be able to do that before getting that nice life steal, do so.
If you, on the other hand, want more sustainability and damage, go for that Bilgewater Cutlass.

Since we won't be feeling a lot of that life steal when we hit real slow, we should go for the Berserkers Greaves now. This is where you start to put up a bit of fight.

Your next item is Guinoo's Rageblade. I have to tell you, since we definetly prioritize AD over AP, buy the AD before the AP. ALWAYS do that. Varus scales higher with AD than AP, so you would shoot yourself in the foot by buying AP over AD.

Once you've gotten Guinsoo's Rageblade, you're going to notice that you do quite a nice amount of damage, and you're also going to be faster at shooting those basic attacks off.

Wether you want to buy Malady or Hextech Gunblade first is up to you. Ask yourself: Do I want to deal more damage, or get more sustainability?

Hextech Gunblade will not only upgrade the active from Bilgewater Cutlass, it'll also give you spellvamp, which will heal you on your Blighted Quiver, and your Ulti.

Now that we have the core items, what are we going to do?
As said earlier, it depends on enemy team. I chose Nashor's Tooth, since it gives attack speed and ability power. It doesn't give attack damage, which is kinda sad, but the mana regen and cooldown reduction at least helps you spam those abilities more often and without breaks.

If you feel like it, you could take an item with Armor penetration as the last item. I'd recommend The Black Cleaver. since it shreds your victims armor, just like Malady shreds your victims magic resist.

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What am i gonna do now?

When you get malady, your Blighted Quiver triggers are gonna do an almost insane amount of damage. Just run in, shoot 3-4 basic attacks, byt this time they should either be running, or you will be running. If he's running, this is the perfect time to slow him. Not only will he be slowed and get reduced healing due to Hail of Arrows effect, it'll also trigger blight, which will shoot out around 12-16% of his hp at your current level.

Now that he's slowed, you're getting closer you can start basic attacking again, then when he starts to get out of reach again, just charge up a snipe, and shoot the sucker!

If this doesn't kill him, it'll at least show him who's boss.

Remember, if you also use your ulti, it'll stop him dead in his path, and give you that nice time to get close to them, or get away from them, and then start shooting from there.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence i'm taking, is going for maximum range damage, aswell as getting some good % damage off. I'm not upgrading Hail of Arrows over Blighted Quiver, since that would kind of ruin the whole idea of nice Hybrid damage.

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Summoner Spells

I took flash and Heal since it gives Varus both some sustainabilty, aswell as getting a method to either get out of bad stuff, or position yourself for that perfect snipe and/or autoattack.

You can replace Flash with Ghost if you want to, and you can replace Heal with whatever you feel like. It's just my own personal opinion to take heal.
I tried with both ignite and exhaust, but didn't find myself using, or gaining anything from it. With Varus, you would rather snipe them, then put on an ignite and hope to get the kill by doing so.

Exhaust isn't the best spell either, since you have Hail of Arrows AND the active from Hextech Gunblade. that's 2 slows and if you really need to, you even have your ulti, which roots enemies.

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What do you think?

This was my first guide, so of course it has a lot of flaws, but my intentions was to at least share my idea of a better Varus.

I'd love to hear your opinions, aswell as hearing what critique you might have.

And please, someone tell me how to make the items into a link so that you can hover over them to see their description :P

Thank you very much
Sincerely, Bobly***