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Varus Build Guide by xLethalBow

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xLethalBow

Varus - One arrow is enought for you

xLethalBow Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name is xLethalBlow and in this guide ill show you how i like to build varus, varus is an awesome ad carry with the abillity to stun an entire enemy team (soooo OP) and deal tons of damage :D.

If you want help me improve this build pls tell me what should i do in the comments and i will check it.

I used Varus since the day it came out and i think this build works pretty well.
Also this is my first guide so dont expect it to be perfect.

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Now this is one of the parts you guys can help me improve, for marks i take greater mark of desolation to help me damaging enemies that have high amounts of armor or bought armor to counter me, for seals i like taking greater seals of resilience because this is gonna help my survability since i use varus as an ad carry he will be squishy so we want to get some armor right?. For glyphs i like using greater glyph of shielding because they will help you fight against mages if you're going mid or get ganked by a mage or an ap carry (ex: Kassadin. And finally my quintessences are greater quintessence of stregth to improve the damage because well as an ad carry you want to deal as much damage as possible.

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In masteries i like going full offensive and still getting some defensive masteries to help me survive in team fights or ganks.

If you think you have a better mastery page for varus show it to me and ill check it. ^^

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For items i like to start with Boots of Speed and 3 health pots, then grab an dorans blade (2 if you want to go for more damage early game cause well dorans are cheap and effective), then go for vampiric Scepter to give you that life steal and start the bloodthirstier, after that get zeal for attack speed, finish your bloodthirstier and your phantom dancer, grab your B.F Sword, finish your infinity Edge and sell your dorans blade to grab your last whisper, finally sell your last dorans to get guardian agnel this will help you survive team fights.

Any items you want to add or change feel free to leave in the comments.

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Skill Sequence

Well in skills i like to start with my Q since its going to help me harass my enemy from a safe distance and get last hits on minions, second you want to get your E because if the enemy gets low you can use this skill to stop him from running and getting an easy kill :D, also this can be using to slow an enemy if hes chasing you when you're low on hp, at level 3 i grab a point on my w because it grants me improved damage and you can use a skill to explode your blight debuff and deal more damage to the enemy, if possible try to get the 3 hits of blight before using an ability. From now on i focus on leveling my Q to increase its range and damage, after maxing the Q skill i go for the E because the blight debuff aleready does a good damage at level 1.
As obvious grab a point on you ult when possible (levels 6 ,11, and 16). Try to Save your Ult for team fights or if your enemy is stronger than you, also keep in mind that enemies with high mobility (ex:master yi, ezreal) can dodge your ult really easilly so try to wait for them to waste their skills before shooting your ult.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells that i found to work better with varus are flash and ignite, flash if a great way to escape enemy ganks or abilities that would kill you, or to run from a chasing enemy, ignite helps you Picking up kills when the enemies are too far away to hit them with your Q.


Exhaust: the best summoner spell to use instead of ignite, the ability to slow down enemies plus your E ablity will make sure that the kill is yours. Also this is a great way to kill an enemy stronger than you or escape a gank form the enemy jungler.

Ghost: its good to help you escape or chase enemys but i think its not as effective as flash.

: If your going solo mid you might want to grab teleport to help you get back to your lane faster stopping the enemy from destroying your turret.

Heal: I dont like taking heal but if want to try heal baiting enemies you can take it, also heal can save you from an enemy killing blow.

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Team Fights

In late game everything depends on winning or losing a team fight, before starting a team fight try to use your Q on squishier targets like ashe, kog'maw, or veigar. By doing so you will decrease the enemy strength in the fight i mean if the enemies try to fight you with half hp or less they will not be such a big threat to your team.

When the team fight starts take advantage of the confusion to shoot your ult to the champion who's closer to the most enemies this will make sure you will stun most of their players giving your team the advantage. :D

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Screen Shots

Heres a few Screen shots from games where i used this build.

Yeah i got a penta kill on this one xD

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Thank You For Reading this guide

Well this is it ^^
Hope you enjoyed my varus guide and if you want to help me improve it pls by all means comment or add me (EU WEST) to tell me your opinion ^^

Thank you for reading.

Also i want to thank Yearth for helping me fix some errors in the build, so thank you Yearth. ^^