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Varus Build Guide by OptimisticPrimeZ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OptimisticPrimeZ

Varus : Piercing Arrow --> PENTAKILL!

OptimisticPrimeZ Last updated on November 9, 2012
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Varus : Piercing Arrow--> PENTAKILL!

Hello, and welcome to my build of Varus! I'd like to start off with saying that even though I have been playing LoL for quite a while, this is my first build. If there are any misspellings, constructive criticism, or perhaps just reviews of the build overall, please leave it in the comment box below. Any feedback is welcome!

Now, my build consists of being a high-damage Varus. I do not recommend this build if you are going to do mid, because from what I've played around on it, it seems to not do as well as hoped. It could lead to major amounts of rage-quitting, keyboard smashing, and quite a bit of yelling.

Believe me..
I did it quite a few times.

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Moving along, the items selected play a major role into my version of playing Varus. Starting off with Boots of Speed and three Health Potions. Doran's Blade is a viable piece to use since the extra health, damage, and life steal come in handy, but it lacks early game mobility and the ability to regenerate health as fast as possible.Next, Bloodthirster is up to bat. The attack damage and life steal added on this weapon could possibly be the best thing to be added. With sixty attack damage and twelve percent life steal, the passive makes it all the more better! With a possible forty attack damage and six percent life steal, the match is simply in your hands as you can make it as you wish.
Furthermore, we head towards the Beserker's Greaves. The attack speed boost, though minimal, helps speed along minion and champion farming. Getting away from enemy champions is much simpler than it was before.

Next, Phantom Dancer is a must-have for Varus.
His attacks are faster, his movement speed is higher, and his critical strike chance is moving in the right direction. Kills seem to come to Varus inevitably as he moves, shoots, and critical strikes faster and stronger.
Madred's Bloodrazors are my next item of choice. Simply because it has it's passive is the main reason to get this item. Who doesn't like dealing 4% magic damage based on your opponent's health? The AS, AD, and armor are a plus, too.

I chose Black Cleaver as my follow-up item after the bloodrazors.
Some AS, major AD, and the taking down armor on every shot comes in handy as a pure AD/AS character.

Last, but not least, is Infinity's Edge.
80 attack damage; 25 Critical Strike Chance, and as a passive is 50% more critical strike damage. How could you not get this item?

This item sequence makes Varus very usable, fun, and a major pain to play against.

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Summoner Spells

There are many viable summoner spells that could help Varus dominate his lane.

Personally, I go with Ignite and Flash.Ignite- Playing offensively with this spell helps kill off those straggling enemies you just can't kill. Playing defensively with it helps you lower the health of your enemies and lets you switch into offensive mode.

Flash- This lovable spell annoys enemies by getting your champion away from sticky situations and for keeping up with those insanely fast champions such as Master Yi.

Exhaust, Ghost, Teleport, and basically any other spell is doable with Varus. They all, except for perhaps Promote and Clarity, compliment Varus exceptionally as he dominates lanes, takes names, and rolls over people in games.

Oh, hey, I rhymed.

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Skill Sequence

1. Start out with Piercing Arrow to harass your opponents early on and to take down their health to make them recall and give you a quick minion advantage.

2. Follow up with a blighted quiver to give your Piercing Arrow an extra punch on your enemy.

3. Hail of Arrows to slow down, DoT, and nuke people down!

4. Piercing Arrow

5. Piercing Arrow!

6. Chain of Corruption!

7. Another Piercing Arrow.

8. Blighted Quiver

9. Finish off Piercing Arrow.

10. Hail of Arrows

11. Chain of Corruption

12-15. Alternate between Hail of Arrows and Blighted Quiver

16. Chain of Corruption

17. Blighted Quiver

18. Hail of Arrows

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The End

Thank you for taking the time to read this build! As said before, please leave comments below. It will help in the long run of making this build better and continuing to help me make other builds for other champions.