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Varus Build Guide by Crymore

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crymore

Varus - Retribution Sniping101

Crymore Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, I'm hoping I can provide a great guide for Varus players, and i'll be giving advice for the new players. Currently i am working out the "perfect" build and "perfect" strategy for him. Even though Varus is relatively new, i have won Varus vs Varus games and i'll point out key flaws in their strategy.

This guide wont be as flashy as some of the guides you see, but the information is in-depth and will aid you whether you are just starting out or been playing for a while.

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Where does Varus fit in the Meta?

First of all i'd like to say that Meta game is their for a reason, because it is mathematically superior. World of Warcraft's Meta is 1 tank 1 healer and 3 dps which will complete dungeons, you dont see people clearing dungeons with 2 tanks and 3 dps or 5 dps.

Compare those so you understand what meta game is and why it exists.

LoL's Meta is, 1 solo top / 1 AP mid / 2 bot (support/AD Carry) / 1 jungler.

Varus is an AD Carry which means he usually goes bottom lane, but he can go mid underneath certain circumstances.
"why would you tell me he should always play bottom lane, but say he can go mid" well, LoL is not as strict with its meta game as WoW is, as long as you have the proper conditioning for it.

For example, your team composition is the following: Kennen Top (Ap) Cho'gath Jungle (Ap) Alistar Bot(Tank/support) Graves bot(AD Carry)// and you need to go fill mid, you have 1 tank 2 ap and 1 ad, therefore chosing Varus would be viable due to balancing the type of damage ratio(2AP/2AD).

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The Basics of LoL/Roles.

If your reading this then you must be new, i'm here to help you understand the 5 different roles that champions play and which lanes they belong in. but i am only going to explain the role of the AD Carry.
Top Lane Champions that go here are mostly melee and are generally built a little tanky with DPS, Varus wont get many kills and is at a high risk of being killed in this lane.
Mid Lane AP carries go here to fight, Varus works well here but only if he has to go there, or you have a premade who works around Varus going mid.
Bottom Lane AD Carries/Support go here, the main objective is killing minions and trying to harass the enemy champion down enough so either they have to leave lane or die.
Jungler The Jungler is an important role for a team since he provides an increased chance to kill your enemies in your lane. Remember junglers are why supports ward, and if you over extend then be very cautious.

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Its not rocket science as to why i chose these runes, however I am still going to explain what they do and why i chose them.

Greater Mark of Strength Provides Attack Damage for Varus who is an AD(attack damage) Carry and will make his early game stronger.
GreaterSeal of Resilience Provides Varus with armor to protect himself from the enemy champions who use Attack Damage, which is common in the bottom lane and top lane
Greater Glyph of Warding Provides Varus with Magic Resistance which protects Varus from enemy Casters, the reason you want magic resistance/level is because you hopefully wont start fighting the AP(ability power) carry until around lvl 9-18 where you will have much more protection than the regular magic resistance runes.
Greater Quintessence of Strength Provides Varus with AD(attack damage) which will make Varus' early game much stronger.

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Since i dont focus on spamming my abilities like a idiot, i don't take Meditation.

I Decided not to go with Vampirism on any of my champions because its only 3% which is practically nothing, thats basically a mosquito bite.

The masteries i did go with are basically common sense, i went for damage, and speed.

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I choose to go double doran's for the good early game, and when its pared up with a vampiric scepter it makes you sustain lane much longer so when you trade hits with opponents you'll always have more health than them (unless their support can heal or they have potions) after vampiric scepter you want a b.f sword then a zeal. about mid game you'll have your 2 core items(blood thirster and Phantom Dancer) the rest of the item's are dependant on your taste/current game:
Infinity Edge: Strong Crit dmg/higher heals from lifesteal, really should be your 3rd item no matter what.
Last Whisper: The Armor Penetration should pierce through enemy bruisers/tanks
Black Cleaver: Reduces more armor, and gives you higher attack speed, definately viable.
Blood Thirster: If you dont want more attack speed/armor reduction, this item is always a good idea since it provides more lifesteal, and 100 AD (when fully stacked)

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Skill Sequence

Piercing Arrow: As your main damage and long range finisher, max this by lvl 9.
Blighted Quiver: Since this provides you minimal additional damage to auto attacks, and its Health %/stack hardly scales max this last.
Hail of Arrows: Since it provides higher damage potential and a stronger slow, max this skill by lvl 13.
Chain of Corruption: Upgrade this skill whenever possible which is levels 6,11,16

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Summoner Spells

The following are the only spells you should ever use on Varus.
Flash: Always use this since it Provides security, or a gap closer for a kill.
Exhaust: Shuts Enemy Champions down, reducing attack damage, speed, ability power, armor, and magic resistance. A very good choice for varus since this lets him chase and hit, and can provide a decent escape.
Heal: If you dont have a healing support such as Soraka Alistar or Sona, then this may save your life early game.
Ignite: Its alright, but since hail of arrows applies -50% healing, this spell is only useful for its Damage over Time effect, which does not have synergy with any of varus' moves, its alright I guess, but only strong to kill champs with less than a bar of hp.
Ghost: Only good for initiating a fight and chasing enemy champions, its alright for escaping, but if your slowed your screwed, or if you get hit by a long range slow (olafs axe) your screwed. Flash beats this for survivability.

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- Long range
- High damage
- Good CC
- -50% Healing Reduction
- Passive that deals health% per skill

-no Escape mechanics
-Very Squishy
-Easily focused and taken down

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Basic Strategy

For those who are new just focus on the minions and try not to overextend, if the enemy is attemtping to harass you then Auto attack them 1-3 times and follow up with a Piercing Shot. The main goal here is to make sure you save your mana because once their out of mana and over extend, they are marginally harmless(other then their Auto Attack) and it would be an optimal time to try to kill them, and psychologically they will feel helpless and mostlikely flee giving you a strong chance to send them back or get a kill.

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Advanced Skill Strategy

Play passive/aggressive which is killing minions and striking enemy champions when they are getting to close, basically just shred their health down at least 30%, then if they get to close open with your Chain of Corruption, get 2 auto attacks off and drop Hail of Arrows, use exhaust hit him 1 to 3 times before finishing them with Piercing Arrow and if they dont have the heal summoner spell, or a healer support then they will be dead.

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Counter Jungling Buff's/Dragon and Baron

about 6 minutes into the game, if its safe to go into the enemy jungle proceed and place a ward at their blue/red, when you see the enemy jungler attempting to take red, run over their and get ready to steal it, if he gets the buff then run away, if you get the buff play extremely passively because now you made a enemy, and the jungler will try to get their revenge. Proceed to place a ward in the same spot every 5 minutes after 6 minutes, (6 min/11 min/16 min etc.) so you can keep an eye on the enemy jungler.

Dragon and Baron should only be taken when the enemy team has 1-5 champions dead, always grab baron since it allows you to push every lane, and destroy in team fights.

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let your support do most of the dragon/river bush warding, if your interested in warding just follow my counter jungling advice and ward the enemy buff closest to your lane, and it costs 75 gold to screw the enemy jungle and give you a 6 minute lane advantage over your enemy. and even if it doesn't work then you got an idea where your jungler is sometimes.